Keto pancakes with whipped cream

It’s Friday and time for another keto cooking video! Today it’s one of our most popular keto recipes ever, these incredible keto pancakes with whipped cream.

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Written recipe: Keto pancakes with whipped cream

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  1. Linda
    These pancakes are delicious. I use ricotta which is slightly smoother. And get a great result.
  2. Klara
    I would appreciate if the recipe in the video came in grams as well - so that if I watch the recipe, I do not have to open the written recipe and click conversion. Just detail, but still:-). Thank you.
  3. Laura
    Do you think ground Chia seed would work instead of physium husk? I don't tollerate physium. Thanks.
  4. Jenn B
    I made these and while they tasted really good, they stuck to my pan like crazy!!! Any suggestions?
    Replies: #5, #10
  5. Anongrl
    Jenn, did you try more coconut oil on the pan?
  6. Linda
    What type of pan is this? I would like to try the receipe.
  7. antonia
    I wonder if ground flaxseed could work as a substitute for psyllium husks??
    thanks for the recipe. I am going to try it
  8. Margaret
    Made these today. They were a little too thin so I added 1 tbs sylium. Also 1 tsp vanilla and dropper full of liquid stevia. I also used blender to break up cottage cheese. They came out excellent. Best pancakes yet!
  9. Lorraine
    The recipe states that there are 5 carbs in 1 pancake and the demo shows 4 carbs with 2 pancakes....I'm confused????????????????
  10. Michelle
    I found that a little extra coconut oil helped immensely in my ceramic skillet and didn't affect the flavor. Also, I had to cook them on very low rather than medium heat, otherwise the cottage cheese bits burned & turned into black spots all over the pancake. Low heat helped a lot so they didn't stick on the pan.
  11. Genny Louise
    Oh man !!!! I just made these and they are yummy! I had mine with strawbs and the cream. Divine. I might have gone back for seconds. And I might have done the croque Monsieur version that was really yummy too..........and I might have needed to give the Croque Madame a whirl too. ( Well....I've been fasting all day and I was a bit peckish!) Fabulous recipe thankyou. You guys make doing keto easy.
  12. Kaye
    Made these today, first time.....delicious and very easy.....made 4 servings of 3 small pancakes each

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