How to make the perfect keto bread

Do you miss bread on a keto low-carb diet? Then you’ll love this. Out of more than 500 low-carb recipes on our site, this is the #1 most popular one: The perfect keto bread.

Smear with butter, and you will think you are eating the real thing! This keto bread sports a pleasing crispy crust with a soft, moist center. It’s bread—you know what to do. Savor it warm, straight out of the oven, or freeze, defrost, and toast to perfection…

There’s only one problem, some people feel that it’s hard to get the recipe exactly right on the first try. Many people have wished for a video version, so we decided to make one.

Watch above and feel free to share it!

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  1. Eric
    Why not coconut flour?
    1/2cup coconut flour
    3/4 cup water
    1/4 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp yeast for flavor if desired
    4 whole eggs
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    2 TBS psyllium husk
    45 grams coconut oil or butter or desired fat
    Divide into 6 rolls
    Bake 350 for 35 minutes
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  2. Diane
    Great job on the videos! They keep getting better! A suggestion: Use the right or left margin to show the ingredient list or full recipe (if short enough). That will allow us to watch and make along at the same time.
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  1. Judy Brooks
    Finally got around to trying this recipe and I'm so glad I did. Even limiting myself to one roll per day,...its amazing to have bread in my life again! One question...instead of dividing into rolls, could it be baked as a loaf of bread? My thoughts are that a loaf would yield more slices than just 6. I so miss the bread in bacon and tomato sandwiches.
  2. Kirsty
    The psyllium soaks up the water. The others wouldn't behave the same.
  3. Kathy
    I was reading some of the comments and there are a few with the same problem as yours just a thought....if you look at the original written recipe it says to put the buns on the very bottom rack in your oven. Maybe that’s the reason why they don’t turn out perfect for you? I’m not sure.
    I have made 4 batches all coming out perfect! Always on the lower rack:)
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  5. Shanann
    Anyone else get buns full of air holes? Any idea what causes it? Buns blew up like a balloon in the oven and were full of air bubbles. Taste was good though
  6. Peter
    Do you just mix the ingredients in this order or is it dry first then fat then water or dry > water > fat ? If anyone can help me out please
  7. Navo
    HI, Did you add also psyllium husk?
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  9. Pam
    Hi there just baked some of these and they were a great success. Can I just ask you have each roll as 2g and the FatSecret app states 14g carbs, I’m a little confused.
  10. Loretta
    Only 1/2Cup coconut flour instead of 1 1/4 C almond flour??
    Replies: #211, #223
  11. Gentiann
    Yes, 3 times less coconut flour than almond flour is needed for substitution in a recipe.
  12. Tony daloia
    When cut it is empty in the middle
    Reply: #213
  13. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    When cut it is empty in the middle

    That tends to happen if the dough is over mixed.

  14. Alice
    Tried Yum... And very easy for someone who can't cook.
    Was so missing bread
  15. Kylie James
    What is the best way to store these? Can these be frozen?
    Reply: #227
  16. Carol Delise
    After mixing mine are really wet. Didn't mix a long time. Too much of something. What?
  17. Shirley
    Mine will have a hollow in it after the bread has risen. Not why not is it so. :(
    Reply: #218
  18. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Mine will have a hollow in it after the bread has risen. Not why not is it so. :(

    That can sometimes happen when the dough is overmixed.

  19. Marina
    Anyone tried Eric's version with coconut flour instead? How does it work out?
  20. Marina
    Eric, did they have coconut/eggy taste??
  21. gloria norwood
    ok, so I've tried this recipe 2x and i don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've followed all instructions but my bread doesnt seem to come out right. ive put the bread in to continue cooking as after the adviced time are still not done. I've cut 1 open and it's hollow.
  22. gloria norwood
    mine did the same, dont know how they say you over mixed it as ive done it by hand to where its just mixed together.
  23. Marina
    Hi Loretta, did you try baking them with coconut flour? How did it work out?
  24. Louise
    I love this recipe and make them a lot, I whip up the eggs whites first though before adding the dry ingredients.
    The yolks make the best mayo too.
  25. Danielle
    How can I make these into a more flat bread?
    Reply: #226
  26. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    How can I make these into a more flat bread?

    We have a specific flatbread recipe you may be interested in.

  27. Kathy
    They freeze so awesome and they keep for a long time in the fridge without drying out too!
  28. Huda
    Mines came out purple in the inside, I don’t know why I did the same steps, but used bragg as my apple cider
    Reply: #229
  29. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Mines came out purple in the inside, I don’t know why I did the same steps, but used bragg as my apple cider

    It has to do with the brand of psyllium husk. Some turn purple when baked for some reason. They are still safe to eat.

  30. Mary
    If anyone knows what cam i use instead of psyllium husk?
    Reply: #232
  31. Mary-Leslie
    Replying to Huda, comment #228 - Mine have come out purple in the past, so yesterday I looked elsewhere on the web, found advice that fresh ground psyllium husks are the key. I ground the 40 grams of psyllium husks in a small food processor. No purple, same good taste. Wonderful recipe!
  32. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    If anyone knows what cam i use instead of psyllium husk?

    Unfortunately there is not a good substitute in this recipe.

  33. Michelle
    Made this today. Buns turned out pretty good but they were quite salty. I think the water to flour ratio was off as it didnt seem like much almond flour & I only used half a cup of water as it would have been way to wett otherwise. It only made 6 very small buns but the texture was good. Im going to try this again woth more almond flour to make a bigger batch
  34. Sasha
    Is it water or something else this is applied on top of buns right before sesame seeds?
    Replies: #236, #237
  35. TJ
    Can I substitute lemon juice for the apple cider vinegar? My stomach despises apple cider vinegar.
  36. TJ
    I think it is oil (or some people use butter) . . I am going to use extra virgin olive oil.
  37. Gentiann
    It's water that is brushed on top of the buns.
    TJ: you won't taste the vinegar after baking the bread.
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