Low-carb and keto ground beef recipes

Low-carb and keto ground-beef recipes

Your freezer is your friend in the low-carb and keto kitchen. It helps you keep great food on hand, and it allows you to stock up whenever you come across a good deal at your grocery store.

Ground beef is one of the most versatile things to cook with. You can prepare it in a million and one ways, such as meatballs, hamburgers and meatloafs. You can also use it in lasagnas, casseroles, on pizzas and in pies.

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Good quality meats

We suggest aiming for the highest quality meat your budget will allow. The fat content in ground beef may vary, so checking labels is, as always, a good idea.

Even though the title says ground beef, you can substitute for pork, lamb or poultry if you prefer. It gives you great new flavors and adds variation to your meals.

So, whether you’re preparing dinner for one or feeding a crowd, we hope the recipes below will inspire you and kick your low-carb or keto cooking up a notch.


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Meal plan

Keto: Bacon appreciation week #1

The rumors are true! Since bacon is full of protein and fat with no carbs, you can eat bacon every day on a keto diet.

This week, we highlight our favorite recipes that include — you guessed it — bacon. In this meal plan, you will enjoy recipes like Keto cheeseburger meatloaf, Keto cobb salad, and Crispy bacon and kale with fried eggs.

What is it that makes bacon so addictive? Is it the aroma? Is it the sound of the bacon sizzling in the pan or the sight of the beautifully crisp, fatty meat? Perhaps you would agree that it’s the first salty, smoky bite. It’s no wonder why bacon is loved by many.

Pro tip: Make sure to buy good quality bacon without sugar. Check out our bacon guide for cooking tips and more helpful information. You can also mix it up by using turkey bacon or beef bacon in place of pork bacon.

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