Keto hot dog buns

Keto hot dog buns

Did you think you'd have to say no to hot dogs just because you're eating keto? No, here are some wonderful buns with just 1 g carbs a piece. Compare that to regular hot dog buns with about 20 g of carbs each!

Keto hot dog buns

Did you think you'd have to say no to hot dogs just because you're eating keto? No, here are some wonderful buns with just 1 g carbs a piece. Compare that to regular hot dog buns with about 20 g of carbs each!
10 servingservings


  • 1¼ cups 300 ml (150 g) almond flour
  • 5 tbsp 5 tbsp (40 g) ground psyllium husk powder
  • 2 tsp 2 tsp (10 g) baking powder
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp sea salt
  • 2 tsp 2 tsp cider vinegar or white wine vinegar
  • 1¼ cups 300 ml boiling water
  • 3 3 egg whiteegg whites


Instructions are for 10 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C). Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Bring the water to a boil and add this, the vinegar and egg whites to the bowl, while whisking with a hand mixer for about 30 seconds. Don't overmix the dough, the consistency should resemble Play-Doh.
  3. Form with moist hands into 10 pieces and roll into hot dog buns. Make sure to leave enough space between them on the baking sheet to double in size.
  4. Bake on lower rack in oven for 40-50 minutes, they're done when you hear a hollow sound when tapping the bottom of the bun.
  5. Serve with good quality hot dogs and toppings of your choice. Store the buns in the fridge or freezer.


What do you do with the three egg yolks – béarnaise sauce, of course! Check out our recipes for béarnaise sauce and chili-flavored béarnaise sauce.


This recipe is adapted from an earlier bread recipe by Maria Emmerich. Here's a video of her making the bread.

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  1. Michael
    You pick on mark sisson for selling mayonnaise as part if promoting paleo, but half of your low carb recipes include some sort of flour. The difference between ground wheat and ground almonds, coconut, psyllium husk, etc, is mostly that people eat a lot of wheat flour, but not a lot if the other.
    Reply: #2
  2. Apicius
    Pick on Sisson for mayo? No, not really. Where did you see that?
    Furthermore, there is a huge difference between almonds and wheat (nutritionally). In addition, eating many almond-based breads is very difficult (they are quite filling) while wheat buns are easy to overeat as they induce appetite (let alone spiking your blood sugar).
    Reply: #3
  3. Michael Bell
    "It’s a perfect illustration of the decline of the Paleo movement. Once, many years ago, it was about a powerful revolution, about massively improving people’s health. Now it’s about selling chocolate bars. Or mayo. Or even soda."

    Is selling avocado oil mayo different than promoting almond flour and psyllium husk bread?

    Reply: #4
  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Here's what I wrote earlier as a reply on Facebook:
    "Nothing wrong with good mayo. But selling more food products is not an inspiring purpose."

    There is a difference, as we're not selling any food products of any kind. Not because it is necessarily wrong per se, but because it biases to recommend precisely the thing that is sold, and it can corrode trustworthiness.

    We sell no flour products or psyllium husk, for example.

  5. Michael Bell
    Dr. Eenfeldt,

    Respectfully, with Sisson's thousands of free articles, it is clear that his primary motivation is to help people. He has decided that one of the ways he can do this is to create and sell products he believes to be healthy. You are not less biased because you put some your information behind a paywall to make a living instead of selling a product. You both have good intentions and try to make a living at the same time. If we want people to think about these issues full-time, they have to make a living somehow, and not everyone will choose to do it the same way. There are thoughtful, honest ways to go about it and deceptive ways to go about it. Selling a product or service does not automatically disqualify anyone.

  6. Xtina
    Regarding the recipe. It works quite well--I made the original recipe and shaped into hotdog buns a couple of weeks ago. I really does the job for holding up the hotdogs. I also like the photo of the Scandinavian way of eating the hotdogs, more dog less bun! I would comment that the dough is not exactly like play doh because it is much lighter and more delicate, it also seems a bit wet at first when you are mixing ingridients and even when it is mixed (play doh is much drier). I think I mixed it a bit more than 30 seconds, of course it depends on your almond flour, the weather, etc. Watching Maria's video really helped. And, just a shout out to her, she is amazing and although she does use artificial sweeteners sometimes, her site has a lot of great ideas that mesh well with LCHF. Finally, I had to bake mine a bit more because they were too wet inside. Next time I will shape them to be more long and narrow so that they can cook all the way through properly.

    Great Recipe!

