The story of Diet Doctor

It all started with a simple question: Why are people not getting healthier? A few years later two countries suffered the worst butter shortage in history.

But let’s start at the beginning. Sometimes important things have small beginnings and the Diet Doctor organization began in a very small way. It began in 2007 with the blog of a family doctor, Andreas Eenfeldt. And it started with the observation that patients were not getting healthier.

Doctors are supposed to help people become healthy. But most of Dr. Eenfeldt’s job turned out to be something else. Giving people more pills. Pills that are supposed to be taken for life. This was considered normal, but how are people healthier if they need more drugs every year?

Another way

Dr. Eenfeldt went searching online for a better way to treat common and apparently life-long problems like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. What he found shocked him.

There was another way, a way that did not just focus on drugs to cover up the symptoms of disease. People had known about this for decades, perhaps even centuries. New science proved that it worked – it was for real.

But this other way did not match old preconceptions about healthy lifestyles. The food and pharmaceutical industries would lose tons of money if it was adopted. And many health experts would look stupid and lose prestige. Thus this promising alternative was ignored, ridiculed or actively resisted.

Fortunately there was a new and effective way to spread knowledge widely to anyone who was interested: starting a blog. So in 2007 Dr. Eenfeldt started the blog “Kostdoktorn” – a Swedish word that means “Diet Doctor”. The goal was to make it simple for anyone to learn about low carb, high fat nutrition and discuss their results.

As Dr. Eenfeldt had no prior experience blogging or writing, the response was quite shocking. It rapidly became the most popular health blog in Sweden, and one of the most popular blogs in all categories.

The enormous popularity of LCHF in Sweden

Simultaneously other events conspired that together were to start an unprecedented low-carb movement in Sweden, under the term “LCHF” – Low Carb, High Fat.

Another family physician, Dr. Annika Dahlqvist, had been very vocal in promoting low-carb, high-fat diets to her patients and in the media. Two dietitians decided to notify the National Board of Health & Welfare (NBHW). They felt that recommending people with diabetes to eat fat was unacceptable and would result in the patients getting sick.

The NBHW deliberated for two years, reviewing the science. They had in their power to censor Dr. Dahlqvist or even revoke her medical license.

In January 2008 they released their verdict: Dr. Dahlqvist had done nothing wrong. In fact, they stated, low-carb diets can today be seen as compatible with scientific evidence and best practice!

This was a revolutionary moment and the verdict resulted in huge headlines. Low carb instantly went from being considered a “dangerous fad diet” to something that was proven to work, and to some extent even officially endorsed by the government. Learn more about this story in the “Food Revolution” talk.

During the next few years LCHF quickly gained popularity and became by far the most popular diet in Sweden for losing weight and gaining health. It even resulted in a severe butter shortage that spilled over into neighboring Norway. For some time there was simply no butter in the grocery stores! People were actually arrested for smuggling butter into our countries.

Dr. Eenfeldt spent these years growing his blog into the largest health blog in Scandinavia, taking care of patients and traveling the country giving talks about LCHF. In every city people shared their experiences with LCHF: effortless weight loss and new health, often making it possible to stop taking drugs for diabetes, high blood pressure and many other disorders. He also wrote a book – “The Food Revolution” – that turned into a national bestseller and was translated into eight languages.

The popularity of LCHF was further increased when in 2013 an expert report from the Swedish government declared that low-carb diets have been proven to be more effective than other diets for weight loss. Later international expert reviews have come to the same conclusion.

In 2016, LCHF is still by far the most popular diet in Sweden, as it has been for six years running (according to the number of Google searches).

For many years, old-fashioned experts have issued warnings believing that this will increase the risk of heart disease (due to all that butter). But in reality the opposite has happened. Sweden has very good official statistics on heart disease and the risk has been rapidly going down every year – Swedes are getting healthier, faster than ever, while eating more and more butter.

And what about obesity in Sweden? After decades of skyrocketing obesity numbers all around the world something seems to have happened in Sweden.

In the US, the percent of the adult population with obesity is at 38 percent and going up fast.

In Sweden the obesity percentage suddenly, just when LCHF became widely popular, stabilized at 14 percent. Will it be the first country in the world to reverse the epidemic?

