Jill Wallentin

Jill in the kitchen

Jill Wallentin is a versatile professional specializing in low-carb nutrition counseling, recipe creation, product management, and art direction. She is the author of a cookbook in Swedish that emphasizes environmentally friendly low-carb food, showcasing her commitment to sustainable eating practices. Jill is widely recognized within the low-carb community for her Instagram account (@jillsmat), which serves as an inspiring platform for her to share her passion for nutritious cuisine and sustainable lifestyle choices.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a burning passion for food, which also reflected on the scale early on. Over the years, I’ve tried many different diets until I discovered one in 2009 that allowed me to enjoy delicious and healthy food every day while at the same time I stayed healthy and managing my weight. The answer was a low-carb diet free of gluten.

In the winter of 2013, I enrolled in a course to become a licensed paleo and low-carb nutrition counselor in Sweden. In 2014, I enrolled in a continuing course where I deepened my understanding of the effect that low carb can have on our hormones and diseases. I’ve been running my own business since late 2013, Jills mat & design AB (Jill’s food & design), where I do everything from graphical production and designing websites to creating recipes and arranging health events.

I’m convinced that most people would feel better on a low-carb diet, individually adapted, free from gluten and also cooked with as natural and toxin-free ingredients as possible.

It doesn’t have to be more expensive, harder, or boring to cook healthy food from scratch. On the contrary! As part of the Diet Doctor team and through my own platforms, I want to inspire people to make conscious choices that are good for both a sustainable body and the environment. Food that makes us happy – inside and out. Far away from rigid pointers and less focused on the scale. Health, free will, and well-being should always come first, according to me.

Simply put, eat delicious food and feel great!


Instagram: Jillsmat
Webpage/blog: jillsmat.se

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