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What can you have for breakfast and brunch on keto? Find all the delicious answers to this frequently asked question right here. Whether you’re into eggs and bacon, feel like whipping up some pancakes or just looking for a real quick coffee fix, meet your new favorite morning treats below.


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Super quick

Would you prefer minimal or no cooking? Do you want your keto breakfast to be finished in 5 minutes or even less? Here are our top tips and recipes for making the first meal of your day both delicious and quick. Win-win!

  • Eggs pretty much contain all the nutrients you need, except vitamin C. Boil, fry or scramble to perfection and add some leafy greens for a perfectly healthy and satiating meal.
  • No eggs? No problem! There are dozens of other tasty no-cooking keto breakfast options available. Try some avocado, olives, cheese, cold cuts, smoked salmon or mackerel, they are all nutrient-dense and will keep you satisfied at least until lunch.
  • Add some extra fat, such as mayonnaise, olive oil or butter, to keep satisfied even longer.

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Breakfast! Is it really that important?

Skipping breakfast?

Forget the conventional wisdom that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Several studies contradict this thinking.1

Sometimes less is more. It’s free, quick and easy for many people who eat keto because cutting out carbs makes hunger fade. It’s also one way of intermittent fasting, which can be a great tool to reduce blood sugar and jumpstart weight loss.

But it’s not for everyone. If skipping breakfast means hunger a keto breakfast is probably a better choice for you.

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Grab a drink!

You don’t need to completely skip breakfast, you could also try a nice hot drink with some extra fat. Bulletproof Coffee is the king of keto breakfast drinks but you could also have some coffee with cream or keto hot chocolate. See if fat in your coffee or tea provides just enough energy to get you through until lunch!