Kristin Parker

Kristin Parker

Kristin Parker struggled with weight gain after having children. She had always been a healthy weight and athletic and enjoyed running, which had also helped her maintain her weight. Eventually she found the weight more stubborn in spite of running, counting calories, and following low-fat dietary advice. In June 2016, she decided to try low carb after seeing the dramatic results that others had. Instead of continuing to struggle, the weight seemed to go away with little effort. She found her hunger was reduced, and, unlike dieting, she actually enjoyed the low carb foods she was eating.

As she delved into the science of low carb, she found herself naturally helping others who had struggled to manage their weight. Kristin has volunteered support to others in a closed Facebook group since September 2016. She enjoys providing evidence-based information with a common sense, practical approach.

As part of the Diet Doctor team, Kristin monitors comments on the website and social media, as well as member emails to answer questions and to respond to concerns. Her favorite comments are those where members share their own success stories. Kristin also helps administer a closed Facebook group for Diet Doctor members.

Kristin earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with minors in history and psychology. She lives in Nebraska with her husband, Rodney, and their two sons Brodie and Mason.

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