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What can you have for breakfast on keto? Find all of the delicious answers to this frequently asked question right here.

Whether you prefer classic eggs and bacon, fluffy pancakes and waffles, or just a quick coffee in the morning, your favorite keto options are all here to help you greet the day.

Popular keto-friendly breakfasts


Keto breakfast drinks

Don’t feel like eating a full breakfast? You could try a nice hot drink with some extra fat. Give it a try and see if the added fat in your coffee or tea provides enough energy to get you through the morning.

Bulletproof coffee

A few sips of this piping hot keto coffee emulsion, and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Keto hot chocolate

Chocolate creaminess in a cup is what we’re offering here. Think butter. Think chocolate. Think hints of vanilla.

Keto chai latte

Spice up your mug with this warm and fragrant classic.

More keto breakfast drinks


Easy keto breakfasts on the go

The key to whipping up a quick breakfast? Stocking your refrigerator or pantry with a variety of staple breakfast ingredients. Here are some of our favorites to have on hand at all times:

  • Eggs. Whether you’re going for a classic omelet or a traditional boiled, scrambled, fried, or poached version, eggs always come in handy when it’s meal o’clock. Not only do they taste good, but they’re also one of the most versatile protein-rich foods.
  • Bacon. Another basic — yet versatile — ingredient that will help to sneak in some extra fat to keep you satisfied.
  • Avocado. During busy mornings, avocados can be a real time saver. Simply spoon it straight from the shell, sprinkle it with lemon juice (or your favorite spices) — and you’re good to go. You can also enjoy it with eggs, a keto plate of cold cuts, or a salmon plate.
  • Cheese. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and we love all of them. Block, sliced, shredded, or cream. Feta, parmesan, cheddar, Brie, or mozzarella — just to name a few. Make some quick cheese roll-ups and enjoy cold — or incorporate cheese into your omelet or scrambled eggs.
  • Cold cuts. It’s always good to have a selection of various sliced meats, such as roast beef or prosciutto, in the refrigerator so you can pick and choose depending on what you’re in the mood for.


Our top easy keto breakfasts

Here are our favorite lazy keto breakfasts. They taste great, take just minutes to prepare, and will fill you up with nutrients and protein on a busy morning.

Classic bacon and eggs

One of the all-time best keto breakfasts ever! Step up your keto bacon and eggs game with this classic recipe.

Keto scrambled eggs in a mug

All you need to make this easy breakfast recipe is one mug, two eggs, and three minutes of your time. The result? Fluffy scrambled eggs.

Keto turkey plate

Real food on a plate. Turkey, avocado, lettuce, cream cheese, and olive oil. Or make it your own by swapping our suggestions with your favorite lunch meat and cheese.

Skipping breakfast?

Forget the conventional wisdom that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Several studies contradict this thinking.1

Sometimes less is more. Skipping breakfast is a quick and easy option for many on keto — especially since cutting carbs often causes hunger to fade. Additionally, going without your morning meal is one way to practice intermittent fasting, a great tool to reduce blood sugar and jumpstart weight loss.

But it’s not for everyone. If skipping breakfast means hunger, a keto breakfast is probably a better choice for you.


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  1. For an example, see this post:

    New study: breakfast is very overrated