Low carb and keto fast-food favorites

Low-carb and keto fast-food favorites

Does eating keto or low carb mean that you have to give up all the foods you know and love? Of course not!

We have put together a collection of recipes for meals that you often find in fast-food places all over the world. Our versions have all the delicious ingredients (and often even more of it since we’re not afraid of fat) minus the refined carbs and sugars.

You’ll find delicious, cheesy pizzas, savory, juicy burgers and, flavorsome, crispy chicken. What are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!



Extra toppings, extra cheese, and a variety of crusts made from ingredients you most likely already have on hand. What’s not to love?


A juicy burger is something most of us want from time to time. Serve it up in a low carb bun or make it even more simple, but nonetheless delicious, and opt for a bun-free version with the patty and all the yummy toppings wrapped in a lettuce leave. Why complicate things?

Chicken & turkey

So, plain chicken might not feel all that indulgent – it’s how you serve it up that really matters. We believe spicy wings with a side of aioli is hard to beat when you want to keep things simple, yet amazing.


Baking on low carb is possible but quite different from the way you’re probably used to doing it. We recommend our guide to help you and to answer questions that you might have. Want an even easier suggestion? Skip the bread and eat the toppings as is. No hassle, just great food.


Now how about some of these for a little homemade fiesta? Try making your own seasoning and you’ll get the flavors right in no-time!