Keto pancakes with berries and whipped cream

Keto pancakes with berries and whipped cream

Try these incredible keto cottage cheese pancakes and you’ll never go back to regular flapjacks! Our berry topping gives them just the right amount of sweetness and the kids will love them too!

Keto pancakes with berries and whipped cream

Try these incredible keto cottage cheese pancakes and you’ll never go back to regular flapjacks! Our berry topping gives them just the right amount of sweetness and the kids will love them too!
4 servingservings


  • 4 4 eggeggs
  • 7 oz. (1 cup) 200 g (230 ml) cottage cheese
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp ground psyllium husk powder
  • 2 oz. 55 g butter or coconut oil
  • 2 oz. 55 g fresh raspberries or fresh blueberries or fresh strawberries
  • 1 cup 240 ml heavy whipping cream


Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Add eggs, cottage cheese and psyllium husk to a medium size bowl and mix together. Let sit for 5-10 minutes to thicken up a bit.
  2. Heat up butter or oil in a non-stick skillet. Fry the pancakes on medium-low heat for 3–4 minutes on each side. Don't make them too big or they will be hard to flip.
  3. Add cream to a separate bowl and whip until soft peaks form.
  4. Serve the pancakes with the whipped cream and berries of your choice.

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If you want a really fluffy pancake, and don't mind spending a few more minutes making them, you can separate the eggs. Use the egg yolks as the instructions say but whip up the egg whites in a separate bowl. Add the egg whites to the batter, carefully folding them in so that the air you whipped into them doesn't get knocked out.

These pancakes are also a great snack served cold. Wrap a few up and bring them to work with you!

Serving suggestions

If you feel like serving them with something other than berries and whipped cream, we suggest trying our raspberry jam, butter cream or hazelnut spread.

Storing and reheating

These pancakes taste best when they are freshly made but keep well in the fridge for 2-3 days. You can also store them in the freezer for up to 3 months.

If you want to store them stacked on top of each other you probably want to place a piece of parchment paper between each pancake, or they'll stick together.

The best way to reheat the pancakes is to melt a small knob of butter in a pan on medium heat and place the pancakes in there. It only takes about 30 seconds on each side to heat them up.

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  1. Gnatty
    Stick all in a nutribullet or similar and quick pulse. Like they say leave a bit and then fry. If doing a nutribullet etc you can add like orange or lemon rind and cinnamon or vanilla makes everything taste sweeter. Awesome. Takes secs and leave a couple of minutes. Don't skimp on oil or butter to fry. Gets a crispy crust. Really? This is a diet? I'm in.
  2. Diedre
    I made these this morning, but had a bit of trouble with them. The batter wasn't really thickening up and they stuck to the pan like crazy!
    I ended up throwing the batter in my blender for a minute and that made all the difference in the world. It thickened up so much I had to thin it out with a bit of milk. They still stuck a bit, but if I loosened the edges all the way around before attempting to flip the pancake, then it typically worked pretty well.
    I didn't particularly love the way the first one tasted, so I added a pinch of salt and a pinch of sweetener to the remaining batter and that made them much more palatable.
  3. Mel
    I might try this as I had a thought that maybe the recipe meant cream cheese. I made them with cottage cheese and they were honestly the worst thing I've ever eaten. I had to throw them out.
  4. Ed
    I had such high hopes for these pancakes but they stuck to the pan like crazy and we're very bland. I ended up with scrambled pancakes instead :(
    Reply: #135
  5. Catherine Marston
    Hey Kerrie!

    Do you made these ahead of time?



