Over 330 doctors recommending a low-carb or keto diet

Are you looking for a licensed physician who can assist you with your low-carb lifestyle? Here’s an interactive map of more than 330 medical doctors recommending low-carb or keto diets who can help manage your medications and oversee your transitions as you adopt the diet.1

Use this map to find a doctor near you, or keep reading below for some of the impressive physician testimonials about the power of the low-carb, or ketogenic diet to transform health.


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Each month, more doctors are treating their patients with a low-carb or ketogenic diet and seeing measurable improvements between visits. The expanding low-carb medical community speaks to the power of the low-carb diet to deliver the kind of results that excite both doctors and patients, alike.

Read on to hear, in these physicians’ own words, of the transformations they are seeing. And discover why many of them refer their patients to our site for recipes, guides, and other low-carb inspiration.

Are you a practicing doctor who is recommending a low-carb or ketogenic diet? We invite you to be listed here. Please contact anne.mullens@dietdoctor.com.

Pallavi A

“As a family doctor in India, I recommend low-carb and keto diets, with and without intermittent fasting, to all of my patients who have lifestyle-related chronic conditions. I follow the growing, evidence-based science behind these approaches and I have seen the impressive clinical results. I, too, follow a low carb lifestyle and usually do it with intermittent fasting. I have been able to reverse my diabesity and keep my post-menopausal symptoms at bay. I also recommend to my patients that they visit the Diet Doctor website to find trustworthy information and delicious recipes.”

Pallavi Aga, MD
Family Physician
Mind & Body Wellness Clinic
Uttar Pradesh, India
Website: Doctor Pallavi

Linda A

“After a decade of watching patients with chronic disease get sicker with traditional medical advice, discovering the effectiveness of low-carb was a breath of fresh air! My practice now focuses entirely on patients wishing to follow low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diet treatment for diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and other weight-related concerns. I also use ketogenic diets for the treatment of weight-loss surgery patients who regain weight. Diet Doctor is a terrific resource for patients and for the medical students I teach in my Obesity Medicine clerkship; it has nutritionally and scientifically sound information on ketogenic lifestyles and great recipes.”

Linda Anegawa, MD
Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine
Aiea, Hawaii
Website: Pali Momi Medical Center

Kevin A

“I recommend a LCHF diet to my patients wanting to lose weight, or with various chronic diseases, firstly because of the science behind this, but more importantly because of the results. I also provide dietary advice and support for patients interested in intermittent fasting as well.”

Kevin Arlett, MBBS
Family Physician/Sports Doctor
Townsville, North Queensland, Australia
Website: Townsville & Suburban Medical Practice

Marvin B

“As a physician, I see daily the tremendous impact that our pandemic of chronic nutritional disease is having on people and the health care system, despite our best conventional efforts over the last 40 years. I now focus my time and energy on counseling, supporting and guiding patients on the power of real food as medicine. Using the core principles of low-carb, high-fat eating and intermittent fasting, we see great improvements in diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, NAFLD and many more chronic diseases. Diet Doctor is a great resource for my patients to help them in their journey.”

Marvin Bailey, MD
Family Physician
Stettler Medical Clinic
Alberta, Canada
Website: BSP Clinic

Sanjeev B

“As a family physician, I have been recommending a low carbohydrate diet to all my patients. Truthfully, I cannot recommend any other diet with a clear conscience. I discovered the scientific benefits of a low-carb diet from Diet Doctor in 2011 when I was looking for new and better ways to manage my patients with diabetes, and I have never looked back since. My patients have benefited immensely from this diet, and it’s the best way to manage obesity, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabetes. To me, Diet Doctor is the one-stop website for everything low-carb.”

Sanjeev Balakrishnan, MBBS
Family Physician
Perth, Western Australia
Website: Perth Metabolic Centre

Keith B

“I have been recommending a low-carbohydrate lifestyle as the foundation of treatment for many medical conditions ever since 1999, when I first became associated with the Atkins’ Center for Complementary Medicine and then became the center’s medical director. I founded my own Center for Balanced health in 2003 to further provide patients with expertise in both traditional and complementary medicine, featuring low-carbohydrate nutrition. The Diet Doctor website is an excellent resource for individuals seeking to adopt a low-carbohydrate lifestyle.”

Keith Berkowitz, MD
Internal Medicine
Founder and Director, Center for Balanced Health
New York, New York
Website: Center for Balanced Health

Ken B

“As a family doctor, I learned that my patients could lose weight and keep it off with the ketogenic diet; I began recommending in 2016. Many of my patients have used this diet to reverse metabolic diseases that they had been told were life-long and progressive.”

Ken D. Berry, MD
The Berry Clinic
Family Physician
Camden, Tennessee
Website: Ken D. Berry, MD.com

Steven B

“I first began recommending a low-carbohydrate approach to diet and lifestyle in 2017 after discovering personal success with this way of eating. Since then, I’ve helped many patients adopt a LCHF diet and seen substantial clinical improvements — particularly with insulin resistance and diabetes — with this approach. Eating whole, nutritious food is good for everyone and results in the remission of disease and restoration of both physical and mental health.”

Steven Bishop, MD
VCU Medical Weight Loss Program
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Richmond, Virginia
Website: VCU Medical Weight Loss

Thomas B

“I have been advocating for a ketogenic low-carb healthy fats diet for six months now with remarkable results. I use the Diet Doctor website to review general concepts of the diet and also refer patients to the site’s excellent guides and videos. I also use Dr. Eric Westman’s four-page sheet of foods to eat and what not to eat.”

Thomas Birk, DO
Family Physician
Lewis County General Hospital
Beaver Falls, New York

Kissi B

“I have an interest in diabetes and preventative medicine and have started recommending intermittent fasting in combination with a low-carb, high-fat diet to all of my patients both for treatment and reversal of diabetes and general good health and prevention. I recommend the Diet Doctor website to all of my patients so they can find the best information from knowledgeable experts regarding living a low-carb lifestyle, from educational videos to amazing recipes and everything in between.”

Kissi R. Blackwell, MD
Family Physician
Clarity Direct Care, PLLC
Wichita Falls, Texas
Website: Clarity Direct Care

Evelyne B-R

“I recommend low-carb and keto diets with and without intermittent fasting to all of my patients who have lifestyle-related chronic conditions, because of the science behind these approaches and their impressive clinical results. I also recommend they visit the Diet Doctor website to find trustworthy information and delicious recipes.”

Èvelyne Bourdua-Roy, MD
Family Physician
Contrecoeur, Québec, Canada
Website: Clinique Reversa

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“For the 10,000 members we see a year, why do we recommend a nutrient-dense, low-carbohydrate approach to improved health and well-being? Three reasons: It is founded on real science. It’s composed of real food. It delivers real results.”

Sean Bourke, MD
Family Physician
Founder and Chief Medical Officer
Website: JumpstartMD

Barbara B

“I treat women with gynecologic cancers and recommend a ketogenic or low-carb, high-fat diet for almost all of my cancer patients. Many of them have been shown to benefit from this dietary approach as an adjunct to their chemotherapy or radiation and others benefit in survivorship and during active cancer prevention.”

Barbara Buttin, MD
Practice Leader, Gynecologic Oncology
Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group
Warrenville, Illinois
Website: Northwestern Medicine

Charles C

“Our medical practice was featured implementing a low-carbohydrate plan for a patient with type 2 diabetes in the documentary The Magic Pill. We believe food can be used as medicine. Many of our patients with insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, PCOS and more will see excellent results and resolution of chronic disease states with low-carbohydrate diets. Education and understanding as to which dietary strategy is best for the individual is essential in reclaiming one’s health. There is no doubt in my mind that low-carbohydrate planning can be extremely useful and safe for the appropriate clinical scenario.”

Charles Cavo, DO
Family Physician
Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine
West Hartford & Southington, Connecticut
Website: Pounds Transformation

Colin C

“I treat patients with cancer, specializing in breast cancer. I also perform clinical research on the interactions between diet, cancer, and exercise, and advise my patients on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for helping to prevent and reduce the risk of cancer by promoting a healthy metabolism. These recommendations include a general reduction in carbohydrates, including low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets, based on the available literature that supports this approach. I also recommend that patients take control of their own health by educating themselves with sources that provide evidence-based recommendations and scientific reviews.”

Colin Champ, MD
Radiation Oncologist
Integrative Medicine Practitioner
Pittsburgh, PA
Website: Colin Champ

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“Before I started my postgraduate program in nutrition I reached a weight of 118 kg (approximately 260 lbs, I was on the point of being morbidly obese). I worked in a public health clinic and when I saw so many patients with type 2 diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, etc. who needed larger and larger doses of their medications, I understood that the safer and less toxic option had to be nutrition. I therefore decided to follow the path of studying the secrets of human nutrition.

In 2018 I graduated with a International masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. I am currently working towards my PhD in Nutrition, and at the some time putting into practice what I have learned from two doctors who have inspired me greatly: my teacher Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez Navarrete and Dr. Jason Fung, from whom I learned how to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes using a low carb high fat diet, as well as the use of intermittent fasting as a complementary tool that can help reverse type 2 diabetes. Thanks to these tools I have managed to lose weight, reaching my ideal weight of 73 kg.”

Francisco Cóbar, MD
Clínica DrC Nutrition
San Salvador, El Salvador
Website: Dr. Cobar Nutrition

Heidi C

“As a psychiatrist who practices traditional and holistic (integrative) psychiatry, I find my patients are always looking for non-pharmacological ways to improve both their psychological and physical health. Diet Doctor has proven to be an excellent and reliable resource to help my patients develop and maintain healthy lifestyle choices with low-carb and ketogenic diets. My patients are thrilled with the extensive variety of recipe options that are easy to prepare as well as the informative videos on relevant health issues. I am equally thrilled with the positive benefits in my patients’ mood, anxiety, and cognitive clarity.”