Diet Doctor begins

While Sweden is an interesting place, people everywhere matter equally. And there are low-carb experts all over the world. Dr. Eenfeldt had been learning from them for a long time, and going to conferences and meeting many of them since 2010 – people like Gary Taubes, Dr. Eric Westman, Professor Steve Phinney, Jimmy Moore, Dr. Jay Wortman and others.

However, while there were lots of books and conferences, there was no really good, simple to understand, complete guide to low carb online. Nor a premier site for low-carb news or community. This needed to change for the sake of millions of people in need of it… and it was about to change.

Andreas in 2011
Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt in 2011 with the Swedish version of his bestselling book “The Food Revolution”

In the spring of 2011 the English version of the Diet Doctor site was launched. It was not immediately a huge hit. For several years it mostly contained translated articles from the Swedish site. But things started to gather momentum.

Income from book sales and frequent lecturing allowed Dr. Eenfeldt to gather a small team of co-workers. First his brother, Johan Eenfeldt, who happened to be an expert in computer science and at spicing up a blog with all kinds of functionality. Then his significant other, Kristin Berglund, for taking care of all kinds of important things behind the scenes.

Then a couple of freelancers joined, Inger Swanberg for translating and editorial tasks and Simon Victor for video productions. Bjarte Bakke also got involved behind the scenes, discussing future strategy and the plans for the future.

In November of 2013 we made a momentous decision. To be able to find and promote the truth, Diet Doctor would forever be 100% independent from any industry funding, ads or product sales. We would never accept investments from other interests. Instead we wanted to be fully funded by the people, and still provide a free site to everyone.

Our solution was to launch a membership in 2014, for new premium video material, expert Q&A, and other bonuses. Everything that used to be free stayed free forever, and even the membership site is free to try out for a month. If members stay longer than that, their fee of $9 per month supports the main, free site for everyone.

This turned into a huge success with thousands of people signing up on the first day in Sweden. By the summer of 2015 we had reached over 10,000 supporting members.

Leveling up

Every cent of the income from the membership is used, to the very best of our abilities, to reach our goal: empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

The new revenue meant that suddenly Inger, Simon, Johan, and eventually Bjarte could start working full-time for Diet Doctor. The company was speeding up and we could do much more than before.

Dr. Eenfeldt, the founder, had a decision to make. He had spent twelve years working as a doctor and eight of those years as a family physician, treating patients with an LCHF diet. During that time he witnessed tremendous success for people with obesity and type 2 diabetes. Something he enjoyed immensely to be a part of. But despite that, helping one person at a time could never change the status quo. So in 2015 he quit.

He decided to instead spend all of his available time working on Diet Doctor. To work towards a massive change.

Towards the end of 2015 Jessica Karlsson also joined the company, as an assistant. And the chef Anne Aobadia began working with the professional photographer Emma Shevtzoff and Kristin Berglund with a plan of revolutionizing low-carb recipes online.

The number of supporting members keept going up and hit 17,500 members in August 2016. In July 2016, became the biggest low-carb site in the world, and in September 2017 we reached a new milestone – 40,000 paying members supporting our cause.

We’re now 17 full-time coworkers and around 25 freelancers – growing faster than ever. We have growing offices in Stockholm and Karlstad, Sweden, and we travel the world for low-carb gatherings everywhere.

Towards a brighter future

Our mission is to make low carb simple. We aim to vastly improve our guides to effortless weight loss, vibrant health and mind-blowing diabetes reversal on low carb. And become the world’s most trustworthy, simple and inspirational place for it.

But even that important task is just a beginning. We have bigger ideas for the future, beyond the present goals.

The health problems that the world faces are huge, the suffering is massive and in many ways it is getting worse. Many of those health problems are not necessary. They can be prevented or even cured. Someone must make that happen.

We need to forever work on getting closer to the truth. We need to willingly discard failed old ideas, remove the plague of biased misinformation caused by industry funding, and focus on the simple things that work. Then the truth must be made easily available to the world, in a way that inspires people to improve their lives and reach for their potential.

We will do whatever we can to achieve that. We’ll keep working towards our purpose. Empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.


