How to make the perfect keto bread

Do you miss bread on a keto low-carb diet? Then you’ll love this. Out of more than 500 low-carb recipes on our site, this is the #1 most popular one: The perfect keto bread.

Smear with butter, and you will think you are eating the real thing! This keto bread sports a pleasing crispy crust with a soft, moist center. It’s bread—you know what to do. Savor it warm, straight out of the oven, or freeze, defrost, and toast to perfection…

There’s only one problem, some people feel that it’s hard to get the recipe exactly right on the first try. Many people have wished for a video version, so we decided to make one.

Watch above and feel free to share it!

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  1. Eric
    Why not coconut flour?
    1/2cup coconut flour
    3/4 cup water
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp yeast for flavor if desired
    4 whole eggs
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    2 TBS psyllium husk
    45 grams coconut oil or butter or desired fat
    Divide into 6 rolls
    Bake 350 for 35 minutes
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  2. Diane
    Great job on the videos! They keep getting better! A suggestion: Use the right or left margin to show the ingredient list or full recipe (if short enough). That will allow us to watch and make along at the same time.
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  1. Sheryl Ferguson
    If I wanted to make it into a different shape like a hotdog bun or whole loaf of bread would the cooking time or temp change??
  2. krista
    You could buy Colon Clean if that's available
  3. Emma
    I always use almond flower and phsyllium husks for this bread. It comes out purple.
    Does anybody know why it's purple?
    Reply: #61
  4. Gloria
    why do you remove many of the comments?
    Reply: #55
  5. Bill Robinson

    why do you remove many of the comments?

    Because someone is trolling this website
    making obscene comments.

    Reply: #56
  6. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Bill and Gloria!

    We remove comments:
    When someone promotes websites for commercial reasons.
    When someone ask for support and we handle that issue by mail.
    When someone uses impolite language.
    Or as you said Bill when someone in other ways are trolling the site.

    We do not remove negative comments with exception for above reasons. :)

  7. DooDchii
    I did the exact same as the vedio , but i have this issue where the inside is rubbry , i even let them cook for 90 min , same issue , any one knows why ?
  8. Anne
    DooDchii - I have found if I do 3/4 cup of almond flour, 1/4 coconut and 1/4 besan (chickpea flour) with all the other parts of the recipe unchanged, that it works out perfectly.
  9. Elizabeth Moses
    I followed this recipe to the letter and these rolls turned
    out beautifully! Thanks so much. Now I know what my
    non-baking keto buddies are
    getting as gifts!
  10. Ryan
    How long does this bread usually last? Can you make a lot for future use, or is this something you should plan to use the day you make it?
  11. Marcela
    I have heard this same complaint before. It appears to be that the psyllium husks are the culprit for the color change ( particular of some brands) . Try switching up brands if your budget allows . I use this brand:, and thus far all my recipes have come out fine.
  12. Sophie
    Great receipe! My husband, who has always hated healthy food, loves it. He has to loose 15 pounds, and since 2 weeks, I cook your receipes. He lost 6 pounds, and he doesn’t feel strarving, and he loves what I cook for him. Thank you for your simple and so good receipes!
  13. john bromhead
    can you tell me why "boiling" water is necessary, the boiling water seems to activate the baking powder which is counter productive.
  14. susan
    Could you ad say garlic powder or herbs?
  15. Robert S
    Has anyone tried freezing this at the dough stage? Just wondering if it stays airy or goes dense. Thanks!
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