Heidi Cooperstein, DO
Child and Adult Psychiatrist
Moorestown, New Jersey

Meghan C

“Throughout my years of practicing dermatology, I have noted an increased demand for alternative or complementary approaches to traditional treatments. Inflammation is more than just skin deep for many of my patients and affects multiple aspects of their health. Following my own personal success with significant weight loss and control over inflammatory conditions utilizing a ketogenic diet, I now recommend a ketogenic, low-carbohydrate, healthy-fat diet for many of my patients with inflammatory skin conditions including acne, eczema, and psoriasis.”

Meghan M. Crute, MD
Trillium Creek Dermatology & Surgery Center
Medina, Ohio
Website: Trillium Creek

Ignacio C

“In my psychiatric practice, the high rate of obesity and metabolic disorders among my patients prompted me to develop an integrative therapeutic response, especially to address frequent patterns of impulsivity/compulsivity, low energy/lethargy, mood instability, mental fog, poor concentration and cognitive deterioration. A real-food, low-carb, healthy-fat, often ketogenic lifestyle, combined with intermittent fasting, stress management, rest, and movement — and appropriate pharmacotherapy as needed — results in improved general health, cognitive function, mood management, and quality of life. Diet Doctor, especially the new Spanish site, is a great tool for my patients.”

Ignacio Cuaranta, MD
Rosario, Argentina
Website: Dr. Ignacio Cuaranta


“As a family physician in the most obese state in the USA, I see the devastation of type 2 diabetes and metabolic disease in almost every hospital patient I see. For six years, I have been using education and a low-carb lifestyle to help these patients get healthier, reduce meds, gain energy, and lose belly fat. They learn that this is a sustainable life plan filled with joy and good food. Every day I share the amazing resource of Diet Doctor in my practice. Together as a global community we can put these conditions in remission and prevent them all together.”

Mark Cucuzzella, MD
Professor Family Medicine
West Virginia University School of Medicine
WVU Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Health
Website: Dr. Mark’s Desk

Robert C

“As a bariatric surgeon and as a researcher studying the liver for two decades, my research has shown that it is the toxicity of chronic excessive carbohydrate consumption that is the primary cause of obesity and obesity-related co-morbidities. As an obese doctor myself, I was able to lose 90 pounds once I recognized that I had a carbohydrate addiction and so eliminated carbohydrates from my diet. While I have performed more than 8,000 bariatric surgeries, I firmly believe that surgery is only a tool. Obesity and diabetes are not treated by surgery, but rather by the journey to become carbohydrate-free.”

Robert Cywes, MD
General Surgery, Pediatric Surgery
Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery
Jacksonville, Florida
Website: Obesity Understood

Tanmoy D

“I am an anesthesiologist who managed to lose weight and reverse my pre-diabetes a few years back. I now advocate the low-carb diet and lifestyle to all patients, colleagues and friends. Diet Doctor is a comprehensive one-stop resource which I highly recommend. Almost every patient I anesthetize has metabolic issues, and the situation is difficult as the diet in India is primarily carbohydrate based. I have successfully helped friends and patients reverse their type 2 diabetes.”

Tanmoy Das, MD
Senior Consultant & Head
Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative Medicine & Pain,
Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals,
President, International Trauma Care(Indian Chapter)
Kolkata, India
Website: DCP Expeditions

Alexis D

“While I have always been passionate about helping my patients lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, my treatments became much more effective after I learned about the low-carb/ketogenic diet. I have now dedicated my career to help those with the disease of obesity get the medical treatment they deserve. While each person is given an individualized treatment plan, I regularly recommend a low-carb or ketogenic diet. Diet Doctor is an invaluable resource of reliable information on low-carb & ketogenic lifestyle both for my patients and myself. And it has wonderful recipes!”

Alexis David, MD
Obesity Medicine, Family Medicine
Bellevue, Washington
Website: Premier

Stephen D

“I really enjoy the process of reducing or eliminating medicines for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, reflux, hypercholesterolaemia etc., by attacking the root cause through a low-carb diet and patient education. Diet doctor.com is a fantastic resource that I suggest for this as well as being a source of recipes.”

Stephen Dudakov, MBBS
Family Physician
Melbourne, Australia
Website: Caulfield Family Medical Practice

Mike E

“The mission of Diet Doctor says it all: Make low carb and keto simple. For over a decade the website has been an invaluable resource for evidence-based nutritional advice and support for anyone seeking to lose weight and improve health with diet. And the results speak for themselves. By building a nutritional safe harbor, available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, Dr. Eenfeldt and the Diet Doctor team have revolutionized the delivery of nutritional information for the greater good of a world that needs it desperately.”

Michael Eades, MD
Broomfield, Colorado
Website: Protein Power


“I prescribe ketogenic whole-foods diets because they are powerful metabolic interventions with the potential to address root causes of psychiatric disorders, including inflammation, oxidation, and insulin resistance. I enthusiastically recommend the Diet Doctor website to all my patients because it is the most comprehensive resource for low-carb news, advice, science, inspiration and support in the world. The information there is trustworthy, easy to understand, available in multiple formats and languages, and funded entirely by the people.”

Georgia Ede, MD
Northampton Massachusetts
Website: Diagnosis Diet

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“The growing scientific evidence is robust that the low-carb, ketogenic diet is safe and effective, especially for the management and reversal of type 2 diabetes and for weight loss. I believe that millions of people in the world might have their health improve by adopting this way of eating. Together with the growing team at Diet Doctor we aim to make low carb simple and to empower people, everywhere, to revolutionize their health. Having so many respected low-carb doctors join this page helps spread the word about this potentially life-changing way of eating.”

Andreas Eenfeldt, MD
Founder & CEO Diet Doctor
Stockholm, Sweden
Website: Diet Doctor

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Wesley E

“I started a low-carb, high-fat diet for myself in an attempt to treat my own health problems. Since then, I have seen significant health benefits not only in myself but also in many of my patients using a LCHF/ketogenic approach. Diet Doctor gives a simple but very effective evidence-based resource that I confidently recommend to all my patients. And the recipes are great!”

Wesley Eichorn, DO
Family Physician
Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
WMED Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Website: WMU Medically Managed Weight Loss

Jeremiah E

“The low-carb, high-fat diet has re-energized my clinical interest in the treatment of diabetes, obesity, and other chronic conditions relating to insulin resistance. Guiding my patients on their journey to reclaiming their health, wellness, and vitality with the prescription of real food brings me the utmost joy. Witnessing the transformative impact of this lifestyle has given me hope for the future health of our patients and communities.”

Jeremiah J. Eisenschenk, MD
Family Physician & Hospitalist
Essentia Health
Brainerd, Minnesota
Website: Essentia Health

Maryl E

“As a Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Lipidology, I help my patients decrease their risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. Intermittent fasting, low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diets, and ketogenic diets have powerful effects on adiposopathy, arterial inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction. Patients often come to me for a consultation because they have developed an extremely high LDL-P while on a ketogenic diet. We work together to improve their lipid profile by optimizing their nutrition and lifestyle using a personalized, integrative approach.”

Mary Eldridge, MD
Clinical Lipidologist
President, Lipid Specialists SC
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Website: Lipid Specialists, SC

John E

“I discovered the low-carb lifestyle after struggling myself with my obesity for many years. I was unsuccessful losing weight with the traditional low-fat diet plans that I used to recommend to patients. I researched and reviewed the studies of low-carb/keto eating and I lost weight, becoming a much healthier doctor. I am now passing on that experience onto my patients! When I counsel patients not familiar with low-carb living, I refer them to the Diet Doctor site for testimonials, recipes, and much more.”

Johnny Ellison, DO
Section Chief, Occupational Medicine
Holzer Health System
Gallipolis, Ohio
Website: Holzer Health/John Ellison

Elyssa E

“After struggling with weight my entire life, I was pointed in the direction of a low-carb diet by a group of other physicians — and it changed my life. As a family physician, it became clear to me how many of my patients could benefit from this lifestyle in so many ways. I spent time training with other doctors who had been practicing nutritional medicine with their patients for years, and learned how best to help my own patients. This is my passion, and being able to help change patients lives in this way is incredibly rewarding.”

Elyssa Elman, MD
Family Physician
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Website: Keyto Center

William E

“As a full-spectrum family physician since 2004, luckily I stumbled on the wonderful low-carb community two years ago after my amazing wife was forced to make dietary changes after surgery. I’ve never looked back! After transforming my own health, with help from resources like Diet Doctor, Jimmy Moore, and Dr. Jason Fung, I’ve committed to bettering the lives of my patients with intensive dietary management through LCHF and intermittent fasting. Empowering patients to make these lifestyle changes has truly brought back the joy of medicine for me. I am so thankful to all who have inspired me along the way.”

William Errico, DO
Family Physician
Confluence Health Omak Clinic
Omak, Washington
Website: Confluence Health

Ted E

“I have been staying informed about therapeutic nutrition, diabetes reversal, and the role of diet in optimal metabolic health, and I am also practicing a low-carbohydrate diet. I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to diet; what works for one person may not work for another. As a physician, I am very interested in the possibilities that good nutrition can bring to lifelong health.”