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Team Diet Doctor

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  1. Sierra
    Love the website and all the information. Well worth $9.00 a month to get the message out to others around the world. Thank all of you for your time and effort!
  2. Leslie Jones
    I have been doing lchf for over a month, lost 5 pounds right off. I get bad headaches so sometimes i have to snack... Always lchf snack. My weight has not gone down. However i have noticed i get full on less food. But why am i mot loosing? I know this is right. My sugar cravings are virtually gone. But I have stomach fat. Stress, i know but, shouldn't i be loosing?? I joined as doon as i saw the info. Please give me an idea of what to do.
    Replies: #3, #26
  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Losing 5 pounds in a month is not too bad, at least it's something, though I can understand you wanted more. Check out this list of things to try out to speed it up:
  4. Diane
    I am stalled at the moment too - and I still want to lose another 5kg. I've been following what Dr Fung says about insulin being the root of the problem. He says that fasting is the best way to reduce insulin and insulin resistance but I haven't managed to successfully fast beyond skipping breakfast yet - I just find it too hard. I am trying to reduce insulin levels by eating very low carb ketogenic (80% + calories from fat per day), no snacking and no eating after dinner. I'm hoping that this will work and as the insulin levels reduce, I'll feel less hungry and be able to try fasting for longer and maybe that will get rid of the final bit of weight I want to lose.
  5. Kevin Benjamin
    Dr. Eenfeldt, I love your approach and attitude and what you are doing for mankind. Next month I will be 5 years LCHF with reversal of T2D, hypertension and almost certain CVD. I will be floating the the carribean next month and hope to see you there!. So much to do for this vision to become a reality. I totally agree. It doesn't have to be this way.
  6. Karen
    I'm 63, yesterday was 6 weeks on strict LCHF ~ so far, 15lbs lost, appetite reduced ~ I naturally fell into a 16+ hour daily fast. Stopped diuretic, (yes, I monitor my BP) also stopped my statin and Naproxen. Must take beta-blocker for arrhythmia. Hoping to lose the remaining BP med at my next check-up. To sum up: This is easy and I'm feeling great. Wished I had found this many years ago. 'DietDoctor' is my support group (I've watched all presentations and movies more than once!) and I'm very grateful! Thank You, one and all for making this available!

    All the best,

  7. Sheryl
    5 lbs. a month is wonderful! Heck, if you joined Weight Watchers (please don't waste your money!!), they'd tell you they advise 1/2 to 1 lb. a week weight loss. Sometimes you lose in what I call whooshes, which is what that 5 lbs. sounds like, then you stall, then you lose again. One thing I've learned over the years is that weight loss is not linear. It's all over the place, but the big picture is what matters! In fact I was just reading in Dr. Mosley's new book The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet, that he says he weighs often, and his weight is all over the place! It's the long-term results that count!

    Hang in there. You are still a success.

  8. Marcia
    Hello, I'm 64 and was about 30 pounds overweight when I started--no diabetes yet. I started the LCHF about 3 weeks ago and have lost 6 pounds so far, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I'm rarely hungry first thing in the morning, so the intermittent fast is no problem for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For me, it works best if I eat dinner before 6:00 pm. I've been sharing the 2 week fix with friends and family members.
  9. Stacy
    I have been LCHF for nearly three years so I don't need any convincing, but I am happy to be a contributing member of the site and I enjoy watching all of the videos.

    Dr Eenfeldt and his team have shown that when you bring something of real value to the world, people will support the effort so that you can continue doing important work.

    Thank you Diet Doctor team for helping to improve people's health and save lives.

  10. Lisa
    I have just completed my first week on LCHF. I have been amazed at the results. I lost 8 pounds, have no cravings, and am rarely hungry. It is the best thing that I have done. I am considering it a lifestyle rather than a diet. Being 51 years old, overweight, and a sugar addict, I have been concerned that I would develop T2D. I am confident that LCHF has saved me from that fate! I am on my free month trial, but I will definitely be getting a membership! It is so informative!

    Thank you, Diet Doctor team!

  11. Orly
    in Israel there is an organization called 'Abrahamson' for cigarette smoking cessation and gluten and sugar abstention, in which they preform some kind of a ritual, you pay something like 600 euro they give you a gluten and sugar free diet, and there you go. by the way the cigarette smoking abstention also works with them.

    my story: There I was at the all time weight peek-3 weeks from a sleeve gastrectomy.
    I found about them and went there, paid, and went out of the clinic.
    Naturally I cancelled the planned surgery.

