Our best low carb & keto appetizers

Fortunately, living a keto lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious food. This recipe collection will provide proof that you can still enjoy appetizers — minus the carbs or guilt.

All of the included recipes are keto-friendly and simple to prepare at home. In fact, many of them don’t require any cooking at all.

Do you already have a go-to recipe but haven’t found a low carb version yet? Perhaps it’s any of these high-carb classics: Sliced pepperoni pizza, Garlic Bruschetta, Hummus, or Stuffed mushrooms?

If so, your search ends here. It doesn’t matter if you’re feeding a crowd or just having a cozy evening by yourself — we’ve got all the tasty ideas you need.

Let’s get started and explore our best keto and low carb appetizers!

Popular low-carb appetizers

Pick your favorite as an entrée of a three-course menu, add it to your snack buffet, or why not select several and create a rustic family-style tapas dinner? The recipes we’ve selected suit both kids and adults. No need to spend hours by the stove just to please all of your guests.

What are ‘good’ keto appetizers?

What are the best appetizers to serve?

A “good” keto appetizer can really be any type of food that you like, as long as it’s low on carbs and works as a starter — not a full-sized meal.

Below, we have listed keto-friendly foods, along with simple recipes that work perfectly as an appetizer or side dish.

Top 5 appetizer ideas:

  1. Cold cuts: Add a little extra flavor and texture to your typical Charcuterie platter by adding olives, capers, or Pickled red onions.
  2. Cheese: As time saver on busy days, eat a bite of your favorite cheese as is — or give any of our more festive recipes a try: Oven-baked Brie cheese, Salami and cheese chips, or Keto cheddar cheese and bacon balls.
  3. Veggies and dip: Cut your favorite keto vegetables 1 into sticks and enjoy a satisfying dip on a serving plate or rustic cutting board. If you want extra crunchiness, use our Keto ranch dressing with bacon and veggies for inspiration and add slices of crispy bacon.
  4. Keto chips and fries: With our Zucchini chips or Eggplant fries, you wont miss traditional chips, crisps, or fries. Serve as a side dish or starter while waiting for the main course.
  5. Filled avocados: With its creamy texture and rich taste, avocado can be combined with almost anything. Salmon-filled and Tuna-stuffed avocados are two simple favorites that require next to no effort.

If you’re interested in learning more about keto foods that are suitable as an appetizer or snack, read our ultimate guide to the Best and worst keto snacks, or Keto diet foods.

Easy keto & low carb chicken appetizers

Mexican appetizers

Mexican food is without a doubt one of the world’s most flavorful cuisines. That said, it’s no wonder we decided to create healthy low carb and keto options inspired by some of the most popular Mexican food classics.

For even more Mexican-inspired recipes, check out our full recipe collection, which includes: Cheese tortilla beef burritos, Fish taco bowls, Keto quesadillas — and more.

Below you’ll find six of our most authentic recipes — perfect as a starter or as a side dish.

Keto appetizers with bacon