How to make the perfect keto bread

Do you miss bread on a keto low-carb diet? Then you’ll love this. Out of more than 500 low-carb recipes on our site, this is the #1 most popular one: The perfect keto bread.

Smear with butter, and you will think you are eating the real thing! This keto bread sports a pleasing crispy crust with a soft, moist center. It’s bread—you know what to do. Savor it warm, straight out of the oven, or freeze, defrost, and toast to perfection…

There’s only one problem, some people feel that it’s hard to get the recipe exactly right on the first try. Many people have wished for a video version, so we decided to make one.

Watch above and feel free to share it!

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  1. Eric
    Why not coconut flour?
    1/2cup coconut flour
    3/4 cup water
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp yeast for flavor if desired
    4 whole eggs
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    2 TBS psyllium husk
    45 grams coconut oil or butter or desired fat
    Divide into 6 rolls
    Bake 350 for 35 minutes
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  2. Diane
    Great job on the videos! They keep getting better! A suggestion: Use the right or left margin to show the ingredient list or full recipe (if short enough). That will allow us to watch and make along at the same time.
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  1. Anton
    Every time I try to make this it comes out hollow with the mixture not cook fully can anyone explain this?
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  2. Michela Ann Seedanee
    Hello I followed the recipe and one time it came out perfect but another batch grew in size more and was quite stringy and rubber inside?
  3. russell
    Hi Anton (and Michela),
    Sounds like you've got too much water in the mix. This is based on one of Maria Emmerich's recipes, she says it's critical to weigh the ingredients (including the boiling water) or the bread will develop bigger air pockets (and come out kinda hollow/stringy/gummy inside). Check out her original post and maybe try to err on the side of less water, or grind your psyllium husks finer:

    Just scroll down to the recipe, and watch her video too. Go down below the video to see a pic of 3 versions of the bread with 3 different weights of water. My bread still doesn't come out quite as nice as her pictures (for one thing, I can't seem to find a brand of psyllium that doesn't turn purple, but my kids actually like "the purple bread"), but it's definitely better with less water!

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  4. Maureen
    Thanks, Eric, I like your recipe. I need to use coconut flour not almond and this works for me. I also like that it takes less time and that it includes coconut oil.
  5. Judy
    I put the same amount of dough on a sandwich press & made wraps Yum!
  6. Nirel
    This bread came out FANTASTIC. It is our new household staple -- thank you!
  7. Chi
    If I don't have a hand mixer like the one used in the video can I use a food processor or a hand blender?
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  8. Dawn
    I just made the rolls, easy and delicious. How do you recommend store the bread? Pantry, refrigerator, freezer? How long do they last if you don't refrigerate them?
  9. Sandy Phelps
    I was going to make the bread in the video and then realized I was out of almond flour! So I tried this recipe of Eric's. It was delicious. My favorite Keto bread so far. It does not have an eggy taste and is more bread-like in texture than anything I have tried!! I cut one of the pieces in half and made a sandwich. One question, Eric... do you use boiling water like the original recipe?
  10. Amy
    Eric- I wish you’d leave more detailed instructions! Fats soft at room temp or melted? 3/4 cup water just made mine soupy, even after letting it sit and absorb liquids. Would love feedback from you! Thanks.
  11. Austin
    i went to the link as you said but there's no pictures of the 3 versions, it just listed the amount of water for the 3 version. is it possible for you to tell me what are the versions?
  12. Austin
    Diana, i am going to try your ingredients, however, the original recipe with emphasis on weigh the ingredients, so if it is possible for you to post your recipe by weight- ounces and/or grams?
  13. Shauna
    HOLY God bread is back in my life!!! Absolutely delicious
  14. Fuffy
    Hi Anton,
    Try a different brand of psyllium husk. The first husk I used resembles tiny fiber pieces. I learned that a powder husk results in a better bun. I am using the brand NOW Pysllium husk Powder. You can order it on amazon if you are having trouble finding one. I also try to combine cider and egg whites before adding it to the mixture. Good luck!
  15. Mary
    If I don't have a hand mixer like the one used in the video can I use a food processor or a hand blender?
  16. Mary
    I also had problems of being a wet mess inside. I do not have hand mixer only a full size mixer with a dough books. Is that the reason for not baking inside?
  17. Gil
    I doubled the recipe, couple tips, use room temperature egg whites, make the raw dough buns small. Like a 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup ball. You get an excellent bun with lots of bread on both sides. If you make the bun too big, you seem to get air on the top half and doughy texture on the bottom. I also baked them for 70 minutes., altitude here 2200 ft above sea level.
    These buns are AWESOME
  18. Kori K.
    I love these buns but when I make them bigger they come out with air inside - bottom of the bun is just right but the top is just skin. I decided to make smaller size (like ping-pong ball) and they came out fantastic - bread on the top and bottom. Oh, and I used only 1/2 tsp baking powder instead of 2 tsp.
  19. Margie
    I had to cook longer so center wasn't wet. I make 6 for recipe, and seeing video, mine are larger, so maybe that's why mine need more time.
    They taste good.
    Reply: #130
  20. Margie
    Some Psyllium husk brands do that.
    I used Bobs Red Mill brand and no purple.
  21. Margie
    Some Psyllium husk brands do that.
    I used Bobs Red Mill brand and no purple.
  22. Alden
    Wow! This was easy, quick & really quite tasty. Gonna try it with a little Creme Fraiche as a treat. Thank you!
  23. Marie
    I followed the recipe as written for 4 hamburger buns and got the same result as many of you. Purple dough with spongy insides and no substance to the tops. It can't be all of us when we are following the recipes as written. Maybe the recipes should be more precise stating what brand of ingredients you used to get your results instead of making it a guessing game.
  24. Martha
    I made bagels with this recipe added everything bagel seeds. It was perfect, hole in the middle must be wider then usual or it will come together to form a roll or bun.
  25. Deborah
    My husband has made bread for me twice. The first time it seemed under cooked although later is seems better, the second time it is bitter to the point you can't eat it. Can anyone give me a hint of what can cause this. We also have the same bitterness when making mug bread.
  26. Kimberley
    HELP!!!!!! I can not get this recipe to work at high altitude! And I know it works perfectly fine at sea level...
  27. Do
    My husband and I don't like this bread made with the almond flour, it is bitter tasting. I haven't tried it with the coconut flour, but I think the psyllium powder is what makes it bitter.
    Reply: #128
  28. Emm
    I got the same problème. The taste is bitter and not good.. I followed the recipe
    Any idea ?
    Reply: #129
  29. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    You may wish to try a different brand of almond flour or psyllium husk.