  6. Mary Lynn
    These were great! I did discover that I needed to leave them a full 3-4 minutes per side. Then they didn't stick, were beautifully caramelized & puffed up when I flipped them over. Also, not too much butter or oil in the pan, the last ones were the best because they weren't soaked in butter. Could have been the pan got hot enough by the end too. Thanks!
    Replies: #130, #131
  7. Sarah
    For anyone having trouble with pancakes sticking to the frying pan: make sure the pan and the oil are hot before adding the batter. This works for most things. Make sure the pan is hot and you don't move the pancake until you think it's ready to turn. We had the coconut pancakes for dinner tonight. They were pretty good. I'm going to try these ones soon.
    Reply: #133
  8. Caroline B
    I use the butter for frying, not as part of the batter
  9. Mariane
    I make these ALL the time. They are so easy to make and everyone loves them. What a great substitute for flour pancakes. Here in Calgary during Stampede there are pancake breakfasts all over the city everyday, this year I ate these pancakes instead, it was so nice not to 'miss out' on the pancakes. I serve them with whipped cream and Saskatoon berries. Sometimes I put a drop or two of Stevia in the whipped cream. I might add cinnamon and vanilla to the batter once in awhile depending on what kind of pancakes I want.

    One tip: the batter needs to sit for about 5 minutes to thicken up otherwise it will seem pretty runny. Oh, and I use a lot of butter when I am frying them.

  10. John
    This is a great recipe. I double the recipe, and bake them in the oven for about 25 minutes at 325 F. The pancakes are flipped over after about 15 minutes so they brown on each side. Bake them on parchment paper so there is no issues of sticking to the pan.
    I have made these with creamed cottage cheese, dry curd cottage cheese ( adding a little cream to help blend), and ½ dry curd and ½ cream cheese. All versions are good. Usually double the amount given for the psyllium husk powder to get the mixture to thicken.
    Taste great plain, with butter, cheese, ham, nut butters......
  11. Eliza
    I took another reviewer's suggestion and added a pinch of salt to the batter, which I mixed in my Vitamix blender - then let rest 5 minutes so the psyllium could work it's magic. Then I made 4 large pancakes using my very well seasoned cast iron griddle that I greased with coconut oil, not heavy, but enough that they didn't stick at all and flipped easily. I topped one with sour cream and lox, served with some grape tomatoes and olives - oh wow! This is going to become one of my go to meals for sure - I can see topping it with a chicken, mushroom, cream sauce - pizza toppings - eggs & bacon - my favorite sugar free maple syrup, etc. I started eating this way a year ago, lost about 60 pounds but the last few months let myself slip back to higher carb eating. This is my first meal back on track and I chose a winner! Wish I could post a picture, they turned out beautifully.
  12. Arling
    The psyllium can be avoid it . What can be a good substitute ?
  13. gary
    don't understand how you only have % --- need grams for this to be worth joining- which I would love to do-like all the other content-- to do KETO you MUST have grams not just %
  14. Marsha
    Made these this morning. A very nice alternative to eggs every morning. I thought the consistency was more crepe like and I did use my nutri bullet as recommended a few times. Next time I am going to add a little cocoa powder and let them cool and then add cold whipped cream between the layers.
  15. Christie
    I made these this morning, but I used smooth ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese and they were awesome! They tasted a lot like crepes. I used frozen blueberries, so I cooked them on low heat with a bit of sweetener to make them an almost pie filling consistency. When they were plated with the blueberries and the whipped cream, they looked (and tasted) like dessert.

    Some tricks I've learned cooking various types of pancakes over the years:
    Make sure your pan is completely heated before adding the first pancake to it
    Make sure your stove isn't too hot - I cook mine on a medium-low setting (3.5 out of 9 on my stove)
    Don't lift your pancake to check if it's done - if you're not sure, it probably needs more time before you flip it

