Keto pancakes with berries and whipped cream

Keto pancakes with berries and whipped cream

Try these incredible keto cottage cheese pancakes and you’ll never go back to regular flapjacks! Our berry topping gives them just the right amount of sweetness and the kids will love them too!

Keto pancakes with berries and whipped cream

Try these incredible keto cottage cheese pancakes and you’ll never go back to regular flapjacks! Our berry topping gives them just the right amount of sweetness and the kids will love them too!
4 servingservings


  • 4 4 eggeggs
  • 7 oz. (1 cup) 200 g (230 ml) cottage cheese
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp ground psyllium husk powder
  • 2 oz. 55 g butter or coconut oil, for frying
  • 2 oz. 55 g fresh raspberries or fresh blueberries or fresh strawberries
  • 1 cup 240 ml heavy whipping cream
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Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Add eggs, cottage cheese and psyllium husk to a medium size bowl and mix together. Let sit for 5-10 minutes to thicken up a bit.
  2. Heat up butter or oil in a non-stick skillet. Fry the pancakes on medium-low heat for 3–4 minutes on each side. Don't make them too big or they will be hard to flip.
  3. Add cream to a separate bowl and whip until soft peaks form.
  4. Serve the pancakes with the whipped cream and berries of your choice.

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If you want a really fluffy pancake, and don't mind spending a few more minutes making them, you can separate the eggs. Use the egg yolks as the instructions say but whip up the egg whites in a separate bowl. Add the egg whites to the batter, carefully folding them in so that the air you whipped into them doesn't get knocked out.

These pancakes are also a great snack served cold. Wrap a few up and bring them to work with you!

Serving suggestions

If you feel like serving them with something other than berries and whipped cream, we suggest trying our raspberry jam, butter cream or hazelnut spread.

Storing and reheating

These pancakes taste best when they are freshly made but keep well in the fridge for 2-3 days. You can also store them in the freezer for up to 3 months.

If you want to store them stacked on top of each other you probably want to place a piece of parchment paper between each pancake, or they'll stick together.

The best way to reheat the pancakes is to melt a small knob of butter in a pan on medium heat and place the pancakes in there. It only takes about 30 seconds on each side to heat them up.

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  1. Suzanne
    Great. I've been looking for a recipe that doesn't use artificial sweetener. Thanks!
    Reply: #6
  2. Edwina
    your chicken recipe was a huge success. I shall try these as a Sunday breakfast treat. Thank you, I agree it is lovely to see recipes without sweetners.
  3. Susanna
    This recipe looks delicious. I don't own any ground psyllium seed husk, though. Can I substitute flax seed meal instead?
    Reply: #11
  4. Dan
    My pancake recipe is even simpler, but it does require a really good blender (I use a VitaMix) to get it very smooth.

    1/2 of a standard "brick" of Philly (American Cream Cheese)
    4 eggs
    dash of salt.

    Just blend that until totally smooth and fry 'em up in butter. It makes the most amazingly great crepe batter...make 'em thin, stack 'em up, then add whipped cream, fruit, or even make a "cake" with any good creamy "layer frosting" between them in a nice stack.

    For those who don't reject artificial sweeteners, I personally enjoy the DaVinci line of syrups with Splenda. Especially, for these, the fruit ones like blueberry or strawberry or banana OR, if you prefer, the chocolate, hazelnut, dulce-de-leche, or caramel. But they're delightful and nicely "satisfying-your-bread/cake-craving" good all by themselves with just more melted butter on top and no sweetening required.

    Replies: #28, #30
  5. Eric Anderson
    Why not?

    Cook eggs
    have sides of cream cheese, da vinci syrups, whip cream etcetera?

    For me eggs and butter; butter and eggs
    season with salt and pepper to taste
    Coffee with unsalted butter (Less carbs than cream!

  6. Boundless
    re: ... looking for a recipe that doesn't use artificial sweetener.

    If that's in regard to the topping, there are low-cal syrups that use alternative sweeteners. We use Nature's Hollow maple, which is xylitol-based. It may only be available in the US.

    Normal xylitol cautions apply:
    GI is 13 and not zero.
    Toxic to dogs.

    Reply: #7
  7. BobM
    Xylitol is also supposed to be good for your teeth. I've been using it a few times a day, though I do not like how sweet it is.

    I've never heard of Nature's Hollow maple. Where did you buy this?

    Reply: #9
  8. Eric Anderson
    The Joys of butter

    Once again BUTTER is the winner!

    While adding heavy cream to coffee or home made bone broth soup I experimented with BUTTER!

    A stick (113 grams or 4 ounces =800 Kcalories)

    I prefer the taste of the soup with butter vs cream and the minus the ,added protein and carbohydrates in cream, does improve blood sugar and reduces worry about green vegetables and carbs or worry about protein consumption over dose.

    Anymore butter Ideas?

    Reply: #12
  9. Boundless
    re: ... never heard of Nature's Hollow maple. Where did you buy this?