Ted Eytan, MD
Washington, District of Columbia
Website: Ted Eytan.com

Nikki F

“As a family doctor, I believe in the power of food as medicine. Often our current healthcare system doesn’t feel like healthcare at all, but disease management that focuses on band-aid solutions rather than true healing from within. I encourage my patients to eat whole foods, high in healthy fats, with minimal processing. This low-carb, real-food approach empowers patients to take control of their health and has been shown to improve lifestyle-related chronic conditions and reverse type 2 diabetes. Diet Doctor is an impressive resource for patients and health practitioners on all things low-carb.”

Nikki Fisicaro, MBBS
Family Physician,
Sydney, Australia
Website: Dr Nikki Fisicaro


“As a reproductive endocrinologist, I have been studying nutrition and fertility for over 15 years. I advise all my patients, both women and men, to adopt a low-carb ketogenic diet both prior to pregnancy to improve their fertility and during pregnancy to improve fetal and maternal health. This way of eating has been shown repeatedly in my practice to improve all measures of health for women and men. We refer all our patients to Diet Doctor which in our opinion is the best online resource for our patients to find all the information, recipes and meal plans they need to be successful.”

Michael Fox, MD
Subspecialty reproductive endocrinology
Medical Director
Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine
Jacksonville Florida
Website: Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine

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“I recommend low-carbohydrate diets to all my patients because of their proven ability to help manage type 2 diabetes and obesity. DietDoctor.com is consistently the best resource available anywhere for reliable information on making low carb simple.”

Jason Fung, MD
Medical Director and Founder
Intensive Dietary Management Program
Toronto, Canada
Website: The IDM Program

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“My experience with low carb is personal: I have lost 12 kg, reduced my measurements and have reached normal levels in blood tests. I recommend this form of nutrition widely to my friends and family: the body is the only place we have to live and we need to take care of it. This is especially important in Mexico, which holds the first position worldwide for childhood obesity. In reality, this is not a diet but a new way of eating.”

Jorge E. Gallego Grijalva, MD
Mexico City, Mexico

Dietmar G

“I retired from my cardiology practice eight years ago and started a very-low-carbohydrate program (Diet of Hope). With the help of six nurse practitioners we have seen over 18,000 patients, including over 150 physicians. All insurance programs have accepted us. Our drug-free program is very successful, especially with diabetes, obesity, chronic kidney disease, fatty liver and others. We have published our results.”

Dietmar Gann, MD
Prevention, Nutrition, Disease Management
Diet of Hope Institute
Tucson, Arizona
Website: Diet of Hope

Jorge G

“In my practice I manage the obesity epidemic of our young patients using a low-carb approach. I also give lectures around the country explaining the science of low-carb and the carbohydrate-insulin theory of obesity. In my talks, blog, and articles I often recommend visiting the Diet Doctor website to find information about the ketogenic diet and many original recipes. I’ve subscribed to the Diet Doctor website for a long time and often watch the interviews and lectures published on the website. I want to thank Andreas for all of his work.”

Jorge García-Dihinx Villanova, MD
Low Carb Pediatrician
Children Obesity Clinic
Pediatric Hepato-Gastroenterology and Nutrition Clinic
Hospital San Jorge, Huesca, Spain
Website: Lameteoqueviene.es

Mariela G

“I recommend low-carb and keto diets because there’s nothing more fun than empowering people to treat the root of the problem to help regain their health. Diet Doctor offers a great deal of support to me and to my patients because it allows them to digest the information in their own time and, particularly if it’s the first time they hear it, it helps ease their fears to see that there’s a whole world of science supporting the new prescription (food) I am giving them.”

Mariela Glandt, MD
Tel Aviv, Israel
Website: Glandt Center for the Treatment of Diabetes

Jeffry Gerber

“As a physician I was frustrated and distressed by patients’ worsening health and by the spiraling health care costs caused by diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions, all linked to the food we eat. We help our patients improve their health and optimize their weight with prescribed lifestyle modification, teaching them the link between unhealthy, refined and processed foods and chronic illness. Our growing database of patients who have lost weight and improved cardio-metabolic markers demonstrates the benefits of low-carbohydrate, whole-food diets. In short, reducing the carbohydrate content of our meals controls hunger, promotes weight loss, and improves health.”

Jeffry Gerber, MD
Family Physician
Founder, Suburban Family Medicine
Littleton, Colorado
Website: Denver’s Diet Doctor

Deborah G

“I have been applying low carb solutions to metabolic problems since the moment I closed the cover of Good Calories, Bad Calories. I share with my low-carb colleagues the wonderful experience of offering effective advice and seeing real results. In addition to metabolic and hormonal problems, I have more recently focused on flexible low-carb approaches for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative conditions. I greatly enjoy the lively online low-carb community and rely on Diet Doctor as a resource for myself and my patients.”

Deborah Gordon, MD
Family physician specializing in cognitive and metabolic health
Northwest Memory Center
Ashland, Oregon
Websites: Dr Deborah MD; NorthWest Memory Center

June H

“I encourage my patients to do fasting coupled with a very-low-carbohydrate, whole-foods diet because of the astounding biochemical and clinical improvements these interventions provide, in terms of managing chronic metabolic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. I invite my patients to go to Diet Doctor because it is a very reliable source of information for people following a low-carbohydrate diet.”

June Gorriceta, MD
Family Physician, Internal Medicine
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Website: Yas Health Care

Cynthia G

“I am determined to shatter the chiding “eat less, exercise more” obesity medicine paradigm. Obesity is not a personal failure, but a chronic health condition unfolding in our country and around the world. It is a result of the “carboholic” society we live in. Through a holistic approach, I arm patients with knowledge, tools, and skills to manage their weight as well as their overall health.”

Cynthia Gulick, DO
Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine
Southwest Family Physicians
Tigard, Oregon
Website: Oregon Medical Weight Loss

Marcus H

“After more than 30 years practising medicine, the first 15 as a hospital-based doctor and the next 15 years as a family physician in both the UK & New Zealand, I discovered the low-carb, keto diet in 2017 first through the movie The Magic Pill and then through my own extensive reading and research. I have become a passionate advocate for LCHF and keto eating. I am convinced it is the best way of eating for humankind and is based on good scientific evidence.”

Marcus Hawkins, BMBS
Family Physician
Auckland, New Zealand
Website: Botany Doctor Medical Practice


“My personal experience has been excellent; my energy levels have gone up and my body fat percentage has gone down. My patients are very happy, since they also have lost weight quickly and feel great. What’s more, they can now carry out exercise without problemas, since they now have more energy. They are happy to see that their expectations have been met quickly and safely.”

María Carina Hernández, MD
Physician specializing in nutrition
Mexico City, Mexico

Eric and Sophie H

“We recommend low-carb and keto diets with and without intermittent fasting to all of our patients who have lifestyle-related chronic conditions, because of the science behind these approaches and their impressive clinical results.”

Sofie Hexeberg, MD & Erik Hexeberg, MD
Nutrition and Internal medicine
Tønsberg and Sandvika, Norway
Website: Dr Hexeberg


“I believe that therapeutic nutrition is one of the most valuable preventive health measures we can offer patients. As an Obesity Physician, I recommend a low carbohydrate diet and intermittent fasting for weight management, improving glycemic control and managing insulin resistance.”

Sasha High, MD
Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Website: High Metabolic Clinic

Steve H

“A lower-carbohydrate diet and lifestyle has not only changed my personal health for the better, but also the health of my family and my patients. The low-carb ketogenic lifestyle has also transformed my medical practice from a traditional sick-care office to an Integrative Wellness practice that focuses on improving people’s health and preventing illness. I enjoy going into work every day as I now feel I am truly preventing chronic diseases from taking root via proper nutritional counseling. I send virtually all my patients to Diet Doctor for help getting started on their own low-carb journey.”

Steve Horvitz, DO
Institute for Medical Wellness
Moorestown, New Jersey
Website: Dr. Horvitz

Stefanie H

“As an emergency medicine and weight-loss physician, I strive to support my patients’ long-term success in weight-loss and wellness. After losing 30 pounds myself using a low-carb, healthy-fat diet and intermittent fasting, I now feel compelled to share this lifestyle with others. In the ER, patients present with concerns and complications stemming from their dietary choices; I use this as an opportunity to educate them on dietary and lifestyle changes. In my weight-loss clinic, I recommend a personalized low-carb and intermittent fasting plan. The Diet Doctor website is an easy, effective, informative resource that complements my patient care.”

Stefanie Huff, MD
Emergency Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Obesity Medicine
Briar Rose Wellness Group
Aurora, Colorado
Website: Briar Rose Wellness Group

Mijin Hwang

“Many patients with irregular menstruation, obesity, breast and thyroid disease come to my clinic where the root cause of their suffering stems from poor diet. With the low- carb, high fat diet and only eating whole non-processed foods, I’ve seen my own life and the lives of my patients changed. Thank you to Diet Doctor for all it does to support the low-carb community.”

Mijin Hwang, MD
General Surgeon specializing in endocrine issues
Foryou Clinic
Busan, Republic of Korea
Website: For You Clinic

Ana I

“I discuss nutrition with all my patients as I believe lifestyle choices have an important impact on both physical and mental health. I recommend a simple whole-foods, low-carbohydrate diet, intermittent fasting or both, to many of my patients. I use the Diet Doctor website myself as I enjoy the ad-free, simple, but very comprehensive approach to low-carb eating and I recommend it to my patients as well as to my colleagues, friends and family.”