  16. Sue Smith
    I tried these today. I had to improvise as I don't have all the ingredients. I only had cottage cheese with pineapple, so I used that - about 1/2 the amount recommended. I don't have phsyllium husk powder, so used Fibrogel - 1 sachet, but probably should have used 2. The mixture was too runny, so I added a bit of coconut flour to thicken - a bit too much so I had to thin it a bit with milk. I had problems turning them so I cooked them in an egg ring (metal ring about 4'' diameter & 1/2'' deep. This worked well. I could loosen then around the edge of the egg ring and they were small enough to use a fish slice to turn them. The combination of pineapple and orange (from the Fibrogel) made them very tasty. 3 servings, about 11gm carb per serving, which includes a few blueberries
  17. Eva Wardyla
    how much Alison, 1 tsp or more? Thanks!
  18. Eva Wardyla
    Just made these panckases, like other reviewers advised. I added some sea salt, vanilla and used chia seeds as I didn't have phsyllium. Delicious!
  19. Fancyshmancy
    Hello, can I make a big batch of these and freeze them?
  20. Tatjana
    Tried them this morning, great tip to whizz them up with the blender. puffed up nicely but take the cooking guidance for 3-4 minutes seriously! Maybe not the breakfast for a busy workday morning, but definitely great for weekends!
    Reply: #134
  21. vanmax
    these have got me through 5 months of this way of eating, on which I feel very good, I have them most days - cooked in a mixture of coconut oil and butter. delicious!
  22. Ellen
    This is what I have found with this recipe; I substituted cottage cheese for ricotta like one comment suggested (has less carbs where I shop). I put 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, 1/4 tsp vanilla, and 3 light squeezes of liquid stevia. I did blend the ingredients in a regular blender. For those wondering how many is each serving, 1 pancake is a serving and it was a little more than 1/4 cup per pancake. 3 min. on each side is perfect but do make sure your pan (I used cast iron) is preheated and butter melted (1/2 TBLS/pancake). I had no issues with sticking. For the whipped cream, I used a hand mixer for 2.5 - 3 min. and added 1/8 tsp. of vanilla and one light squeeze of liquid stevia. I also used blackberries. These taste JUST like pancakes (as much as keto pancakes can). So thank you for posting this recipe! Next time I might add a tad more stevia to the whipped topping.
  23. Fozzy
    Can I use ground flaxseed instead of the husk powder? Thank you
  24. Fozzy
    Made these today I am a good cook but sometimes like to keep to the recipe. I needed to add salt pepper vanilla extract or cinnamon. Was okay but could have been better. But annoyed at myself tbh
  25. Janet
    I tried the recipe with ground chia seeds (ground in a blender - its what I had available) because I didn't have psyllium powder. I also used a hand blender. It worked fine. I'll try it with whole chia seeds next time to see if that works too. I like the slightly crunchy edges I get when I use lots of butter to cook them in.
  26. caroline
    i’m new to all of this and would like to make these pancakes tomorrow but I don’t have husk powder: are there any other options? help please!
  27. JB
    I had trouble flipping these, so I just through them in a sandwich press instead - works. Also didn't like the taste of psyllium so swapped for just a little coconut flour.
  28. sarah
    Excellent!!! best mock pancake recipe i have tried in years of looking. I beat mine in my blender and let it set for almost 10 minutes. then i got the pan quite hot, and the butter as well. I had no problems with sticking. Mine only came out to 2 decent size pancakes, and 1 little one. So maybe would need to double the recipe if you want more. I don't think it is enough for 4 adults. The only thing that didn't work out was the whipping cream. I put heavy cream in the blender, but it just came out liquid. Not sure why....
    Reply: #146
  29. angela
    Do I use the coconut oil in the batter or just the pan?
    Reply: #132
  30. Louise
    How in the world did you get them not to stick to the pan? What kind of pan did you use? Did you use butter on the bottom of the pan? Did you cook them on low? How did you get them to come out so great?
  31. Louise
    Hey I’m being more patient with cooking them. Realize you have to leave them on 3-4 mins on each side, for sure!
  32. Louise
    Just the pan
  33. Louise
    Thanks for the tip! I found out the hard way! These are delicious! Ill try the coconut ones soon.
  34. Louise
    I agree!
  35. Louise
    Don’t give up!! I almost gave up but kept working with it and they really are delicious.

