Visual low-carb guides

Which vegetables are best on a low-carb diet, can you have berries and which nuts have the fewest carbs? What should I choose to drink at a party? Check out our visual guides to low carb, which can help you make better choices!


  1. Chris
    I so appreciate these visual guides-they have been a great resource in my LCHF journey! ?
  2. Kristi
    Would like to see an infographic showing amounts of all foods in one day on this Low Carb diet.
  3. Andy
    I am 3 days in totally ready for this life changing event . I have been eating all wrong for to long .
  4. Chris
    Oh, BTW, I have been doing this since mid-July, have lost 30 pounds, but my motivator is to conquer diabetes diagnosis, will find out in couple of weeks with A1C test!
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  5. Janet
    Is there a basic shopping list anywhere?
  6. Melissa
    Could you make the visual food guides printable?
  7. Colleen
    I love, love, love these visual guides, they are brilliant!
  8. Jane
    Like Melissa, I would like to see the visual infographic guides printable for easy reference. I'm really liking the simplicity of finding suitable recipes and the choice is excellent. Thanks.
  9. Janet
    There is now a printable Low Carb for Beginners fold-over brochure.
    Double-sided one page, every list you need, a brilliant start.

    Find it further down the page, after Get Started.

  10. Dev
    I have to ask - where is the visual guide for the Protein Group ?? Fish, shellfish, poultry , beef , pork etc..... ????? Am I missing something ? Thanks for the help, these guides are fantastic !!
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  11. Iyanna
    Do you guys have an app for android that I can download? I need something handy for when I go shopping and to keep track of my macros. I an geared and ready to start this journey
  12. Lisa
    Tomatoes, olives and eggplant (and others) pictured here are posted as vegetables when they are fruits. To some this may be a minor detail - to others, like myself, it will cause wonder to if you really know your food stuff.
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  13. Ella
    Thank you so much. You are one awesome doctor, giving us this information for free, for those who just cannot afford memberships, etc. God bless you.
  14. 2lls
    For those looking for a printable guide or app. (Android users) when you are on this webpage, in Google chrome, select menu on the top right, then select add to home screen from the drop down...... This literally places an icon on the home screen of your phone to access this page any time.
  15. Emma
    Is there any guides that are printable? I prefer to download and put in protective sleeves to refer to time and time again. The print is larger on paper than it is on my phone.
  16. Ashley
    Great information here!
  17. Jon
    What about meat, i know they say you can still over do it with the proteins and they turn to sugar, so whats the limit on meats?
  18. Lisa
    I would guess the educated creators of this visual are aware that these foods are classified as fruits, they have them in the category in which you would use them in your diet. Never heard of anyone having an eggplant for dessert. It is just a visual of good foods to incorporate, not to misinform.
  19. Maurie
    Hi I hope there’s someone out there that can help me, I have just started on the Keto diet and I measured my Ketons this morning by urine test and it read 8 or .08 and I have read that isn’t good, so If it’s not, my question is How Do I LOWER it.
    Thanks to onyone that con kelp me.
  20. Tami
    I have a question. If the Keto diet means eating high fat items, wouldn't the body just burn the fat you're eating and not the fat that is already stored? I believe the diet works, but I'm confused about HOW it works.
  21. Beverly
    Could you breakdown serving sizes.
  22. Gwen
    Visual guide for protein please?
    Replies: #24, #26
  23. Geraldine Denise
    Proteins don't have carbs! So how can you have a visual guide for foods that DON'T HAVE CARBS?
  24. Geraldine Denise
    Protein doesn't have carbs , how can you show carbs if there aren't any?
  25. Una
    BTW it's August. How did you get on with your test in February? Would be very helpful to know on here for others in the same boat.
  26. Una
    You cant have a visual aid for protein as there are no carbs worth talking about in protein! The best thing to do is just follow the diet on here and add up the daily carbs as calcukated here so you are under 20 a day as Andreas intimated! Its not meant to be a diet of maths! 😃🤣😆🎶
  27. Leigh
    Where's the mushrooms?
  28. Francis
    Google said that mushrooms are 3.3g of carbs per 100g
  29. kathryn
    oh thank Gawd ! love the visuals
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  31. Leontyne
    Is there a visual guide for meats? I love shrimp but not sure where it falls in the allowed and avoid scale.
  32. LaFawn Sweeten
    This visual guide is awesome. I've linked it to a few people. Thank you for making this information public.
  33. Anna
    I'm looking for a visual guide with meat, fish, fowl and eggs. Thanks for a great site! <3
  34. Dee
    I love the visual site but I would like to see portions of each or did I miss something?
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  35. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I love the visual site but I would like to see portions of each or did I miss something?

    Look at the first section of text underneath each of the guides. Snacks and nuts for example show the net carbs per 100g serving.

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