How to make the perfect keto bread

Do you miss bread on a keto low-carb diet? Then you’ll love this. Out of more than 500 low-carb recipes on our site, this is the #1 most popular one: The perfect keto bread.

Smear with butter, and you will think you are eating the real thing! This keto bread sports a pleasing crispy crust with a soft, moist center. It’s bread—you know what to do. Savor it warm, straight out of the oven, or freeze, defrost, and toast to perfection…

There’s only one problem, some people feel that it’s hard to get the recipe exactly right on the first try. Many people have wished for a video version, so we decided to make one.

Watch above and feel free to share it!

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  1. Eric
    Why not coconut flour?
    1/2cup coconut flour
    3/4 cup water
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp yeast for flavor if desired
    4 whole eggs
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    2 TBS psyllium husk
    45 grams coconut oil or butter or desired fat
    Divide into 6 rolls
    Bake 350 for 35 minutes
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  2. Diane
    Great job on the videos! They keep getting better! A suggestion: Use the right or left margin to show the ingredient list or full recipe (if short enough). That will allow us to watch and make along at the same time.
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  1. Sheryl Ferguson
    If I wanted to make it into a different shape like a hotdog bun or whole loaf of bread would the cooking time or temp change??
  2. krista
    You could buy Colon Clean if that's available
  3. Emma
    I always use almond flower and phsyllium husks for this bread. It comes out purple.
    Does anybody know why it's purple?
    Replies: #61, #83, #89, #98
  4. Gloria
    why do you remove many of the comments?
    Reply: #55
  5. Bill Robinson

    why do you remove many of the comments?

    Because someone is trolling this website
    making obscene comments.

    Reply: #56
  6. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Bill and Gloria!

    We remove comments:
    When someone promotes websites for commercial reasons.
    When someone ask for support and we handle that issue by mail.
    When someone uses impolite language.
    Or as you said Bill when someone in other ways are trolling the site.

    We do not remove negative comments with exception for above reasons. :)

  7. DooDchii
    I did the exact same as the vedio , but i have this issue where the inside is rubbry , i even let them cook for 90 min , same issue , any one knows why ?
  8. Anne
    DooDchii - I have found if I do 3/4 cup of almond flour, 1/4 coconut and 1/4 besan (chickpea flour) with all the other parts of the recipe unchanged, that it works out perfectly.
  9. Elizabeth Moses
    I followed this recipe to the letter and these rolls turned
    out beautifully! Thanks so much. Now I know what my
    non-baking keto buddies are
    getting as gifts!
    Reply: #95
  10. Ryan
    How long does this bread usually last? Can you make a lot for future use, or is this something you should plan to use the day you make it?
    Reply: #86
  11. Marcela
    I have heard this same complaint before. It appears to be that the psyllium husks are the culprit for the color change ( particular of some brands) . Try switching up brands if your budget allows . I use this brand:, and thus far all my recipes have come out fine.
  12. Sophie
    Great receipe! My husband, who has always hated healthy food, loves it. He has to loose 15 pounds, and since 2 weeks, I cook your receipes. He lost 6 pounds, and he doesn’t feel strarving, and he loves what I cook for him. Thank you for your simple and so good receipes!
  13. john bromhead
    can you tell me why "boiling" water is necessary, the boiling water seems to activate the baking powder which is counter productive.
  14. susan
    Could you ad say garlic powder or herbs?
  15. Robert S
    Has anyone tried freezing this at the dough stage? Just wondering if it stays airy or goes dense. Thanks!
  16. wendy
    do the psyllium husks really make that much difference? what can i substitute for the psyllium husks?
  17. Gloria
    You can see under the picture a Nutrition link with the information
  18. Derek
    HI all.

    I had a go at this last weekend and was quite astonished at how well they worked out. I learnt something new about baking soda and baking powder and that they are two very different things. Mine were a bit acidic so you can guess the error I made. I don't like almonds so I used what can only be described as something between dessicated coconut and coconut powder. However it worked but what concerns me is the carbs that that included.

    So I've now bought some Coconut flour via Amazon (i live in India by the way). The brand is By Nature Coconut Flour 400g. What surprised me is that it states on the nutritional information that total carbs per 100g is 57g with dietary fiber = 36g and sugar = 7g. That doesnt even add up to 57g. So I'm now not sure if I should use this as it looks like a carb fest to me.

    Any feedback would be welcome. Thank you.

    Replies: #73, #79, #93
  19. Nadia
    Hi there
    The recipi is very simple and gave me perfect results. I reduced the quantity of psyllium husk and the color came perfect brown. It is lovely and thank you.
  20. JCTX
    Hi. I am having the some problem as DooDchii--inside turns out rubbery. I have a feeling this is operator error though I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. (following directions and using ingredients as specified in recipe). Any ideas? Thanks!
    Reply: #87
  21. Indie East

    Can I use Xantham Gum instead of Psyllium Husk fibre? If yes, what is the conversion?

    Thank you

  22. Peter
    I had the same issue wondering how much 300ml of Almond Flour was but googled it and found this table. It works out to 150g and my buns turned out perfectly.
    The metric measurements are not very accurate when we're used to measuring weight in grams.