    I tried it for 2.5 years and managed to go down 22 kg.
    for some reason I was hungry all the time and had a very hard time living like that.
    it stopped there and eventually i started eating sugar again and i gained back all that i lost; this time acquiring a fully blown diabetes diagnosis.

    I found this website after a search on weight loss with Farxiga.
    I was also considering the newly FDA approved Aspire Bariatrics as a support for Farxiga.
    [in Sweden Aspire Bariatrics is covered by the health insurance as far as I know],
    I am now also considering adding to this the LCHF again as a support-not as a lifestyle change but definitely as a standard for every day.
    Maybe with all these combined this time I will lose more than 22kg and will manage to return to human proportions.

    just as a thought: look at lions and other carnivorous animals look at herbivores they all consume meats, nuts, greens and fruit so basically anything processed may be a delicacy in taste but is surely not our evolutionary natural diet.

    I am not going to abide to LCHF fanatically since life is also about enjoying good food here and there. But I definitely will change my every day regime.

  12. Tim
    I really do think it's time to begin suing doctors who commit malpractice by using injurious treatments for T2D and other metabolic imbalances. Ignorance shouldn't be an excuse. Especially since the LCHF remedy has been known since the early 1900's. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with causing such sickness and suffering.

    Just following orders wasn't an excuse for the nazis...why should it be an excuse for causing even more injury, sickness, suffering, and death? There isn't a whole lot of difference between the conventional treatments and some of the things dr mengele did.

    The only way they'll listen is to hit them in the pocketbook...