Ana Iacob, MD
Sion, Switzerland
Website: Hospital du Valais

Barton J

“I see many patients whose wellbeing is affected by shortness of breath and sleep disorders. By adopting a low-carb, healthy fat lifestyle, many of these people feel better, avoid unnecessary medications and achieve great overall health. My family and I live this way and I love to inspire others to gain the same benefits. The Diet Doctor website is a great resource to help people adopt a LCHF lifestyle.”

Barton Jennings, MBBS
Lung and Sleep Physician
Interventional Pulmonologist
Victoria, Australia
Website: Lung and Sleep

Ian J

“I discovered the low-carb, ketogenic diet some four years ago and saw huge improvements in my own health. After establishing that it is based on sound scientific principles I felt compelled to offer it to my patients. We recommend the Diet Doctor website as it offers an unbiased, contemporary source of reliable low-carb ketogenic advice. It is easy to use and you can rely on its integrity.”

Ian Johnson, MBBS
Family Medicine, Low-carb Ketogenic Medicine,
Skin Cancer Medicine
Ketogenic Life Clinic
Brisbane, Australia
Website: Ketogenic Life Clinic

Tro K

“As a board certified physician practicing internal and obesity medicine, I reclaimed my health and lost over 150 pounds by ignoring conventional medical advice. I now focus on diabetes, hypertension and lipid management through lifestyle and dietary modifications whenever possible. As well as seeing patients in my clinic, I provide remote consultations via tele-medicine software and equipment, utilizing remotely-tracked bio-impedance scales, blood pressure cuffs and continuous glucose monitoring devices.”

Tro Kalayjian, MD
Internal & Obesity Medicine
Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss & Direct Primary Care
Tappan, NY
Website: Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight Loss

Aastha K

“I recommend low- carb diets as they are scientifically proven to work effectively and reverse many symptoms related to metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and other chronic illnesses. I recommend Diet Doctor to my patients for reliable information.”

Aastha Kalra, MD
Internal & Obesity Medicine
Westchester, New York
Website: Weight Zero0 MD

Christy K

“It is becoming more apparent that cancer is just another metabolic disease and that insulin and IGF-1 act as cancer growth factors. There is so much science showing that a very-low-carbohydrate diet is more effective at lowering insulin levels than other diets. I educate my patients that diet it is not just about weight but more importantly about metabolic health. I have a number of resources that I recommend to patients and Diet Doctor is at the top of my list.”

Christy Kesslering, MD
Radiation Oncologist
Northwestern Medicine Cancer Center
Warrenville, Illinois
Website: Chicago Cancer Organization


“I recommend a high-fat, low-protein, ultra-low to no-carbohydrate diet with intermittent fasting to my fertility patients. Immunologic dysfunction can contribute to recurrent pregnancy loss and infertility. One of the easiest ways to improve immunologic function is to reduce inflammation throughout the body. The keto diet does this. I use Diet Doctor myself and recommend it to patients as a valuable resource.”

Robert J. Kiltz, MD
Subspecialty in reproductive endocrinology
Founder and Director of CNY Fertility
Website: CNY Fertility

Inbar K

“Each person’s journey is different, and therefore each person deserves a highly-specialized and individualized treatment plan to help them reach their optimal health. I recommend low-carb and ketogenic lifestyles to my patients and find ways to make them reasonable and sustainable for each person. Diet Doctor is a wonderful resource for my patients and provides wonderful recipes and invaluable information.”

Inbar Kirson, MD
Obesity Medicine
Physicians for Weight Loss
Northbrook, Illinois
Website: Physicians for Weight Loss

Michelle K

“I have been recommending low-carb and ketogenic diets to my family practice and consultation patients since early 2017. Diet Doctor is an incredibly valuable resource for my patients; counseling low-carb would be much more difficult without all the great information available. My orthopaedic pre-habilitation, diabetes, mood disorder, Alzheimer’s, PCOS, cancer, and obese patients all benefit from low-carb. Low-carb has brought back the joy in family medicine!”

Michelle Klassen, MD
Family Physician
Rocky Mountain Health
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Website: Rocky Mountain Health

Hana K

“I have been working as an internal medicine doctor and diabetologist for over 20 years, focusing on gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), and also teaching future doctors and nutritionists. In 2016, we corrected our official dietary guidelines for GDM, removing the minimum recommended intake of carbohydrates and setting a maximum at 200 grams a day, with low-carbohydrate diets as an option. I would like to thank GDM dietitian Lily Nichols, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt at Diet Doctor and the entire LCHF community for improving outcomes of Czech women with GDM and other patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome.”

Hana Krejci, MD
Internal Medicine, Diabetology
Charles University Medical School
Prague, The Czech Republic
Website: Těhotenská cukrovka

Jakleen L

“I recommend a ketogenic diet as a powerful tool to treat diseases such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and obesity in general. Oftentimes I am able to wean patients off most of their medications and have seen dramatic improvement in their health as a result of this diet. I recommend Diet Doctor to my patients on a regular basis as a resource to help them eat a ketogenic diet.”

Jakleen Labbad, MD
Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine
Cleveland, Ohio
Website: Revital Health

Hala L

“As a family doctor, I not only lost weight and improved my own health with the low-carb diet, I also inspired colleagues and patients alike to follow this lifestyle and reap its benefits. It has now become a powerful tool I use in my daily practice to help treat and reverse obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, PCOS, and chronic pain. I refer all my English-speaking patients to the Diet Doctor website and I also use it during visits as a counseling tool. Inspired by Diet Doctor, I have created my own website to cater to French-speaking patients!”

Hala Lahlou, MD
Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine, Supportive and Palliative Care
Montreal, Canada
Website: Céto Santé


“I am a medical practitioner who has type 1 diabetes. Since adopting a very low-carb lifestyle I have found that day-to-day diabetes management has become so much easier with the added bonus of normal HbA1c. As a result of smaller insulin doses, I am not tied down to strict meal times and can eat when I choose. Similarly, glucose control with exercise is far more predictable. Very low carb for me gives as near to a ‘normal’ life as someone with diabetes can get.”

Ian Lake, MD
Family physician
Gloucestershire, UK
Website: Type 1 program

Mona L

“I strongly believe in the health benefits of low-carb lifestyles with the integration of intermittent fasting to reduce medication needs, increase energy, and live a more healthful life. This is an effective adjunct to improve inflammation, reduce weight, and improve chronic medical conditions, and with the proper medical guidance, these modalities can be safely integrated into one’s life. I have seen dramatic success with my patients using both low-carb and ketogenic lifestyles, and frequently refer to Diet Doctor as an excellent resource for patients.”

Mona Lala, MD
Emergency Medicine
Kinetix Medical Weight Loss and Wellness
Chicago, Illinois
Website: Kinetix

Mark L

“I have been a supporter of a low-carb lifestyle that includes intermittent fasting for myself and my patients for years. I am part of our health systems Medicine Residency program. I teach physicians-in-training and medical staff to utilize low-carb and keto dieting to improve the health of their patients and reduce their need for medications. Diet Doctor is an excellent resource for patients and physicians to help patients help themselves to promote a healthy lifestyle.”

Mark Lamos, MD
Internal Medicine,
Director of Complex Care
Baltimore, Maryland
Website: Greater Baltimore Medical Center


“I am a physician with type 1 diabetes. I have been using a low-carb, ketogenic diet to treat my own diabetes for the past 16 years. Evidence shows that low-carb diets are safe and effective. With the potential to reverse type 2 diabetes, control type 1 diabetes and even stop, slow down, or reverse complications, a low-carb diet can be life changing. Diet Doctor provides the most accurate and relevant materials for a healthy, easy and fun low-carb experience.”

Ali Irshad Al Lawati, MD
Specialist Internal Medicine
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Instagram: alawati86

Jenn L

“I follow and recommend a low-carb or keto lifestyle, with and without intermittent fasting, to all of my patients whether or not they have lifestyle-related chronic conditions. I do this because of the health benefits to anyone who follows them, but also because of the science behind them and the impressive clinical results I have seen in my patients. I have recommended the Diet Doctor website for the past 5-6 years as a first-stop to find completely trustworthy information, delicious recipes, great visuals and excellent videos.”

Jennifer McCabe Lentz, MD
Family Medicine, Obesity Medicine
Direct Family Care of Northern Colorado
Fort Collins, Colorado USA
Website: It’s What You Eat

Daniel L

“As a rheumatologist, pain physician, and specialist in lifestyle medicine, my expertise includes the diagnosis and management of the various rheumatological disorders that impact patients’ joints, bones, tendons and muscles, especially the various types of arthritis. I am dedicated to providing whole-person care using the full spectrum of mainstream, integrative and healthcare treatments. Nutrition is a central aspect of care. For many, the physiological benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet and nutritional ketosis are essential. The Diet Doctor site has provided wonderful resources for my patients for many years.”

Daniel Lewis, MBBS
St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Website: Daniel Lewis ; Lewis’ Institute


“Thanks to nutrition and the low-carb diet, which I fell in love with 21 years ago, I’ve witnessed in my private practice diabetes & metabolic syndrome improving or reversing; women with PCOS conceiving; memory problems getting better; and cancer patients achieving remarkable results. Since I found Diet Doctor, this health company has become my main resource and partner for inspiring and helping patients and family feed themselves to better health. When Diet Doctor asked me to be part of their Spanish team, I did not hesitate because empowering people to revolutionize their health is our common mission.”

Maria Eugenia Lima, MD
Low Carb Nutrition
Caracas, Venezuela
Website: Max Vitae

Emmy L

“Most of what I see in the emergency department is 100% preventable by simple lifestyle changes. This realization has prompted me to pursue training in the field of obesity medicine. I regularly direct my patients and colleagues to Diet Doctor for information on how to get started with a low-carbohydrate diet and time-restricted feeding.”