    You can order direct from:
    but it's usually cheaper (and no shipping charge) when purchased at retail. Natural Grocers carries it around here. I wouldn't be surprised if Whole Paycheck does as well.

  10. protisystem
    Looking Superb.I love these.Thanks for sharing.

    If you really interested in weight loss please click here for more recipes

  11. Apicius
    I think you can add flax meal in lieu of psyllium husk. I would avoid adding salt to the batter if using flax meal (if you were planning to use it), as I find flax has a natural salt taste in it already. If you are unsure of the substitute, cut the recipe by 1/4 and test it using only one egg. If it doesn't work out, at least you only waste a fraction of ingredients trying.
  12. Apicius
    Eric, here's a butter idea. I use melted butter in lieu of maple syrup on my LCHF pancakes. Sometimes I let dry spices (like cinnamon sticks, star anise, nutmeg) stew in the melted butter to add flavour to my "butter syrup". Or I do the same with a few berries. What I truly enjoy is clarifying the butter, and using that becomes very decadent and super high in good fats (I only eat grass fed butter!)
  13. Apicius
    By the way...for those who think this is only for breakfast or sweet treats...think again!! You can use this recipe, or other versions of crepe recipes, to make savory dishes. Like topping with:
    1- sautéed mushrooms finished with cream and drizzled with truffle oil
    2- sautéed asparagus spears with grated parmigiano reggiano
    3- freshly made pesto and diced fresh tomato and fresh mozzarella cheese balls
    4- smoked salmon with cream cheese and finely chopped chives

    When I serve this to my house guests as an appetizer, they are always amazed!

  14. Jack
    Edwina... Very good idea for Sunday Breakfast; although what is wrong with bacon and eggs! All the best.
  15. Jack
    I tried feeding grass to my butter, but I couldn't get any joy... Was I using the wrong kind of grass? :)
  16. Dana
    Change of subject here. I have been on Low carbs and high fat for more than a year. While my labs look much better, I have not lost any weight. And I need to lose 40 to 50 pounds.
    I eat lots of nuts and cheese. Is that the problem?
  17. Nancy
    Hi Dana,
    I feel your pain. I wanted to lose 16lbs. About 8 evaporated and now I have been stuck with the rest for over a year. I am not trying to get overly skinny. I'm 5'5" and would like to weigh about 125lbs. I have to stay extremely low carb to not gain it back.

    I do use cream in my coffee and I probably eat too many almonds and other nuts. That net carbs business is wrong also. I gained weight with that idea. Just count carbs.
    Can you eat too much cheese??? Maybe that's my problem.

    Also, I'm 62 y/o and from what I've read, it's more difficult to lose at my age. I'm pretty active I think. I work as a ER nurse and move a lot. As much as 17,000 steps and always > 10,000 according to pedometer. Our ER is large. We are remodeling our house, so sometimes I have to go to work to get some rest.

    But my labs are great, restless leg syndrome is 99% gone. GI distress is gone. Without getting into TMI, I can hike and kayak without fear now. And as an ER nurse I see how people do on a standard diet. This is better.

    I guess we should cut out nuts and then go from there.

  18. Dani
    To Dan with the pancake recipe - you are awesome. Loved the simple recipe!! I love pancakes and have struggled in the past to make them low carb and it was always a disaster using coconut flour. Couldn't be simpler and they turned out great. Though I do admit to adding a tiny bit of maple syrup for a little sweetness.
  19. Elayne
    Where are the nutritional informatiions. Diabetics need them.
    Reply: #53
  20. Alima
    The pancakes were a bit of a disaster for me....anyone have success?
    Reply: #21
  21. Zepp
    Try Coconut pancakes!

    Repale fluor whit coconut flakes.. let it suck up some cream for a wail, an fry it in butter!

    But there is one warning.. you cant eat more then one.. you get very satisfyed and full.

  22. Shiplo
    Great recipe, delicious! Would it be possible to include grams of carbs, protein please? It would help massively for those on insulin like me...! Thanks
  23. Emily
    These were a big fail for me. Turned into a gloopy sticky mess :(
  24. Patricia
    Loved these thank you for posting them! Very simple recipe :) I did use whole psyllium husks instead of ground as that's what I had on hand, and doubled the amount in consideration. This was great as a late night snack as well :) I was thrilled to find 4% mf cottage cheese at my store
  25. Carly
    Another good recipe I make is:

    2 tablespoons ground almonds
    2 tablespoons ground flaxseed
    1 tablespoon of chia seeds
    1tsp ground mixed spice
    1 egg
    1 tsp cream cheese

    Mix all the dry. Then mix the egg and cream cheese. Fry in coconut oil for 3 mins on each side.

    Serve with greek yogurt, berries or whatever else you fancy!


