Higher-satiety recipes

Imagine a weight loss plan that doesn’t leave you dealing with hunger or cravings between meals. It would make reaching your goals so much easier, right? With our flexible higher-satiety approach, this is possible.

Our unique collection of irresistible higher-satiety recipes will help you achieve a healthier you. We’ve got you covered, from hearty breakfasts to delectable desserts, drawing inspiration from all corners of the world. 

Satiety-based eating will leave you feeling content, not as though you’ve overeaten. These meals give your body all the essential nutrition it needs instead of empty calories that will leave you wanting more.

Our medical team has created a helpful satiety guide to explain the science behind this method and how to get started.Β The same experts are also behind the first satiety tools. Sign up for a 7-day free Hava trial to get started.

The only tricky part about this approach is choosing between all the tempting recipes below!

What is a Satiety score?

To help you identify higher-satiety foods, we’ve developed a satiety score. This number represents the satiety per calorie.

Don’t worry – it’s simple! There’s no need to count calories or macros. All you need to do is make sure your blended score per meal is close to your goal score. 

As a member, you can access all recipes and find their unique satiety score in the nutritional information.

Please read our satiety guide to learn more.

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Higher-satiety breakfasts

Ensure an energetic and satisfying start to your day with our higher-satiety breakfasts. Full of protein and flavor, you’ll be surprised when lunchtime rolls around and you’re not hungry yet!

If you’re a fan of portable breakfasts, Greek yogurt with berries, egg muffins, or protein wraps would be good choices for you.

If you’re enjoying breakfast at home, you can’t go wrong with one of our delicious omelets or scrambles. Add some sautΓ©ed spinach and bacon, and you’ll have the perfect higher-satiety meal.