Keto Asian cabbage stir-fry

This keto stir fry has a telling nickname: crack slaw. Yes, it really is that good! Easy to make. Amazingly tasty. No wonder people find it addicting!
This keto stir fry has a telling nickname: crack slaw. Yes, it really is that good! Easy to make. Amazingly tasty. No wonder people find it addicting!
4 servingservings


  • 123 lbs 750 g green cabbage
  • 5 oz. 150 g butter
  • 113 lbs 600 g ground beef
  • 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • ¼ teaspoon ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
  • 2 2 garlic clovegarlic cloves
  • 3 3 scallion, in slicesscallions, in slices
  • 1 teaspoon 1 teaspoon chili flakes
  • 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, finely chopped or grated
  • 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon sesame oil
Wasabi mayonnaise
  • 1 cup 225 ml mayonnaise
  • ½ - 1 tablespoon ½ - 1 tablespoon wasabi paste


  1. Shred the cabbage finely using a sharp knife or a food processor.
  2. Fry the cabbage in 2–3 ounces (60–90 g) butter in a large frying or wok pan on medium-high heat, but don't let the cabbage turn brown. It takes a while for the cabbage to soften.
  3. Add spices and vinegar. Stir and fry for a couple of minutes more. Put the cabbage in a bowl.
  4. Melt the rest of the butter in the same frying pan. Add garlic, chili flakes and ginger and sauté for a few minutes.
  5. Add ground meat and brown until the meat is thoroughly cooked and most of the juices have evaporated. Lower the heat a little.
  6. Add scallions and cabbage to the meat. Stir until everything is hot. Add salt and pepper to taste, and top with the sesame oil before serving.
  7. Mix together the wasabi mayonnaise by starting with a small amount of wasabi and adding more until the flavor is just right. Serve the stir-fry warm with a dollop of wasabi mayonnaise on top.


Want variety? Replace the beef with ground chicken, pork or lamb.

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  1. maria
    I just made the recipe for two servings, then I can have leftovers for another meal. Just delicious and fulfilling. Highly Recommended
  2. Kerstin Thompson
    What are the macros for this dish?
  3. Farlig
    Found this to be a bit bland for my liking & too fatty - will spice it up with black bean or oyster sauce next time, more garlic & chili & reduce the amount of butter called for.
  4. Cristi S
    Important: Please tell your software developer to find a better and more visible way to show the nutrition information. I just discovered it when you move your mouse over the green spot, or the "Nutrition" label. But this is bad design, a large number of users will not be able to "guess" it. The info (which is also important!) should be also fixed and always visible in such a recipe page.
  5. Nancy Smith
    You say not to put the scallion in until at the end is this right? Doesn't seem like it would have time to cook
  6. Janet
    Delicious! I used green onions as I could not find scallions in my grocery store. I also added a touch of coconut aminos to the browned meat. So good. Will make this one again. 😊👍🏽
  7. Kristina McNeil
    I have a daughter who is 14 and 199 pounds. We tried Atkins. I lost 30 lbs. She didn't like the foods. She found your diet online so we are switching to Keto! This recipe was fantastic! Can't wait to try more! Going to try steak slivers sometime!
    Thanks for all of the free resources, we will keep you posted!
  8. Nikki
    This was very good and easy to prepare. Literally, starting the challenge tonight, so my first recipe I made. I’m a bit concerned about how many calories (980 calories) are in 1 serving of this dish, especially if it was to go in rotation of “meals to cook” once I’m on my own. My recipe ended up with 3 portions/servings and My values via Fitness Pal were the following for 1 serving:
    Calories: 980
    Fat 96
    Carbs 8.6
    Protein 22.9
    Fiber 3
    Does this look/feel right to you? My calorie intake on this meal alone was about 85% of my allotted total. I want to still stay within a good calorie range while doing these recipes. I’m guessing net carb was 5.6 which if correct fits the Keto theme. I’m just concerned about these other numbers. Perhaps my Fitness Pal input skills aren’t accurate? Any guidance is much appreciated to ensure I lose and don’t gain!
    Reply: #70
  9. kungaa
    I made it today; instead of using meat (vegetarian) I used my veggie crumbles; Quorn is the best.
    and did not have scallion so I used finely chopped onion and rice vinegar for the white wine; only used 1 tsp because it is rice vinegar. and I did substitute sour cream for the mayonnaise; it was incredible thank you.
  10. sherri
    Hubby and I both loved this recipe! He of course added his beloved Sriracha sauce, but I was fine with the wasabi mayo. Will definitely make again, maybe with pork and the spices mentioned in some of these posts. Thanks so much for this website!
  11. Brenda
    I don't like mayo, dijon mustard or wasabi. Has anyone tried this with a garlic mayo?
  12. Laurie
    Absolutely delicious! Trying to gain weight so I loved all the fat.
  13. shawn
    Replace the butter with coconut oil and add some Soy Sauce during the last phase, and this dish is phenomenal for Keto.

