Low-carb snacks

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Occasional snacks can be fun. Festive. Crunchy! Make them low carb with these tasty recipes. Maybe you seek melt-in-your-mouth cheese puffs, chips, and dips, crispy onion rings, or a quick keto latte? Look no further for healthy options, snacking has never been this delicious!


Chips and dips

Who doesn’t like some good chips and dips? We have rounded up some of our latest homemade favorites that are super easy to whip up and give maximal satisfaction when it comes to that crispy crunch.

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Are you entertaining this weekend?

Traditional cocktail snacks, like potato chips, are often just about the worst when it comes to bad carbs and unhealthy fats. But if you want something salty to snack on with your drink you can make better and healthier choices. Our low-carb snacks guide will give you a great idea on how to snack in a smarter way.

A cocktail snack can be as simple or as advanced as you want it to be. One of the easiest snacks to prepare is vegetable sticks and a dipping sauce (check out our low-carb vegetables guide). Crunch is guaranteed but without all the unnecessary carbs.

Different kinds of nuts served in small bowls is another simple but very appreciated cocktail snack. How do you choose nuts with fewer carbs? Check out our low-carb nuts guide!

However, it’s not only the cocktail snack that can contain a lot of carbs. What’s in your glass can be even worse. So what should you choose? Obviously, the most low-carb thing to drink is water: plain, sparkling, with ice or flavor. Another great alternative is low-carb ice tea. If you like drinks with alcohol once in a while, check out our low-carb alcohol guide.