    I had such high hopes for these pancakes but they stuck to the pan like crazy and we're very bland. I ended up with scrambled pancakes instead :(

  36. Matt, Michigan
    Had to sub the psyllium husk with a milled flax/chia blend. The slight bitterness of the flax worked wonderfully, though I think the batter didn't thicken up quite enough using chia instead of psyllium. The "pancakes" where thin with cottage cheese chuncks. They were okay, but I was hoping for something more like pancakes, not just an alternative egg dish.
    The second time I made this recipe I added 1 tbsp coconut flour and 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum and pulsed a few times in my Ninja blender. After blending, the texture was much better, sticker, and these looked had the mouth feel closer to what I was looking for. I never did manage to get them crispy, and these still are pretty much an egg dish, but they browned up beautifully and tasted great with some smashed overripened strawberries!
  37. Libby
    Agree with above, they were more of an egg dish with some cottage cheese. I added 1 tbs of coconut flour to the 2nd fry batch which made them more like pancakes. (I'm not keto). Tasted better. Cooked blueberries with cinnamon and a bit of stevia and liked how that drenched the pancakes.
  38. Lauren
    Does anyone of the breakdown of fat etc? The nutrition value is in percentages and I need the full breakdown of what to enter into my app. I'm a noob at Keto....

    Right now with the blueberries, small amount of heavy cream on top my app is saying I already reached 12 net carbs with this breakfast. Does that sound right?

  39. Lyle
    I tried making these with psylium husk powder I bought from a local health food store and they weren't that good. This store packaged up their own from a bulk source. It had a very fine texture. I tried a different source (more mealy in texture) and it was night and day difference. Tasted way better, cooked much easier and looked more like the pictures in the recipe.
  40. Mel
    Can I replace Husk with Almond Flour?
  41. Gizzela
    I tried them a couple of times and for me they work out best, if I ads melted butter to the batter. Then they thicken up nicely and no sticking to the pan.
  42. Ginny
    Cook in a hot pan with plenty of butter and served with thawed and warmed frozen mixed berries and pouring cream.
    A winner in our house as an indulgent breakfast or a desert.
  43. Kat
    Any way to do this without eggs? And egg beaters has eggs so that won't work. I typically use applesauce or chia to replace eggs... has anyone made that way?
  44. Joseph
    I can’t find the ground psyllium anywhere. I’ve already checked 4 stores. What can I use instead?
    Reply: #145
  45. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor

    You could try to order here:

    I can’t find the ground psyllium anywhere. I’ve already checked 4 stores. What can I use instead?

  46. McDonna
    Sarah - Your whipping cream won't get the volume it needs in a blender. It needs to be whipped in an open container so it can get plenty of air. The cream can't whip without plenty of air. A blender can't provide that the same way a whisk or mixer can. I found this out the hard way.
  47. Samantha
    Totally amazing pancakes! I put some sour cream on top with cinnamon - absolutely delicious! Thanks!
  48. Dorothea

    I am getting so confused with all the different "messages and advice" on Keto. I have been eating good cheeses for fat and just read from another Keto expert that dairy should be avoided. Especially if trying to lose weight. The same goes for Physillium. Ugh.

  49. Jan
    Wow! Gotta say, pancakes are my all time favorite food, so when I decided to try these, I was a little sceptical. They did not disappoint!!! So very good. I followed the recipe exactly, but like suggested, used a blender to combine ingredients. I topped with the whipped cream and berries, but next time, I think I’ll just spread crushed berries on top and skip the cream. (That’s how I always ate “traditional” pancakes. This ones a keeper?
  50. Ria
    This is one of my favourite dishes so far, thought I cheat and add drips of maple syrup to cream.
    I do agree it sticks to pan, but I had some left over batter in fridge and realise that it does thicken it up if you leave it overnight. I've going to try some of the variations, like with cinnamon and vanilla. As well as a savoury alternative like one comment suggested.
    Will also try the baking version as I still end up with some version of scrambled pancake! not patient enough, so probably easier to stick in the oven in a muffin tray while I potter around.
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