  23. Peter
    That sounds okay.

    'total carbs per 100g is 57g with dietary fiber = 36g and sugar = 7g'

    Dietary fiber is not absorbed by the body so the net carbs would only be 7g (or 7%). It's the net carbs you only need to concern yourself with.

  24. Hana
    Hi, we followed the recipe and the rolls rise and leave a hollow top and heavy bottom. can you tell us what we are doing wrong?
  25. Dreyzzydrey
    Hey, i did them today and had the same thing, if i compare my dough with the one in the video,,i can say that it was too wet and too liquidish (once again compare to the video) so my guess is to mix the dough more to make it more dense..
    Reply: #77
  26. Francoise
    To Hana and Dreyzzydrey: a lot of us have been in that place?. Your dough was too wet. I find that when I keep mixing the dough for say 2 more minutes, it becomes more firmer; then I let it rest for a few more minutes before making the rolls as this gives psyllium more time to absorb the water. This way of working has resolved the problem for me. Hope this helps.
  27. Martine
    Yes you need to mix a bit more the dough.
  28. Cece
    Omg this looks so good! Tyfs!😁💜
  29. OgreZed

    that total carbs per 100g is 57g with dietary fiber = 36g and sugar = 7g. That doesnt even add up to 57g.

    Fiber and sugar aren't the only kinds of carbohydrates.

  30. Rads
    This recipe is god send! No egg smell. Perfect perfect. Perfect! Love u. God bless you! I followed the recipe to the dot.
  31. Laruebridge
    Its the brand of psyllium husk you are using. It doesn't change the taste of the items you are making, just the color.
  32. Barb
    I have tried this recipe several times and when I cut the bun in half the top always comes out hollow. Why?
  33. Nancy
    It's the psyllium powder... some brands turn purple when cooked... it's not harmful in any way, it still tastes delicious, just has a purple hue...
  34. Claire
    can I substitute almond meal instead of almond flour?
  35. Justine
    How does this one turn out in comparison?
  36. Andrea
    Hi Ryan,
    I made this bread, got six breads instead of 8 and they lasted almost the whole week at room temperature. I ate one per day. Today I went to eat the last one and noticed it had one tiny (approximately 2mm) mold spot. Next time I will keep it in the refrigerator and it should will stay fresher for a longer period of time. Hope this helps.
    Reply: #92
  37. Andrea
    Hi JCTX,
    have you gotten any replies for this issue. I follow the recipe step by step and my bread also came out rubbery. Being a bread-addict myself, I must say that this bread wasn't bad at all, with exception of the rubbery texture, it tasted pretty good, i thought.
  38. Barb
    I haven't tried the recipe yet but I have a question. The physillium husk powder is actually a laxative. Does it have that effect when you eat these?
    Replies: #90, #96
  39. Ammara
    I think u must be using whole psyllium husks. Grind them into a powder and add them.
  40. Gentiann
    The first time I made this recipe, I ate 3 buns and suffered the consequence the next day, having to do many trips to the bathroom..... But eating only one serving (one bun) won't have a laxative effect.
  41. Una

    How much water is in a half a cup? 125ml perhaps?

  42. Una
    Perhaps freezing would be better as fridges always dry out any bread however good or bad.
  43. Una
    In Britain, coconut flour is generally 24g per 100g out of whixh 7.3 is sugars. The fat is 65g per 100g, and Ice looked at four different brands so regardless of the brand. Fibre is not included in the carbohydrate sums. It is seperate .
  44. Silvia B.
    You actually confused me very much! You use in the video the ingredients for 6 servings and then cut the dough in 8! And we're supposed to eat one bun/day. How do I split 8 buns into 6 servings?! Please write a disclaimer somewhere. My buns turned out really nice and crisp, I hope they are as tasty as they look, I just have to remember next time to make 6 buns from the same ingredients. Thanks!
  45. Una

    I followed this recipe to the letter and these rolls turned
    out beautifully! Thanks so much. Now I know what my
    non-baking keto buddies are
    getting as gifts!

    Mine are in the oven now - fingers crossed! Video makes eight rolls, recipe days six so done the latter.

  46. Una
    Yes, the powder is in all British versions. People drink it to make them go or cleamse their colons. But the amount over six rolls is less than the prescribed dose to mix and drink for constipation.
  47. Debbie
    I poached my leftover yolks firmly and put them on my salad. My buns came out great!
  48. Una

    I always use almond flower and phsyllium husks for this bread. It comes out purple.
    Does anybody know why it's purple?

    You mean flour - ha, ha! not flower!!

    Mine turned out purple too. Hardly something I can give my guests!!! I used exact ingredients and the psyllium husk powder- called colon care - which is the only brand my health food shop sells. You can't buy it in ordinary British supermarkets. Anyone in England on this site or non American who has any practical ideas on how to stop this bread from going purple?

  49. Mar
    For how long do they last? Thanks
  50. Diana
    I make 2 batches at a time and freeze them in individual baggies. They last perfectly for about a week or so, until I eat them all. Mine do however, turn a purple hue, but I don't care as much as the taste is so good and just gets better the more you add them to your diet.
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