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Low-Carb SnacksOccasional snacks can be fun. Festive. Crunchy! Make them low carb with these tasty recipes. Maybe you seek melt-in-your-mouth cheese puffscrispy onion rings… or a quick keto latté? We’ve got you covered with lots of options.

Or, check out this guide to ‘as is’ snack options that don’t require cooking.

But let’s get real. Low carb should actually help you say ‘goodbye’ to snacking. With filling full-fat meals, you should no longer feel hungry all the time. And when you aren’t hungry, don’t eat, right? (If you are still hungry between meals, try adding more fat. Check out our guide to adding healthy fat to your meals.)






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All recipes are gluten-free, low carb and free from artificial sweeteners. Click any recipe image for full recipe and nutrition panel.

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  1. Katrock
    This is an AMAZING site!!! Thank you for all of your hard work putting this together!!!! I have already shared with several of my friends. Having recipes makes the overwhelm of cooking go away. My husband and I are excited for our new eating adventure!!!! Thanks again! Smiles, Katrock
    Reply: #3
  2. Deb
    I would REALLY appreciate being able to count calories, if I choose to do so. I eat too much and do not lose weight if I do not stick to a certain caloric ceiling daily, as I am post-menopausal and that's just my metabolism. A ketogenic diet really keeps me from binging on carbs, but sometimes my hunger, even for fats and adequate protein is frustratingly wrong (i.e., too strong). Is it too much trouble for you to figure out and post with the recipes? I know some fellow dieters who haven't joined the site purely for that reason. When is too much information a bad thing? There are some of us who cannot lose weight without counting, pure and simple. Thank you!
    Reply: #4
  3. Katrock
    My husband and I lost weight right away and it was effortless!! Couldn't believe eating some of our favorite fatty foods that we thought were Off limits were what our body needed to lose weight! Love the recipes that give us a variety of choices! I can handle little or no carbs now! Feeling great and my energy is crazy good!
  4. Carol
    Just import the recipes into My Fitness Pal and it will figure out the macros per serving. You just need to copy & paste the URL where the recipe is and it'll import it or you can enter a recipe manually. It's very simple. Simply set up your profile on My Fitness Pal and enter your keto macro percentages. It can help you figure out your calorie intake or you can look up your recommended calorie intake somewhere else online.

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