  13. carol
    How long will it take to reduce bp. on meds but want to come off these - is best to do this slowly. Can you still drink red wine.
  14. Sue
    Thanks so much for this site. I recently had a kidney transplant and found out I was s type 2 diabetic. Of course I was out on steroids for a while which skyrocketed my sugar I have been on insulin for over 3 years, but then I found your site and have been eating your way. First, when I asked my Dr took me off Humalig and left me on Lantus, I started taking Trajenta instead of the Humalog and now my blood sugar numberswill are still declining so I am not taking Lantus anymore just the Tradjenta. So I continue to eat LCHF and am hoping my numbers will keep declining and I will be drug free soon. I initially lost some weight but have kind of stalled. I naturally do intermittent fasting by not eating breakfast because you're not very hungry. Even though my weight has stalled I look thinner than I weigh because everyone says I look thinner. I feel great, I also exercise almost every day also my tryhlicerides have plummeted and are normal now. I do not take Crestor anymore. So thank you for this site. I live all the videos , I think I am a naturally curious person and so I find the videos very informative and interesting plus it helps me stay on track by letting me know the whys behind how this works. I would love to see the nutrition info behind the recipes so if I am trying to stay below 20-30 carbs a day I know how to choose and mix with recipes I have found on other sites. Your site has literally been a lifesaver.
  15. Craig
    Thank you for your dedication and compassion.
    I love the website and would like to see an App for my
  16. Amanda
    Dr. Andreas,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't have a dramatic weight loss or medical story, I just love what you have done. You have truly given back. I loved reading your story. It gives me hope to know that there are people who are willing to take a risk and do what they believe in. Thank you. In America (elsewhere too) it is not easy to find a doctor who would be willing to put themselves out there and let people in on something that can truly change their lives and health for the better. It is sad but so true. I have all but lost faith in American doctors. It seems that health is not the goal. My country's current health status speaks for itself. Money. That seems to be the current goal.
    I honor and respect you and all you have done and continue to do to empower people to make meaningful changes in their lives and health.
    Inspiring! I will certainly do my part!
  17. Margaret
    Dr Andreas, I love this site! Especially love the presentations and find them so educational. Great to hear American doctors involved.
    I don't lose much the first month as I drank healthy? red wine and plain vodka(no carbs?) and wasn't losing. Stopped and lost 10 lbs in 1 1/2 weeks!
    Feel great, need broth on occasion but in general, feel great. Hope you and Tim Noakes and all the others keep up the good work . Can't wait to tell you it's 50 lbs! And I am 70!
  18. Barbara
    I'm doing the free 14 days at the moment, I am into the 2nd week and already my diabetic numbers have improved that i have managed to drop some of my meds and i have lost 7 kilo in weight, I am very impressed. I have spent too many years doing the governments ''Healthy Eating plan'' only to get fatter and fatter despite working out like a trojan.
    Thankl you so very much
  19. Tamarah
    I love supporting this powerful site doing its best to get this powerful message to the world .
    Thank You Dr Andreas and the whole DD team,, for all you do. Do not ever stop.
  20. Robert
    Though I'm 74, I have never felt my age until now. I carried around more and more weight over the years and it's really impacting my health. I'm very obese at 272 pounds and have yo-yo'd up and down like so many who have been misled into high carbohydrate, low calorie wastelands. Many years ago I went on the Atkins diet. It was successful, but too extreme. So little was known at the time. Your site has opened my eyes and given me encouragement to try again. I've been on LCHF for a week and feel much better. Thank you for such a high quality site filled with lots of information and actionable recipes.
  21. Christine
    I just read the history of Diet Doctor. It is so inspiring and has been so helpful to me...I actually get a little emotional over it all. I'm glad to be a small part of it by being a member and helping to make the site available to others. Great new site everyone! Love it. So glad to see Kristie Sullivan as part of your crew, she's sweet and a wonderful advocate for this way of living.
  22. Barbara
    I found this site by accident-and in desperation. I was looking for information on blood glucose after a routine checkup revealed diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides. (I have had no obvious symptoms and this came as a surprise to me.) My doc advised me to lose 10 lbs, change my diet and go on medication. She dd not have any specific advice on how to change my diet-other than to increase my fiber-(oatmeal, legumes, etc.) to get my LDL down. I am an active 53 year old woman, have a family history of diabetes as well as heart disease, and did NOT want to take meds as a first solution, as I have always felt that food IS medicine and wanted to try a more natural approach. Reluctantly my doc finally agreed to give me 30 days to get my numbers down without meds. I felt that she was just placating me and did not believe I could manage on my own, so I started by counting calories, fiber, carbs, sugars, etc. and I was exhausted by the end of the third day. That approach is just not sustainable over the long term. So I started reading some more, and then found this site which has been a true blessing! I am very impressed by the quality of information on this site, the simple way it is presented, and your overall mission. After viewing some videos, and looking over your meal plans, I began cutting carbs, pastas, breads and increasing fat intake immediately. I was initially weirded out over the idea of fasting, but tried it today and it was not as bad as I would have thought. After just 11 days, (8 days using the information found on this site) my fasting and post-meal sugar levels have come down from almost 300 to the mid/high 100's. I have not had stuffy sinuses in over a week, my head is clear-(no "fog") my eyesight has improved, I am sleeping much more soundly and my energy level is fantastic. I have also lost 3 pounds. I cannot thank you enough for getting this information out there. There are so many people who need this! I have recommended you to my parents, one of my coworkers as well as my own doctor.
