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Whether you’re looking for high protein, strict keto, moderate, or liberal low carb recipes, or if you’re just looking for a healthier dessert option – we’ve got you covered!

We offer 1,333 nutritionally approved and tested low carb recipes that are easy to follow, created by some of the most loved low carb cookbook authors, chefs, and dietitians from around the world.

The Diet Doctor recipe team’s mission is to provide you with the most delicious recipes and meal plans that will empower you to improve your health.

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Low carb breakfast favorites

Kick off your morning in the best possible way with our tasty breakfasts that will keep you satisfied for hours.

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Low carb dinner favorites

Who said that eating healthy is boring? Keep it fun and simple with these weeknight low carb meals that the whole family will love.

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Looking for quick keto chicken meals, or need inspiration for healthy, mouthwatering dishes for the Holidays? Whatever your heart desires, we’re sure you’ll find it here.

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Low carb dessert favorites

Dessert can be part of a healthy lifestyle and we will show you how! These goodies will make even the carbivours ask for more.

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Which diet is best for me3

Which is the best low carb diet?

We’re all different. That’s why we offer recipes with a spectrum of carb, fat, and protein levels to suit everyone’s needs. On top of that, we also provide dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan dietary options. We suggest that you try our different kinds of recipes to see what works for you.

All of our recipes are nutritious and much lower in carbs than “traditional” recipes, so most people can mix and match the recipes they love the most and still reach their health goals. At the end of the day, the best diet is the one you can turn into a lifestyle.

Each recipe has a colored circle, indicating the strictness (yellow = moderate low carb, orange = liberal low carb, green = keto), carb count, and protein level (the blue outline). Hover or click the circle on the recipe images to see full nutrition information.

Moderate and liberal low carb

Low carb

Our family-friendly moderate and liberal low carb recipes (5-20 E% net carbs) restrict your carb intake while being flexible. In addition to weight loss, a low carb diet is beneficial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Ketogenic low carb


Our top-rated ketogenic recipes (5 E% or 7 g of net carbs or less if it’s a meal) are a bit more restrictive. Still, they are usually more effective for weight loss without hunger and to reverse type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome.


High protein low carb

High protein

Our protein-rich recipes (25 E% +) provide the maximum amount of nutrients per calorie, often resulting in fat loss while sustaining muscle mass. A good option if your weight loss stalled or if you prefer less fatty foods.


The people behind the recipes

Diet Doctor’s small but passionate recipe team consists of hardcore foodies, content managers, cookbook authors, and nutritional advisors. We work relentlessly to make every single recipe and meal plan that hits the site (and app) as flawless as possible.

We work together with a talented team of recipe testers, freelancing food photographers, and our very own registered dietitian, diabetes educator, and author Franziska Spritzler to make sure you get the best results.

Recipe collaborators

We partner with top low carb and keto personalities, YouTubers, and bestselling cookbook authors from around the world. Click to read more about each person and to check out their recipes.

Are you interested in contributing your favorite low carb recipes, or would you love to collaborate with us in the future? Don’t hesitate to reach out recipes@dietdoctor.com!

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