Emory Liscord, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician
Obesity Medicine Specialist
Augusta, Maine
Website: Simply Health of Maine

Ana L

“As an ophthalmologist, I use a low-carb, high-fat diet approach with intermittent fasting to treat and prevent vision loss associated with diabetic retinopathy in my patients. In addition to my ophthalmology practice, I also treat patients with obesity and metabolic diseases with positive results. I recommend the Diet Doctor website to all my patients so that they get a deep understanding of the low-carb, high-fat approach. It has all the valuable resources they need for a successful ketogenic lifestyle.”

Ana Aurora Lorenzo Mejía, MD
Founder and Medical Director
Inedia Institute
Mexico City, Mexico
Website: Inedia Institute


“Real food — that is low-sugar, high-fiber — works for most of the population, but some patients may need a low-carb diet for best results. For those patients, I am totally for low carb. I have certainly had many insulin-resistant patients who didn’t get better until they went on a low-carb diet. I am not remotely concerned about negative effects of low carb. I feel that, aside from patients with familial hypercholesterolemia and type 5 hyperlipidemia, a low-carb diet is entirely safe.”

Robert Lustig, MD
Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Endocrinology
University of California, San Francisco
Website: Robert Lustig.com

Samuel M

“I have been recommending low-carbohydrate diets for the last three years to my patients and my medical colleagues. As a family medicine-trained physician who specializes in pain medicine, I see the impact of people’s diets and obesity on their pain levels and function. Using dietary approaches to treat chronic and complex conditions provides wide ranging improvements in my patients’ health, pain levels, and quality of life. I send patients and colleagues alike to Diet Doctor for its collection of comprehensive educational resources including articles, recipes, and videos.”

Samuel Madore, DO
Family Medicine
Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Maine Dartmouth Collaborative Care Center
Augusta, Maine
Website: Weightloss 207

Navid M

“After years of practicing Family & Sports Medicine, I’ve recognized that preventing and addressing my patients’ dietary metabolic issues are the foundation upon which quality medical and musculoskeletal care are built. LCHF principles produced such remarkable results in my patients that I completely redefined my scope of practice and developed a unique Lifestyle Medicine Program that synergistically complements my Sports Medicine & Non-Surgical Orthopedics specialty practice. I truly care for the whole person. Diet Doctor is an exceptional, comprehensive resource for lay persons and clinicians; I recommend it to all my patients and colleagues.”

Navid Mahooti, MD, MPH 
Sports Medicine
Non-Surgical Regenerative Orthopedics
Lifestyle Medicine
Mass General/North Shore
Danvers, Massachusetts
Website: Navid Mahooti MD

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, MD

“The totality of evidence is very clear: A low-carbohydrate dietary approach is the most effective way to manage the insulin resistance syndrome which is that single biggest driver of obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Diet Doctor has been instrumental in providing extremely useful, clear and educational material to all who want to implement this dietary approach in to their lives. That’s why I recommend the website to all my at-risk patients.”

Aseem Malhotra, MD
London UK
Website: Dr. Aseem Malhotra

More about Aseem


“After 17 years practicing medicine it’s easy to lose faith. For example, I came to believe that my obese patients simply “didn’t follow the recommendations”. But, when diabetes and overweight came knocking at my own door, I understood that the traditional system doesn’t work. I was lucky to discover the low carb diet. The discovery that food can be the best medicine for many supposedly chronic and progressive illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and fatty liver gave me back my sense of hope. This is why I am now dedicated to helping my patients learn to eat in a healthy and delicious way.”

Sharly Martínez, MD
Specialist in quality care management, Nutrition
Bogotá, Colombia
Website: Doctora Sharly

Mignonne M

“I recommend low-carbohydrate, high-fat (ketogenic) diets to almost all my patients to improve their quality of life. The LCHF diet reduces inflammation, promotes weight loss, and improves blood biomarkers without prescription agents. The result is improved sleep, sharper mental clarity, more energy throughout the day, and healthier relationships to food. Most patients suffer “fat phobia” but fat does not make you fat! Sugar does! We teach patients to eat lots of healthy fats and cycle in and out of ketosis. We refer everyone to Diet Doctor as a great resource, especially for the carb contents of various food and drinks.”

Mignonne Mary, MD
Internal Medicine and Nutrition
The Remedy Room
New Orleans, LA
Website: The Remedy Room

Paul M

“I recommend low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets to almost all my patients, from the general public to world-class Olympic athletes. A huge variety of benefits can be seen, from improvements in metabolic health and reductions in joint pains to enhanced athletic performance. While a degree of nuance is needed for specific recommendations, based on factors like general health and goals, the general principle is to reduce carbohydrates while ensuring appropriate intake of fat and protein. This addresses the key problem of insulin resistance, which is central to many modern disease states, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.”

Paul Mason, MD
Sports & Exercise Medicine
Concord & Randwick Clinics
New South Wales AUS
Website: Transformation Diet

Leena M

“As an interventional pain physician, in addition to cutting-edge techniques I use nutritional strategies to deliver people from a cycle of pain and disability. Chronic pain may result from inflammation and metabolic disarray; it intersects every part of life and is an illness as much as it is a symptom. Obesity and aging are inflammatory processes at the root of many pain-inducing chronic diseases. I suggest anti-inflammatory, low-carb, ketogenic diets and fasting protocols to optimize patients’ health. Diet Doctor is a great resource for patients compliant with this lifestyle.”

Leena Mathew, MD
Columbia Physicians
Associate Professor
Division of Pain Medicine
Department of Anesthesiology
Columbia University, New York
Website: New York Presbyterian Hospital

Marc M

“Over the last four and a half years I personally adopted the LCHF lifestyle to help treat my own chronic metabolic disorders. I developed a pamphlet that explains the program developed by Dr. Eric Westman and includes the Diet Doctor website information as well. My success has surely incentivized many of my patients to try and adopt the LCHF lifestyle for themselves.”

Marc Mayer, DO
Family Physician
Avenel-Iselin Medical Group
Iselin, New Jersey
Website: Avenel-Iselin Medical Group

Ryan M

“Clinically, I use a low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF) focus as one avenue to help people who suffer with metabolic related disease. I also use LCHF principles to help my patients with weight loss when appropriate.”

Ryan McCallum, MD
Family Physician
Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada
Website: island medical

Mark B

“I’ve studied LCHF nutrition for over 20 years for personal health benefits. In my medical practice, it has become integral to reversing many of modern society’s worst medical concerns including metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes. It can be applied safely and effectively for nearly all of my patients and often results in dramatic restoration of good health.”

Mark B. McColl, MD
Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Trinity Direct Primary Care, PLLC
Knoxville, Tennessee
Website: Trinity Direct Primary Care


“I have been a UK family doctor since 1990, and discovered the low-carb and keto ways of life in 2014. Until then, I had never seen a way of eating that resulted in normal weight and improvements in other health problems like diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis, and asthma. When I discovered Diet Doctor I was very impressed, and loved the recipes. I now run low-carb courses for the public and health care professionals.”

Joanne McCormack, MD
Family physician
Warrington UK
Website: Fat Is My Friend

François M

“Military personnel’s health reflects closely that of the general population. As a military physician, I see everyday overweight and obese patients suffering from metabolic syndrome. I see massive improvements in those who choose to follow the low-carb advice. Diet Doctor is the site I recommend so they can follow sound and practical advice.”

François Melançon, MD
Family physician, Canadian Armed Forces
Valcartier, Québec

Ari M

“I encounter many patients who are interested in LCHF and are finding benefit in weight reduction, better diabetes control, improved endurance and energy levels, and improved lipid profiles. There is a great deal of confusion out there about the diet, much of it based on outdated science or an incomplete understanding of the topic. I feel that I owe it to patients to be informed about LCHF so that I can advise them on the risks and benefits it could have for them.”

Ari Melmed, MD
Emergency Physician
Denver, Colorado
Website: Kaiser Permanente


“In my medical practice I do not just treat illnesses. I also help my patients recover and maintain their health, to improve both their physical and mental performance, all based around a focus on the individual’s longevity.

I think that diet is one of the most important pillars of human health, and one of the most powerful tools to recover and maintain our health. And among the many options of diets that are available to try today, I think that the low carb/keto diet is one of the best. In fact, I think that the great majority of people would benefit from following a low carb diet for most of their lives. And for my patients with metabolic health issues, low carb is my first option.”

Alberto Méndez, MD
Family medicine, Functional medicine, Evolutionary biology, Nutrition
Mexico City, Mexico
Website: Doctor Alberto Méndez

Richa M

“I have personally been affected by insulin resistance so now follow a LCHF lifestyle to maintain my health. My patients, especially those with conditions that have insulin resistance like PCOS, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes and diabetes, have experienced great results with this type of approach. I believe a lifestyle grounded in real food (less sugar, more plants!), intermittent fasting, staying active and mindful living is the key to preventing many chronic diseases! I recommend the Diet Doctor website to get a more in-depth understanding of this lifestyle and for the practical guidance offered with recipes and meal planning.”

Richa Mittal, MD
Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine
Founder, Radiant Health Weight Loss and Wellness
Frisco, Texas
Website: Radiant Health

Boaz M

“I recommend the low-carb diet and other lifestyle changes to reverse obesity, diabetes, hypertension and PCOS at our health wellness centre. The prevalence of food and lifestyle-related diseases in a developing country like Tanzania is increasing at an alarming rate. Evidence-based scientific approaches combined with low carb have been my basic tools to reverse diabetes, hypertension, obesity and many other metabolic diseases.”

