Cooking keto: Halloumi fries with avocado dip

Forget everything you think you know about halloumi cheese and let us introduce you to an improved, crunchier and crispier version of this delicacy. Salty halloumi fries with an irresistibly creamy avocado dip. A divine low-carb snack or a full meal? You decide!

Watch the video above and feel free to share it. Here’s the full written recipe:

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  1. Derya
    Andreas - the video is cool, but the YouTube link to „35 unbelievable cooking hacks“ isn’t.
    No ads policy...???
  2. maryann
    What is Halloumi Cheese and where do you get it ??
    Reply: #7
  3. Cathi (me)
    Trader Joe’s has it lately
  4. Shawn C
    Halloumi is available seasonally at the Trader Joes in St. Louis, I'm no sure if it's like that everywhere.
  5. Ri
    Halloumi is available at whole foods, fresh market, trader joes (apparently), and even regular places like publix and kroger, the bigger ones. Also any boutique "European" grocery stores. Paneer is similar and would probably work just as well and is available at any Indian grocery store.
  6. Nadean
    I live in Ontario and buy haloumi cheese at Costco
  7. Moonwitchy
    Publix now carries it in the gourmet cheese section. ☺️
  8. Denise
    I'm in Vancouver, BC and get it at PC Superstore
  9. Jae
    Can you use any other cheese?
    Reply: #12
  10. Gentiann
    You can use panela, a mexican cheese.
  11. Anne
    If you use paneer instead of halloumi, make sure to flavour the paneer with salt (and possibly other spices like curacumin and cayenne). Halloumi is salty with menthe (mint), paneer is yummy but without salt/flavour unless you add it. I would suggest marinating the paneer in a few table spoons of oil and curacumin and cayenne, for a few minutes.
  12. Ernesto
    Queso tropical de freir. Translation- tropical cheese for frying.

    Can you use any other cheese?

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