    I also subbed in Sambal paste for the chili flakes - way more flavor.

    This is a very cool recipe. I used pork chop steak strips to raving success. If you say this recipe has too much fat, clearly you don't keto bro. Lol. But can easily be transformed to whatever your needs. The Hubs and I loved it. I loved the ease of prep and we were both blown away by the flavor. Two words. Wasabi. Mayo. 😂 Great job. Delish!
    Go to Keto & Iron group on Facebook to see the pic.
  16. Tony
    I dont eat pork, what can i substitute the bacon and pepperoni for?
  17. Monique Zwart
    I tried this recipe today after being on a keto diet for two months. It is so simple to make and yet so delicious. I added soy sauce to mine, but it came out really nice. I look forward to trying more of these recipes.
  18. Dolores Duff
    I'm excited to get started. Thank you for making it simple enough to understand.
  19. Bijo
    Hello .. I am not getting wasabi mayonnaise and paste. Can you please give me some alternative
  20. Shirley
    Everybody needs to quit focusing on calories, etc. Keto is not that kind of diet. I have been on Keto since January and have lost 23 lbs. Look up ketosis on the website or the web. It really works. Once your body is in ketosis it begins to burn fat. I'm telling you (everyone) you have to understand the science behind ketosis. Forget what you thought you knew. I promise if you just follow the meal plan the weight just falls off.
    Replies: #71, #77
  21. Angela
    can you batch cook and freeze this recipe for later?
  22. Angel
    This was really good, but wow does it need a HUGE pan to fit everything in! I ended up using a gigantic wok just to make 4 servings. I could not wrap my head around putting mayo on this, so I skipped that and had a fat bomb snack instead. Next time, I'll just add the wasabi paste for a little extra kick.
  23. Monique Daskalakis
    First meal in the week keto trial and what a winner dinner! My fussy 9yr old son loved it as well as my husband altho they had rice with it.
    Quick easy, simple ingredients and very tasty especially with the wasabi mayo. Crack slaw indeed!
  24. Shelly
    Are these macros correct? I’m questioning the fat. I’m finding that there’s 88g of fat in a pound of ground chuck.
  25. Anna
    Has anyone used red cabbage??
  26. Matt P
    Shirley, I am a big proponent of Keto, too, but I'm afraid science does not "support" not tracking calories. Calories in HAVE to be less than calories out if you are going to burn fat. Period. There isn't some magical keto function your body snaps into after you start the diet where unlimited fats will be used for energy. If you eat over your total daily energy expenditure, you will still store fat.
  27. Ashley
    First keto meal made! I thought the flavor was great- I used Trader Joe’s wasabi mayo. Cons- I found it to be really greasy despite shorting the butter by an ounce. I did use 80/20 beef though so maybe that’s why.
  28. Amy
    Wow, this is incredibly delicious!
  29. Guida
    Starting my challenge tonight
    Very exciting
  30. Christina
    My husband loves this. We add heat with chili. Even our 4 year old son loves it! I find the trick to keto recipes is to marinate the meat over night.
  31. Bambi
    Please format the recipe to print on 1 page.
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