Boaz Mkumbo, MD
Family Physician
Managing Director Healthy Eating
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Website: Healthy Eating Academy

Jaclyn M

“I offer a low-carbohydrate, high-fat approach to my patients who are struggling with their weight, or any disease likely to be related to insulin resistance. It makes complete sense from a physiological and evolutionary stand-point. The Diet Doctor website is a valuable resource to help patients get started and explore further information on the topic and I routinely recommend it to my patients starting on their LCHF journey.”

Jaclyn Montefiore , MBBS
Family Physician & Medical Director
Sante Medical
Paddington, Australia
Website: Sante Medical

Katharine M

“I am a family physician and co-author of the book The Diabetes Diet. I have been advocating a low-carb diet for patients for the last 16 years — for weight loss weight, cardiac risk reduction, and better blood sugar control in type 1 and 2 diabetes. The diet enables patients with type 1 diabetes to reduce their insulin needs, while patients with type 2 diabetes on insulin may be able to eliminate the drug completely. I leave the choice as to whether the diet needs to be ketogenic or not up to patients, depending on their motivation and goals.”

Katharine Morrison, MD
Family Physician
Mauchline Ayrshire, UK
Website: Diabetes Diet

Campbell M

“As a general practitioner with a specific interest in metabolic health, I use low-carb and ketogenic diets as an important option for my patients. Achieving goals such as type 2 diabetes remission and sustained weight loss should be an enjoyable journey. Getting the approach right matters. Good health is about having a better day today and tomorrow. I take a whole-person approach in healthcare, and for wellbeing. I utilise the Human5 model for optimised health, wellbeing and performance. The aim is continuous and enjoyable life improvement, for individuals and populations.”

Campbell Murdoch, MBChB
Family Physician
Bristol, UK
Website: h5Doctor

Ted N

“I have recommended low-carbohydrate diets for my patients for the past 20 years of medical practice as it seems to be an excellent way to improve body composition and health. I have found that Diet Doctor has a wealth of helpful information. I particularly appreciate the beginners’ guides and the recipes!”

Ted Naiman, MD
Family Physician
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Seattle, Washington
Website: Virgina Mason

Adam N

“I’m a family physician and obesity medicine specialist who has been tailoring ketogenic diets for my patients since 2004. I love and live the ketogenic lifestyle. My staff and I have helped reverse hundreds of cases of diabetes and metabolic syndrome over the last 15 years with this simple, effective, long-term lifestyle change. Diet Doctor has been a “go-to” website for thousands of my patients over the years as my patients and I have made this life-saving and health-changing journey.”

Adam S Nally, DO
Family Physician
Obesity Medicine Physician
Nally Family Practice
Surprise, Arizona
Website: Nally Family Practice; DocMuscles

Mark N

“Through my 31 years in primary care, I have witnessed the growing waistlines and blood sugar levels of my patients. Seeing that the “eat less, move more” advice was failing them, I moved to a low-carb, high-fat approach eight years ago. This has produced great results in my patients. I am able to manage many medical issues without resorting to medications. This new approach has revitalized my practice. I feel like I can finally really help my patients.”

Mark Nelson, MD
Family Physician
DuPage Medical Group
Wheaton, Illinois
Website: DuPage Medical Group

Tim N

“In 2010 I came face-to-face with the compelling, robust evidence for the effectiveness of the low-carb, high-fat diet to prevent and treat serious diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. It contradicted everything I knew as a doctor and scientist about optimal nutrition. I have since aimed to change medical dogma and foster respectful dialogue on evidence-based nutrition, but at a brutal personal and professional cost, even though eventually vindicated. The Noakes Foundation, since 2012, has been promoting unbiased nutritional research into the effects of LCHF on all aspects of human health. The sugar-free train is bound for glory.”

Tim Noakes, MD
The Noakes Foundation
The Nutrition Network
Website: Nutrition Network


“As a family physician, I have been treating patients with low-carb and keto diets since 2013. I have seen these diets consistently produce remarkable results for numerous medical conditions, especially type 1 and 2 diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, IBS, PCOS, GERD, asthma, hypertension, migraines, coronary artery disease, and dyslipidemia. I can’t count the times that my patients are able to get off multiple medications after implementing a low-carb diet; the most common remark I hear is that they just overall feel better! I recommend my patients to Diet Doctor daily.”

Tim Noonan, MD
Family Physician
Allina Medical Clinic
Woodbury, Minnesota
Website: Allina Health

Karen N

“As a board-certified pediatrician practicing for over 2 decades, I rank the low-carb, keto lifestyle, along with vaccination and breastfeeding, as the most important tools in my toolbox to promote health.
In 2016, attempting to help my daughter control her epilepsy, I found new data suggesting less intense keto diets could improve seizure control. I have since witnessed great success with this nutritional lifestyle approach in my daughter as well as patients, friends and family. Diet Doctor is an amazing resource that compiles all in one site the information I had to hunt for when I started this journey.”

Karen K. Norton, MD
Esse Health Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Crestwood, Missouri
Website: Esse Health


“I have 5 years’ experience with low carb diets. I started as a father looking for a solution for my family, but when I saw the results, I brought the experience to my patients, too. Currently I have treated 2500 patients, with incredible effects on health and body weight.”

Nelson Obregon, MD
General medicine
Temuco, Chile
Website: Clínica OB

Tim O

“I am a gynaecologist and IVF doctor and am developing a nutrition practice. I am an advocate for LCHF and its various protocols such as time-restricted eating, keto and fasting. I have found this way of eating not only improves my patients’ overall health, but improves their fertility and reproductive health, especially for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I was a featured speaker at the 2018 Low-Carb Down Under conference where I spoke on “PCOS and Insulin Resistance – A Lifetime of Opportunities”. Diet Doctor is the ultimate site for current good nutrition advice.”

Tim O’Dowd, MBBS
Gynecologist/ IVF specialist
Benowa, Queensland, Australia
Website: Dr Tim O’Dowd

Blair O

“As an interventional cardiologist for 30 years —and an avid runner and active person — I realized as I aged that eating less and moving more did not work for me or for my patients. The ketogenic diet resulted in a 30-pound weight loss and a dramatic increase in energy. As a past president of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, I have been urged by medical colleagues to share my ketogenic knowledge widely. With my wife, a certified health coach, I have established a cardiometabolic clinic for obesity and insulin resistance syndromes. One of the resources we recommend is Diet Doctor.”

Blair O’Neill, MD
Interventional and Preventive Cardiologist
Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta
Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Vice-Chair, Canadian Patient Safety Institute
Website: Ketocule Health Coaching


“Many people in my family on my father’s side suffer from diabetes. I also used to eat very badly until I collapsed in 2009. It was discovered that I had hypertension, high cholesterol, prediabetic metabolic syndrome and morbid obesity. I decided to investigate and change my way of eating because I knew that if I continued in the same way, I was going to die: my cousins, aunts and uncles have died very quickly due to diabetes and its various complications. After I stared to eat low carb I went down from a size 48 to a 36, all my health indicators returned to normal, and now I don’t take any medications for the diseases I am genetically disposed to: for the moment, they have all been reversed.”

Juan Carlos Ordoñez Legarda, MD
Sports medicine
Hospital Clínica San Francisco
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Instagram: @drordonez_juancarlos

Sandra P

“For five years now, I’ve been changing my life and the life of my patients in a rural area of Delaware using the LCHF diet with intermittent fasting. My patients have been achieving not only their weight loss goals, but improving their medical conditions associated with obesity. It is very satisfying to explain the science behind the diet and see their faces light up at the possibility of finally improving their health and reducing their medications and medical costs. Diet Doctor, all this time, has been a valued resource with easy to navigate content and great science.”

Sandra M. Palavecino, MD
Internal Medicine/Obesity Medicine
Director of the Medical Bariatric Program
Nanticoke Weight Loss
Seaford, Delaware
Website: Nanticoke Weight Loss

Chris P

“I have personally followed a low-carb, keto diet for over 20 years for my own health, and have used it for over 15 years with patients, primarily for weight loss. Recently, I have found the medical version of the ketogenic diet to have antipsychotic effects and mood benefits in patients with chronic mental illness, so I am pioneering the clinical use of the ketogenic diet in psychiatry. I often recommend Diet Doctor to patients, friends, and family as a trustworthy resource for weight loss versions of the diet. For the treatment of serious mental illness, I recommend working with a trained clinician.”

Chris Palmer, MD
Director, Continuing Education, McLean Hospital
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Belmont, Massachusetts
Website: Chris Palmer MD

Steven P

“I recommend low-carb and ketogenic diets to my patients who want to lose weight permanently, particularly those who have weight-related medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lower limb joint arthritis, metabolic syndrome, and high triglycerides. Why? Because they work! I visit the Diet Doctor website daily because it’s science-based, reliable, comprehensive, and consumer-friendly. I particularly like the recipes, which are provided with nutritional analysis.”

Steve Parker, MD
Internist & Hospitalist
Scottsdale, Arizona
Website: Diabetic Mediterranean Diet

Naomi P

“By personalizing variations of low-carb or keto diets, with or without various types of fasting, my patients inspire others as they lose weight, feel better, and improve or even reverse disease and inflammation. There are many ways to individualize this way of life. Diet Doctor is a useful resource for patients and for other healthcare providers. Whether they are looking for some recipes and ideas for meals, a complete meal plan and shopping list for a two-week jump start, or they just want to keep learning more about low carb, keto and intermittent fasting, they can find trustworthy useful answers.”

