Romantic low-carb menus for Valentine's day

Romantic low-carb & keto menus for Valentine’s Day

Make Valentine’s Day special… and low carb. Prepare one of these sophisticated three-course meals and your date will be impressed! Have it all—deliciousness, romance, and low carb. They go together perfectly.

Three easy yet upscale dinner menus follow, each with an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Feel free to go ahead and substitute any of the additional options, listed below the set menus, to customize the meal so it is perfect for your sweetheart.

Valentine’s menu #1

Say “Be Mine” with flair with bacon wrapped cheese, a succulent chop topped with creamy blue cheese, and a perfect finish with pink berry mousse. (All this, for only 12 grams of carbs…) Ketogenic has never seemed so romantic.


Valentine’s menu #2

Say “I’m Yours” with conviction with elegant scallops, a delicate, saffron-infused fish dish, and a decadent, chocolate splurge for dessert. (These three courses total roughly 20 grams of carbs.) Because nothing says “I love you” like melting chocolate.


Valentine’s menu #3

Say “Kiss Me” with style with sauced asparagus, cauliflower risotto, and a sumptuous plate of fresh berries and smooth whipped cream encore. These easy vegetarian recipes come together for a gourmet effect. It’s like Cupid for low-carb vegetarians.


All of us at Team Diet Doctor would like to take the opportunity to wish our readers a Happy Valentine’s Day. We send our love and support to all, and especially to our members, who make it possible to keep this site running and free from advertisements. Thank you!


Main courses



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