  7. Julie
    We absolutely loved the buns! I will cut back to half the salt for my taste next time and will use the entire 50 min. to cook them. They were delicious! Worked great with my All narural hot dog! hubby ate 3, he loved it too.
  8. Lee
    Mine deflated when I took them out of the oven. What happened?
  9. Lynn
    I have to use baking soda instead of you think they will still work??
  10. Kim
    Absolutely delicious! Thank you! Can't wait to make them into hamburger buns!
  11. Eve
    These really are wonderful. They're the first keto recipe I've had that actually tasted like bread. Mine were almost completely hollow and were something like a pita after slicing them open. They still function perfectly as buns and held their shape despite being hollow. I wanted to ask if that was to be expected or what could cause that to happen? I used white vinegar instead since that's all I had. Thanks!
  12. Ronalyn Hurley
    I made these today, baking them in my USA hot dog pan. They turned out great and I like them more than the "normal" hot do buns I used to eat before Keto. I wish I could share a photo of them right after taking them out of the oven.
  13. Marianne Dyck
    I made this recipe today and made the recipe for 15 and made it into a loaf. It was beautiful. But to my disapointment it deflated. So sad!
    Any suggestions? Now I noticed that she didnt beat the egg whites fluffy first and fold into the rest of the ingrédient. Is this the reason?
    I have pictures.
  14. Nanc
    I made these today. Look & smell awesome but really gooey inside even after cooking an extra 10 min. Rechecked quantities & had it right
    Reply: #27
  15. Liza M. Shaw
    I really don't understand how you take boiling water and add egg whites to it and don't end up with scrambled egg whites. Can someone explain that a little better to me?
  16. 1 comment removed
  17. Daniel
    Can I use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of just Cider Vinegar?
  18. Elizabeth
    Made this recipe which turned out really tasty but it turned the colour black! No...I did not burn it. Lol. What did I do wrong?
    Reply: #24
  19. Christopher
    Preheat Oven 175C

    1/2 cup ground flaxseed
    3/4 cup almond flour
    5 Tbsp psyllium husk powder
    2 Tbsp sesame seeds
    2 tsp baking powder
    1/2 tsp sea salt

    Mix well

    4 egg whites
    2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 cup boiling water

    Mix for about 30-60 secs with dough hooks (consistency like playdough, DO NOT over mix)
    Oven bottom shelf for an hour

    Reply: #28
  20. Jenny
    These are amazing. The first one I had with butter only(the sacrifical one that was to test if done). I whisked the egg whites before putting in to the other ingredients and it worked well. I'm taking to work tomorrow so I can enjoy hot dogs too! I kept cooking them until they felt like the middle was cooked and did stick a knife in one to try. My suggestion is to turn them over for the last ten minutes of cooking, then when out of the oven, slit them with a knife, a small cut, to let the steam out like we used to do with profiteroles so they dont collapse.
  21. Nick
    I just made my first batch of these, and I am deeply impressed. The recipe worked, first try, without a hitch. The flavor is a little eggy with hot dogs, but I've also been using them as sandwich rolls for tuna salad, along with just plain butter, both of which are fantastic options. I really love bread, so giving it up was one of the hardest parts of going keto for me, but these buns give me a salve for that itch. Also, it's nice to feel like I'm eating a sandwich again, instead of a lettuce wrap or a sparse charcuterie tray.
  22. Adriana
    Has anybody used these for different shaped buns, say hamburger or ciabatta shapes?
    Reply: #26
  23. Gil
    Did these tonight, went 70 minutes (altitude 2200ft) and they turned out fantastic @@
  24. Melanie
    Most likely the brand of your psyllium husk. It can turn things dark colors.
  25. Amanda
    These were really amazing and so pleasantly surprising. I followed the directions and used apple cider vinegar. I baked mine for 40 min because (1) I was impatient and excited, and (2) they were beautifully browned.

    I think the trick in not having deflated buns is to give them a few minutes to cool a bit, and to also use a serrated knife, just as with cutting wheat bread. I cut right into a couple of them while they were steaming hot, and they fell in on themselves just a bit. The rest had more time to cool, and they were lovely.

    The taste was really great. It pulled apart like actual bread! It had the slightest crisp to the outside, much like the top outer crust of a loaf of wheat bread.

    I'm eager to eat these in the morning with my breakfast. They will make for some awesome sandwiches, or just as a side of bread and butter or cream cheese, as I do miss having a bread item with breakfast. They are in a ziplock bag on my counter. If they survive another day, I will freeze the rest to keep them fresh.

  26. Amanda
    I do plan to use them for sandwiches or burger buns, especially since I now know to make them a lot skinnier and longer (snake-like) before baking them.

    They puffed up very well, though the shape was more like a ciabatta bun almost, since I had only made them 3 or 4 inches long before baking

    They were great with hotdogs, though I'll work on the shape next time so that they are more hotdog bun-shaped.

  27. Laura
    Same thing happened to me.
  28. Jo
    when do you add the hot water christopher?
    Reply: #29
  29. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    when do you add the hot water christopher?

    Step 2 addresses when to add the water.

  30. Kim
    Came put too liquidy to do anything with the recipe.
  31. k jones
    does anyone know if you can use whole egg in this or must it be egg white only?
    Reply: #32
  32. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    does anyone know if you can use whole egg in this or must it be egg white only?

    Egg white only. Whole eggs and egg whites react very differently in baked goods.

  33. fiorela bermudez
    Absolutely delicious! Thank you! Can't wait to make them into hamburger buns!
  34. brown_christine
    The taste was good but mine came out hollow? What did I do wrong? :(
    Reply: #35
  35. Kerry Merritt

    The taste was good but mine came out hollow? What did I do wrong? :(

    Sorry they didn't turn out! Sometimes overmixing can cause that to happen.

  36. Heidi
    Mine came out perfect.....
    Why do they have a slight sandy taste?

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