    Reply: #38
  26. Jocelyn
    Can someone recommend a substitute for the psyllium seed husk?
    Thank you.
  27. Edith
    I would use combo of almond meal, flax meal and bit of coconut flour. Egg holds it together cottage cheese, cream cheese and or almond milk or coconut milk for wetness. Spice mix of choice to your taste. Ummmm good !
  28. Barbara
    I really like your recipe Dan...for these pancakes. Worked!
  29. Elaine
    Do artificial sweeteners raise blood glucose level? Finding mixed info on this. Use them in my coffee to avoid sugar spike, not so much for less calories.
  30. Karen
    Dan, I'm not from the States. Can you please tell me how much the "brick" of Philly Cheese weighs, so I can use equivalent here. Your recipe looks, sooo good, I really want to try it.
  31. Marsha
    Karen, I can answer your question. An entire "brick" of Philadelphia (Philly) cream cheese is 8 ounces
  32. Karen
    Thanks Marsha :)
  33. Charley_Newman
    Wouldn't flax seed be better than psyllium?
  34. 1 comment removed
  35. Heidi
    Can you make in advance and reheat?
  36. Traci
    Reading all of these comments and recipe ideas is giving me hope for the new journey I'm about to embark on. Thank you all!
  37. Natalie
    I learn almost as much from the comments as from the actual recipe. I love it!
  38. Patty
    Thanks Carly! Your recipe is good. I did add a little baking powder. It's nice to have a recipe for just a small amount. I put butter on them while still hot and sprinkled on some cinnamon and a dash of sugar free syrup. I think these would be good to make a sandwich with if the spices were savory.
  39. Corrie
    Hi are the seeds flat spoons of seeds or heaped spoons?
    Reply: #40
  40. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Use something like this if you would like to do it exactly according to recipe. :

    tablespoon=15 ml

    Hi are the seeds flat spoons of seeds or heaped spoons?

  41. Corrie
    Hi madetheoancakes for lunch used heaped spoons for seeds absolutely delicious will make these often
  42. Liz
    Those of you using xylitol-be aware that it is toxic to pets! Be very careful using it around your animals.
    Reply: #55
  43. Brigitte
    Next time I will use lower heat though, otherwise the pancakes get brown too quickly, before they have cooked through.
  44. Brenda
    I have a lot of luck using tablespoons of LSA mix (ground up linseed, sunflower and almond) combined with buckwheat flour (3:1 ratio) then 1 of either almond meal or coconut flour and a pinch of salt. I lighten the batter with 1 tsp of baking powder and tsp of chia seeds plus 2 beaten eggs and add milk to thin. Cook gently in butter and almond oil makes 4 - 6 fluffy pancakes with yummy flavour, good roughage and nutrients.
  45. Margie
    Do not use Psyllium if you are pregnant. Read label thoroughly.
  46. Janice
    I just tried these pancakes and it was horrible! I put lots of butter in the pan but I was not able to turn them over because they stuck so badly, plus they never really cooked through enough so they were just a mass of eggs & cottage cheese! Yuck! They didn't taste terrible but nothing to write home about. I am going to try what someone else suggested using cream cheese and 4 eggs. A brick of cream cheese seems to be 16 oz and their directions said 1/2 a brick so I will try using 8oz...hopefully that's what they meant? I will try and report after trying!
  47. Janice
    Here's the report on using cream cheese and eggs! It worked great! I might give the cottage cheese ones another try though but use a non-stick pan? I have a Chef's 16 inch round electric skillet which I use every day but it's not a non-stick pan and that's what I used to make the cottage cheese pancakes. I decided to do the cream cheese CREPES (really aren't pancakes) in a non-stick pan. I used 4 eggs, 8 oz of cream cheese (full fat), a pinch of salt and I used my Vita Mix to get it really smooth. I put lots of butter in the pan and then poured only enough for one crepe at a time-(my non stick pan is only an 8 or 10 inch skillet) and flipped them over very easily--NO Sticking! I will have to try my electric skillet next time to see if the crepes stick to the pan and then I can make more than one at a was very time consuming! I used my beater on some whipping cream with a drop of liquid stevia until stiff and put a dollop of whipped cream on the crepe with a hand full of blueberries! To die for!! Cream cheese label said it only had 2 carbs but the cottage cheese that I bought said 5 carbs but I think it's higher than that for the amount I used...but cream cheese is lower than the cottage cheese from what I see. So there you go!
  48. Rochelle
    I followed the recipe almost exactly--except I substituted the psyllium seed with flax seed and put the two tablespoons of butter right in the batter. I also used my nutribullet to blend. I made the crepes in a ceramic pan--I'm a HUGE fan of these pans! No sticking! garnished with a little more butter and cinnamon as per a suggestion above. I didn't even add whipping cream, and they were great!
  49. Janice
    I think I got confused with the person who commented earlier about her version of these pancakes--cream cheese & eggs. They said 1/2 a brick of cream cheese--I think a brick is 8 oz not 16 oz like I had thought...very confusing! Anyway, I used 4 oz of cream cheese for my version-not 8 oz as I said earlier. I tried making them with my skillet that is not non-stick and it was not good! Best to use a non-stick pan.
  50. Jessica
    As far as just doing low carb diet to lose weight.. I lost 55# 2 yrs ago on a 100 or less carbs and 1 to 2 30mins of Jillian Michaels 6 week 6 pack! As long as you move your losing.. JS..
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