Naomi Parrella, MD
Family Physician
Diplomate, American Board of Obesity Medicine
Medical Director
Center for Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine
Assistant Professor, Rush University Medical Center
Website: Rush Center for Weight Loss and Lifestyle Medicine

Martin P

“I learned about low-carb eating in the mid-1990s and soon began applying it to myself and my patients. Personally, the diet has enabled me to stave off my genetic destiny of obesity and diabetes and feel much better. My patients — those who embrace the diet and continue long term — have benefited tremendously in the control and reversal of weight issues and other chronic medical conditions, particularly diabetes and heart disease. In fact, nothing I have done in medicine has been more rewarding than the results I have seen in patients who adhere to a low-carb, real food diet!”

Martin Passen, MD
Internal Medicine
Weight Loss Medicine
Lutherville, Maryland
Website: the center for medical weight loss

Andy P

“As a doctor, I struggled with similar metabolic conditions to my patients. Despite my best efforts in diet and exercise, I gained weight and developed pre-diabetes. Adopting a low-carb diet and intermittent fasting, my extra pounds came off effortlessly and my pre-diabetes resolved. Now I coach all my patients at risk of or with conditions like fatty liver, PCOS, pre-diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol dysfunction, and obesity how to nourish their bodies and obtain good health & wellbeing through lifestyle changes. This is highly rewarding medicine, fulfilling the reason I chose to become a doctor in the first place.”

Andy Phung, DO
Family Physician
UNC Family Medicine at Pittsboro
Pittsboro, North Carolina
Website: UNC Healthcare


“Low carb is such a great tool: people with diabetes can reverse their disease (something unheard of), people with obesity can lose weight, etc.

Everyone gets healthier and feels better!

It is wonderful to be able to help all these people cure themselves of these chronic pathologies. I still can’t believe it! It’s a magnificent tool!”

Heno Pigerl, MD
General and family medicine
Santo Pipo, Argentina
Website: Clínica Pigerl

Ronald P

“I not only recommend low-carbohydrate, punctuated ketosis and ancestral health lifestyles to my patients and family members but I adhere to it myself. The overwhelming majority of my patients who adopt this lifestyle enjoy improved health and cognition with improvements in lab measures like glucose, HbA1c, triglycerides and LDL —and most no longer need medications. I highly recommend Diet Doctor as a trusted resource for my patients and family for its cutting edge research and evidence based recommendations, diet plans, recipes, advice and community interaction.”

Ronald Primas, MD
Internal Medicine & Integrative Health
New York, New York
Website: Travel MD

Indrani R

“As a nephrologist, I have seen many patients with end-stage kidney failure resulting from diabetes and obesity. I decided to switch my career towards wellness, integrative medicine and obesity management. I now provide guidance for ketogenic and low-carb diets along with fasting to all patients in my clinic and via telehealth consultations. It is very rewarding to see their health improve and their medications reduced or eliminated. I refer all my patients to Diet Doctor on the first visit and I teach them also to use the recipes on the site. Thank you for providing an unbiased educational platform!”

Indrani Raman, MD
Obesity Medicine & Integrative Medicine
Nephrology and Internal Medicine
Rockwell & Murphy, Texas
Website: Excell Health MD

Niel R

“I prescribe low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diets to my patients as an option to both treat and attempt to reverse many chronic diseases of our modern age. I have found this to be a very powerful tool for patients to regain their health and wellbeing in conjunction with other important lifestyle changes (exercise and stress reduction). I use the Diet Doctor website every day with these patients during the actual office visit as well using it as a teaching tool during my monthly group lifestyle classes. The website is very thorough and easy for patients to understand and use.”

Niel C. Rasmussen, MD
Family Physician
Headland, Alabama, USA
Website: Headland Family Medicine


“My patients have improved enormously just by switching to a low carb diet: digestive problems, skin conditions (even infectious ones), high blood pressure, etc., I have seen all improve just through this lifestyle change – the results are amazing. I also use the low carb diet along with my husband with great success, we feel great.”

Marta Rodas, MD
General medicine & Surgery
Envigado, Colombia
Website: Healana


“The ketogenic diet is the best nutrition plan I have tried. I have been working out since I was a teenager, but it is now at 40 years of age that I am seeing better results than I have had in the past. I have more energy, and I am in the best physical shape of my life. This is why I recommend a low carb diet to my patients.”

Alvaro H. Rodríguez, MD
Plastic surgeon
Cali, Colombia
Website: CECM Colombia


“As a physician who developed type 1 diabetes in 1998 at the age of 38, I struggled to manage my blood sugar with conventional medical advice. I met Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt at a medical meeting in 2012 and have used Diet Doctor as an excellent source of information for both myself and my patients ever since. The low-carb diet resulted in a marked improvement in my blood sugar control and my entire outlook on life. I provide online coaching to people with diabetes who need individualized attention.”

Keith Runyan, MD
Internal medicine physician
St. Petersburg Florida
Website: Ketogenic Diabetic Athlete

David S

“I prescribe and monitor low-carbohydrate diets because they are evidence-based and actionable. Diet Doctor provides great resources for my patients, most of whom present with joint and tendon problems, related to excess mechanical load (overweight) and inflammation. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to change their lifestyle at a time when deterioration in health is early and minimal. As one of my patients with diabetes remarked, “At least the turning point is happening because of my sore knee and not a stroke or a heart attack.” I couldn’t have summed up the rewarding nature of this work any better.”

David Samra, MBBS
Sport and Exercise Physician
Sydney, Australia
Website: Dr. David Samra


“As a doctor, I observe the consequences of having poor nutrition both in chronic illnesses and in the general population. This is caused by the consumerism that is pushed onto us, affecting society and the healthcare system, since nowadays the norm is for everything to be processed and low in nutritional value. Now I focus my time and energies on teaching, supporting and guiding my patients through a real food approach to nutrition.”

Verónica Sánchez de la Barquera Villegas, MD
Obesity medicine and Metabolic control
Mexico City, Mexico
Website: Vitabene

Roshani S

“As an American board-certified endocrinologist who moved back to Mumbai, I saw India’s diabetes epidemic and dogma through a different lens. Low carb plus intermittent fasting has proven very effective in the reversal of insulin resistance, fatty liver, PCOS, reduced fertility, obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and even early diabetic neuropathy and nephropathy. I conduct Diabetes Self-Management classes every month while looking at the whole lifestyle: stress, sleep, exercise, mindfulness, self-care and nutrition. This works even in India’s predominantly vegetarian culture! I often refer patients to DietDoctor for low-carb recipes and FAQ’s.”

Roshani Sanghani, MD
Founder, Aasaan Health Solutions
Mumbai, India
Website: Aasaan Health Solutions


“I recommend low-carb nutrition for the majority of my patients and clients. And I send them all to Diet Doctor for the best recipes, instructional videos and written guides for everything someone needs to get started and to thrive on a low-carb lifestyle. Diet Doctor doesn’t have anything to sell you; its only goal is to provide you with the highest quality, evidence-based information to help you improve your life. That is hard to find in today’s ad-driven and product-driven internet. In fact, I loved Diet Doctor so much, I decide to work for them hosting their podcast!”

Bret Scher, MD
President, Boundless Health
San Diego, US
Website: The Low Carb Cardiologist

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Robert S

“It all started with Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. I read the book twice, the second time reading many of the referenced articles. Since then, I have recommended low-carb and keto diets with and without intermittent fasting to almost all of my patients who have lifestyle-related chronic conditions. I often suggest that patients start their journey at Diet Doctor. Professionally, the most difficult issue remains dietary modifications for patients in the hospital. As more data is collected I hope we see a change in institutional culture — cheese omelets instead of cornflakes and skim milk for breakfast!”

Robert A. Schulman, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Orthopedic Medicine
Medical Acupuncture
Integrative Medicine
Santa Rosa, California
Website: West County Integrative Medicine


“I recommend nutrient-dense low-carbohydrate diets to all my patients with signs of metabolic disease. It’s cheap, simple, tasteful and most importantly: it works!”

Christian Selig, MD
Family physician
Rimpar, Germany
Website: Keto Arzt

Eric S

“I am a hospitalist/primary care doctor and also a specialist in obesity. As I see it, nutrition and other lifestyle factors are at the root of most of the diseases I treat. My own health issues corrected with LCHF. I went on to recommend LCHF to my patients, who have since experienced a wide variety of improved outcomes. Face-to-face time with patients is frustratingly short so simply writing “DietDoctor.com” on slip of paper and handing it to patients is a great way to set them in the direction of trustworthy diet information.”

Eric Sodicoff, MD
Internal medicine/obesity medicine
Collegeville PA
Website: The Phoenixville Nutrition Guide

Jason S

“When I treat cancer patients in my clinic, I need a diet program for them. After researching it, I found the ketogenic diet is the best way to reduce inflammation and suppress the cancer’s growth so I have applied the diet to my patients. It’s the most effective diet not only for cancer patients, but also for diabetes and obesity treatments. I recommended Diet Doctor website to my patients because it is easy to understand the theory and application of the ketogenic diet.”

Jaehyun Song (Jason Song), MD
General Surgeon
President, Korean LCHF Association
Salang Clinic
Suwon, Korea
Website: Love Clinic


“I have been helping people with metabolic problems for over 23 years, most suffering from overweight, obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, thyroid disorders, adrenal imbalances, PCOS, chronic fatigue syndrome, body images disorders, cancer and many other conditions. After seeing how different treatment approaches work, I can conclude that a low carb diet is necessary for real recovery and the restoration of homeostasis in all the cases I have mentioned above. For me, the scientific data and the results in our clinical practice are the best evidence of the effectiveness of controlling the presence of refined sugars and starches in our diets.”

