Low carb & keto
side dishes

Is your plate feeling a little empty? You’ve come to the right place. Not only will these keto and low carb side dish recipes help fill you up, but they are packed with flavor.

From salads and stuffing to roasted veggies and casseroles, here are to satisfy your dinnertime needs.

What vegetables can I eat on keto?

Say goodbye to boring vegetables. Keto vegetable side dishes are full of fat and fiber, which makes them extremely satiating. Fiber-rich options like cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts move through the digestive tract slowly and add volume to meals without adding a ton of calories.

Our new animated video has the 10 best keto vegetables. They’re low carb, nutritious, and great for improving health. After you’ve watched this video, check out our top 10 keto vegetable recipes below.

Top 10 side dishes by vegetable

Do you have a bunch of asparagus in your fridge just begging to be eaten? Or perhaps your head of broccoli has just one more day of freshness. Here are our top 10 easy keto side dishes by vegetable.

1. Cauliflower

Butter-roasting infuses cauliflower with a nutty flavor that melts in your mouth. The texture of potatoes minus the carbs. (7 grams of net carbs)

2. Avocado

A little guacamole just makes life better. This foolproof recipe is perfect as a side or topping. (5 grams of net carbs)

3. Broccoli

Ready to give your boring steamed broccoli a makeover? Two words: butter and onions. (5 grams of net carbs)

4. Cabbage

Easy. Soft. Goes with everything. This smooth, creamy low carb side dish is so versatile, you can make a double batch and enjoy it with any meal for the rest of the week. (8 grams of net carbs)

5. Zucchini

These cheesy zucchini boats are loaded with flavor! It’s the perfect vegetarian side dish that’s simple to make. (5 grams of net carbs)

6. Spinach

This vegan spinach and kale soup is smooth and full of flavor. A healthy side dish to accompany your main course. (9 grams of net carbs)

7. Asparagus

This fresh salad features raw asparagus, crunchy walnuts, lemon zest, Parmesan, and just a touch of red pepper. (5 grams of net carbs)

8. Kale

Kale is king. It’s one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world and this beautiful salad is packed with flavor and nutrients. (5 grams of net carbs)

9. Green beans

Green beans + avocados = life. A fantastic side dish to go with all of your favorite meat and fish dishes. (6 grams of net carbs)

10. Brussles sprouts

Brussels sprouts, bacon, cheese, and more cheese? Yes, please! This cheesy low carb casserole is a little higher in carbs than our other side dishes, but boy, is it worth it. (15 grams of net carbs)

Our top 5 keto-friendly sides

At Diet Doctor, we have both keto and moderate low carb options. If you are on a strict keto diet, under 20 grams of carbs per day, start here.

1. Spicy keto deviled eggs

Delicious, spicy deviled eggs with heat and flavor from the curry. (1 gram of net carbs)

2. Keto stuffed mushrooms

These stuffed mushrooms play the perfect supporting role to your favorite meat or fish entrée. (6 grams of net carbs)

3. Keto butter chicken wings

These finger-licking Indian keto butter chicken wings are the perfect side dish to your Indian spread. (6 grams of net carbs)

4. Keto cauliflower ‘potato’ salad

This quick and easy cauliflower salad tastes just like traditional potato salad, if not better. Time to get grilling! (5 grams of net carbs)

5. Warm keto kale salad

Let your side dish be the star of the show. Kale, blue cheese, Dijon mustard, and garlic get a standing ovation in this winning salad. (2 grams of net carbs)

Salad cooking videos

Are salads OK on keto you ask? Absolutely! However, it’s important to be mindful of exactly what goes into your salad bowl. The carbohydrates present in fruits, nuts, grains can quickly add up and pre-made dressings often contain hidden sugars and other high-carbohydrate ingredients.

The great news is, we have dozens of keto-friendly salads that take just minutes to prepare. Many of them are a meal on their own. Here are our top two salads with videos.


Keto cheeseburger salad

Recipe Quick and inexpensive salad filled with all of the best flavors of a juicy cheeseburger. It will make you wonder why you ever ate burgers on a bun!


Keto wedge salad

Recipe This keto wedge salad is topped with fresh tomatoes, crunchy bacon, creamy blue cheese, and protein-packed eggs, the flavors and textures make this quick salad a winning keto dinner.

Our top 5 low carb sides

If you’re following a more moderate low carb diet, you may wonder which side dishes are low carb. We have a plethora of options. Here are our top five low carb side dishes for inspiration.

1. Baked mini bell peppers

These peppers may be tiny, but their flavor is mighty! Bursting with creamy cheese, chorizo, savory herbs, and a pop of chipotle. (7 grams of net carbs)

2. Keto zucchini and walnut salad

This salad is crunchy, nutty, and filled with sautéed zucchini. It’s perfect for a barbecue side dish. (7 grams of net carbs)

3. Low carb cauliflower cheese

Craving mac & cheese? We’ve got you covered with this low carb broccoli and cauliflower cheese combo. (12 grams of net carbs)

4. Low carb stuffing

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving! This delicious low carb stuffing is rich, flavorful, and gluten-free. It’s the perfect side dish, any day of the year. (7 grams of net carbs)

5. Roasted cauliflower mash

Every buttery, nutty spoonful of this low carb mash is better than the last. This side dish is easy to prepare, and it goes with just about any main course. (5 grams of net carbs)

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