  30. Nathalie
    Hi when I first made these it was a little moist inside I cooked mine for 50 mins and when finished I turned the oven off and left them in the oven with door ajar they cooked great .

    I had to cook longer so center wasn't wet. I make 6 for recipe, and seeing video, mine are larger, so maybe that's why mine need more time.
    They taste good.

  31. BP
    If having issues with hollow or wet centers then ensure all ingredients are thoroughly incorporated by first kneading with a paddle and then a mixer. If you're not using an electric mixer the liquid may not fully incorporate causing it to clump and fall. Also, notice the extra dab of water before baking to add sesame seeds also rehydrates the outside bread skin after handling causes evaporation. Also, consider adjusting your oven shelf (middle/lower/upper) and as one person commented, they then turn off the oven, crack its door and let allow to continue cooking at ever reducing temp. Baking bread is science & art regardless what type flour used. I remember my eldest brother's five attempts to bake wheat bread as a kid before my mother (who made 12 loaves weekly) finally told him to call it quits. Sad the birds wouldn't even eat the rejected loaves (bricks). Happy baking!!
  32. Dawn
    This is the most versatile recipe! I bought an 8” cast iron tortilla press and use this same recipe to make tortillas. I can get ten tortillas from the recipe. I use oil and parchment rounds to keep the paste from sticking, and transfer them to baking sheets. I can get three per sheet, so six in the oven.

    I cook them until they are slightly dry but still pliable, about 12-15 minutes. Then can make a bunch of other things:

    Crepes and wraps - use your imagination as to what to put inside!

    baked “corn” chips - use a pizza cutter and cut each into six triangles and bake until crisp.

    Taco shells - drape them over the oven rack and bake until crisp.

    Pizza crust - my favorite crust! Thin, yet crispy, no matter how much you load onto them! I preheat the crust until crispy and then pile and broil.

    I’m going to see if I can boil them for noodles next. Haven’t tried it yet.

    I’m going to get some of that corn extract for an authentic corny flavor!

  33. Cecilia
    Absolutely fantastic, followed recipe & video exactly & they turned out pefect! Thank you for this recipe :)
  34. Yolande
    Hi what is Psyllium husk for? Can I used something else? From SA don't find that at our health shops.
    Reply: #135
  35. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Hi what is Psyllium husk for? Can I used something else? From SA don't find that at our health shops.

    It gives a flexibility or pliability to the baked goods. Unfortunately there is not a good substitute for it.

  36. Brenda Herbert
    Yolande from SA there is plenty of Psyllium Husk at Dischem and any of the nut shops...where are you from as Jhb/Randburg has plenty
  37. Nancy
    Just made this and loved them.. 😊
    Found my new dinner rolls.
  38. Gisele LeBlanc
    It would very helpful if this recipe was rewritten. I could not load the video so went ahead and made it as per the instructions. I beat the egg whites, vinegar and hot water before adding it to the dry ingredients. Thanks
  39. Dominick
    Anyone know the nutritional facts for this?
    Reply: #140
  40. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Anyone know the nutritional facts for this?

    Click the Nutrition tab under the list of ingredients.

  41. Goldie
    I found the bread to be a delicious snack as well, just by slicing the rolls about 1/2 inch and placing them in the broiler, (stay there and watched them as I can get distracted easily and have burn a lot of beard) after browning on one side or both (your decision), remove and spread with some butter or the European butter, the flavor of the bread and butter is maximize, delicious.
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