Octavio Sousa, MD
Obesity medicine
Panama City, Panama
Website: DR. FiT SIVANA

Alex S

“As an internist and obesity management specialist, I believe that prevention and reversal of chronic disease is the most underutilized aspect of medicine. I embrace a low-carbohydrate lifestyle to help my patients lose weight, reverse disease and take control of their health in a safe, sustainable (and enjoyable!) way.”

Alexandra Sowa, MD
Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine
New York, New York
Website: Alexandra Sowa MD


“Basic human physiology supports the use of a low-carb diet for the management of diabetes and related metabolic conditions, both in daily life and in my practice of hospital medicine, where glycemic control is vitally important. I use Diet Doctor as a resource to stay up-to-date with other low-carb professionals, and I confidently refer my patients to this trusted resource for its wealth of information relevant to their metabolic health.”

Chris Stadtherr, MD
Tacoma, WA
Website: The Nutrition Physician

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Patricia S

“My practice is very nutritionally-based, as I feel this is the most powerful intervention to prevent and reverse chronic disease. I use well-sourced, low-carb and ketogenic diets in most patients as the foundation of their treatment plan. I recommend and use online resources like Diet Doctor. I practiced conventional medicine for 25 years and have now been amazed at how powerful these interventions can be in improving health and improving lives.”

Patricia Sylwester, MD
Functional Medicine
Vital Rejuvenation
Olympia, Washington
Website: Vital Rejuvenation

Robert Szabo

“I use low-carb and keto diets as well as intermittent fasting as treatments for chronic diseases in my clinical practice. This includes as a sustainable means to reverse obesity, and for type 2 diabetes remission. I work with a low-carb dietitian who provides resources and motivation for long term success. I also recommend the Diet Doctor website as a great source of information.”

Robert Szabo, MBBS
Family Physician
Deepdene Victoria Australia
Website: The Low Carb Clinic

Jocelyn T

“I am amazed at what a low-carbohydrate diet can do in real life and in my oncology practice. I see many cases of difficult to treat cancers, and know full-well the limitations of conventional chemotherapy. When patients ask about the ketogenic diet and cancer, I point out our recently concluded clinical trial that showed the ketogenic diet to be safe in advanced cancer patients and possibly beneficial in improving quality of life and survival. The diet, together with regular cancer treatment, could be a win-win combination. Diet Doctor is a fabulous website, chock full of information!”

Jocelyn Tan, MD
Veteran’s Affairs Pittsburgh Health System
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Website: Keto Oncologist

Vera T

“Are you struggling to stay off sugar and flour? Addiction to these, and other trigger foods is real. The processed food industry has engineered food to be as addictive as alcohol, tobacco and even cocaine.
As an addiction specialist, I recommend Diet Doctor as a resource for my patients, many of whom are addicted to sugar. Diet Doctor offers recipes that are delicious and remove the addictive elements from food. I encourage high-fat and low-carb food plans only – because they work: You can lose weight, keep it off and be free from food obsession. Freedom tastes great!”

Vera Tarman, MD
Addiction Medicine Specialist,
Toronto, Canada
Medical Director, Renascent.
Website: Addictions Unplugged


“As a gerontologist, I recommend low carb and keto diets to my patients, since as well as improving body composition, lipid profile, blood sugar, mental cognition and reducing epileptic seizures, it is also a diet that is easy to maintain in the long term.

Thanks to the support of Diet Doctor, the visual material and the simple explanations, as well as delicious recipes, I have been able to help improve the quality of life of many patients and their families.”

Cristina Terán, MD
Mexico City, Mexico

Patrick T

“Diabetes and metabolic syndrome are rampant in my community, so I prescribe a very low-carb, high-fat diet to many of my patients. This way of eating has resulted in many successes, such as stopping or reduce my patients’ medications. I have spread the LCHF word by giving lectures to our doctors and nutritionists. As a result, a ketogenic diet nutritionist in our organization now gives classes to patients and our endocrinologist is also on board. I give out Diet Doctor information to almost all my patients and it is truly a big resource in my practice.”

Patrick G. Ticman, MD
Internal Medicine/Geriatric Medicine
Southwest Medical
Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Website: Southwest Medical


“I have treated 250 neurological patients with a low carb diet, patients who also suffered from metabolic syndrome, obesity or type 2 diabetes. I have achieved significant levels of weight loss: the patient who lost the most weight lost 40 kg. I have reversed several cases of type 2 diabetes in patients whose HbA1C remains below 5.7 and who take neither insulin nor oral anti-diabetic medication. The patients who have followed the diet correctly have their triglycerides below 90, some reaching levels of below 50. In my patients, HDL cholesterol has risen and some patients have also managed to reduce their doses of blood pressure medication.”

Carlos Tordesillas, MD
Hospital San Jorge
Huesca, España


“At the Norwood Surgery in the North of England we have been offering a low-carb option for our patients with type 2 diabetes since 2013. We feel this makes perfect sense in a condition which could be seen as one where sugar is acting as a ‘metabolic poison’, remembering that starchy carbs like bread rice or breakfast cereals digest down into surprising amounts of sugar, as predicted for us by the glycemic index.”

David Unwin, MD
Family physician
Merseyside, UK
Website: Norwood Surgery Southport

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Diego U

“I discovered the ketogenic diet in 2017 and since then I have come to truly believe it is the metabolic and nutritional pathway to overall health. Hippocrates once stated, ‘All disease begins in the gut” and I now truly believe the right food can cure. I am now discouraging patients from undergoing bariatric surgery too soon and advising them to try the keto diet first. Diet Doctor gives people the knowledge they need. It is a place where everyone can go to learn and have fun with this nutritional approach.”

Diego Uribe Moreno, MD
General/bariatric surgeon
Medellin, Colombia
Website: Evolve Nutrition


“Food is medicine; anyone who suffers from insulin resistance, (pre)diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or metabolic syndrome, should absolutely be prescribed a ketogenic diet, which is a therapeutic tool to restore metabolic health.”

Priyanka K. Wali, MD
Internal Medicine/obesity medicine physician
San Francisco, California
Website: Priyanka Wali

Din I W

“I care for ventilator-dependent patients, so I have no outpatients. However, I do give low-carb advice to my colleagues, their family members, friends, and neighbors. Inspired by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, I have started a Chinese low-carb website to help the Mandarin-speaking population with the diet. Many people are able to stop taking medications after following my advice. I also recommend they visit the Diet Doctor website to find trustworthy information and delicious recipes.”

Din-i Wang, MD
Pulmonary & critical care physician
Tainen, Taiwan
Website: Dr Wang


“As a pediatrician practicing for the past 24 years, I spend most of my clinical time caring for children with chronic behavioral, developmental, psychological or metabolic conditions (ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD, Tourette’s Syndrome, autism, autoimmune disease, obesity, NAFLD, etc.). A well-planned, low-carbohydrate (and in many cases ketogenic) nutrition plan is a very powerful tool that I use with my patients to address both physical and mental health. I so appreciate Diet Doctor and reference it frequently for my patients as the best resource for this topic. This site is commercial free, well-supported, referenced and frequently updated.”

V. Wade Weatherington, MD
Pediatric Associates of Fairfield, Ohio
Website: Pediatric Associates


“I practice the best internal medicine that I ever have using an LCHF (keto) lifestyle – it is called ‘Keto Medicine!'”

Eric Westman, MD
Internal medicine/obesity medicine physician
Associate professor of medicine
Director of the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic
Websites: Duke Health; Adapt Your Life; Heal Clinics

Sue W

“When the low-fat dietary advice I had been preaching for decades didn’t work for me in middle age, I changed to low-carb. After mentorship from Dr. Eric Westman, I introduced low-carb to my patients with astonishing results reversing diseases I had only been “managing”. In fact, more than 90% of patients who come to me on insulin are able to come off. I run a multidisciplinary medical weight loss clinic helping to restore health. This has brought the joy back into medicine for me. Diet Doctor has been an amazing resource to help me and my patients in this journey.”

Sue Wolver, MD
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Obesity Medicine
Virginia Commonwealth University,
Richmond Virginia
Website: VCU Medical Weight Loss

Will Yancy_round

“At the Duke Diet and Fitness Center, our residential clients can choose from three levels of carb intake that happen to be aligned with the Diet Doctor’s levels of liberal low-carb, moderate low-carb and keto low-carb. The alignment is not by chance, however. It’s because we have separately come to the same conclusions after carefully and objectively reviewing the evidence and gathering information from experienced clinicians and patients. The Diet Doctor website is very unique in that regard, and a great resource for our patients!”

William Yancy, MD
Internal medicine & Obesity Medicine
Director, Duke Diet and Fitness Center
Website: Duke Diet and Fitness

Carlos Z

“I recommend LCHF nutrition to all my patients to shift their metabolism to a more beneficial state. This nutrition is often enough to reverse diseases like obesity, diabetes and fatty liver disease, improving the health and quality of life of my patients. In my experience, other medical interventions also become much more efficacious. I recommend the Diet Doctor website, due to its panel of experts, to all my patients to make their transition easier.”

Carlos Zumarraga, MD
Professor of Regenerative Medicine
Merida, Mexico
Website: Diploma in Regenerative Medicine

If you are a licensed, practising physician who is recommending a low-carb or ketogenic diet to your patients or referring them to the Diet Doctor site and you would like to be listed here, please send your information and statement to anne.mullens@dietdoctor.com.

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