  23. Linda
    Hi Dr. Andreas,
    So far I'm loving this site! So so much information here, I'm learning new things every-time I'm on here. I've just recently had a hiccup and actually gained weight. I was reading the recipes incorrectly and often ate a little too much. I have a huge problem with overthinking and an anxiety of messing up and has happened. I'm not at all happy about this and will be fixing the problem really soon. I've been doing Keto for about 1.2mos. and have been adding in IF...I'm finding out that IF is a better fit for me. Upon waking, I have my supplements and what I call my bullet prof chicken broth adding in a little pink salt, Plugra' butter (1Tbsp) and dried thyme for a little x-tra flavor (I do not drink coffee) This usually hold me until first meal. I weight train/cardio (20-30min.) 3 days a week (will be starting 4 days a week very soon) and 2 days 40-45min cardio only in a fasted state and sometimes have a 6oz. grassfed protein shake after training if needed. My first meal for the day is between 12 or 1pm. and depends on how large that meal is the 2nd. meal is between 6 or 7pm. I need to know if I'm ok having a schedule like this or am I setting myself up for an unsuccessful failure which is my ultimate fear. Thanks in advance for your response.
    Reply: #24
  24. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Linda, that sounds like a good plan! Just remember that if something isn't working, it's not failure, it's an opportunity to change things up a little bit. It is very common and normal to adjust your routine as you go. Pay attention to your hunger levels and your non-scale victories, not just the number on the scale!
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  26. Jerry Franc
    Hi Linda, I have ben doing Keto for a year and I have gone through stages where I got stuck and then I continued loosing. I am doing the OMAD (One Meal A Day) regiment of fasting. Started it right in the beginning about 2 weeks into my change of diet. Took a while to get used to a bit of cravings and weird feelings, as I was getting rid of my body asking for Carbs and sugar junk food, but after a few weeks I successfully overcame the cravings and now it is my life. I still eat once in a while 2 time a day when I am with my family around the table and they want to eat food as a family, but generally I stick to the OMAD pretty well. It gave me enough fasting time between meals to loose any excess carbs I might have slipped in by accident or even a regular Ice cream I'd have with my kids, which kicks me out of ketosis. But I go straight back to my regiment and I lost about 43 pounds this year. I started at 210lbs, dropped to about 185 in about 3-4 weeks, stayed there and then I dropped again to about 175-178 after another 6 months and then I dropped another 10lbs and now I am at 168lbs almost exactly 1 year later as I started last January 1st. When I strated I ate huge amounts of vegetables and green leafy veggies and that was when I was stuck at 185lbs. Then I read the book from Dr. Annette Bosworth," Anyway you can" and there she says that veggies also have carbs and if you eat too much you might still be crossing the ideal threshold of about 20g of carbs per day. I think I was gobbling about 40 or more carbs just from the veggies bcs some books I read say that you can eat as much green leafy veggies as you want. The moment I stopped eating massive amounts of these vegetables, I immediately started dropping additional weight and I dropped at one point down to 160lbs. Either way I started the diet for healh benefits, not for a weight loss. My B/P used to be 150-175/90-98 and now is 120/80. My siugar was Borderline diabetic before around 100 and now I am at 87. My Cholesterol for the last 30 years was super hight and I took statins al this time. I got rid of the Statins after 3 months of Keto, bcs my cholesterol dropped down do very normal levels. My bones&joints feel healthier as I was beginning to feel a lot of stiffness after prolonged sitting at work. Not any more! My energy level is up, I feel more alert and the list other benefits goes on.
    I am 59years old and I feel like when I was in my 30ies. I eat much better today than when I was a young competitive long distance runner in my teens and 20ies. My kids and my wife are also doing it with me, not as strictly but they follow and when I cookKeto, they have no choice but eat what I put on the table. My doughter told me this week "Dad I am so glad that you started this Keto diet". That ismy greatest reward, that my children will learn this life style and teach their kids to eat healthier as well. So I just encourage you to keep on trying to see what works for you and do not give up, EVER!!!
  27. Elaine
    I'm so glad I found Diet Doctor! I've been on every diet know to America, and failed. I did a lot of research on LCHF before giving it a go, and I still do. Your site is a godsend I know I can trust. As friends consider the LCHF lifestyle, I send them to you. Bitten's presence and acknowledgement that food addiction is a real thing is a blessing - finally, I'm not crazy! Thank you for doing what you do and opening yourself to the world. We need you. It's only been a few weeks for me, but you've already changed my life. Thank you.
  28. Jordan
    Just fyi, I believe there is a typo on the third paragraph of the "Another Way" section. I think "adapted" should be "adopted". Thank you for all you do, this site is so helpful!
    Reply: #29
  29. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks, fixed!
  30. Duriana Medeiros
    Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, I loved reading your story. I live in Prince Edward Island Canada and LCHF needs to be adapted here really badly. I will share your site to everyone I know. My story is I’ve been a big girl most of my life, never thinking food would cause me to get diabetes. Well last December my doctor informed me I had type 2 world came crash down on me......I went home and went online and found out that carbs and sugar were the culprit......without turning back I went all thru my kitchen and before I knew it I didn’t have much left lol.......I went back online and found you 😁 kitchen pantry and fridge look like someone else’s lol........since I started LCHF in December I’ve lost 25 pounds and well over 13 inch on just my tummy alone.......thank you and your team for all that your doing. Question for you? Can I put butter in my coffee instead of cream? Oh and 3 month doctor update....... no more meds was in shocked that I fixed the diabetes with LCHF.
    I will be a member in March 😁

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