Our top keto and low-carb pancake recipes and toppings

For many of us, pancakes conjure up happy memories of wonderfully lazy weekend mornings. When the smell of hot coffee and freshly cooked pancakes fills the air, it’s truly a moment to savor.

But, do we eat our pancakes with syrup? No, thank you! Toss out those old notions of heavy carb-loaded pancakes that leave you feeling tired, heavy, and hungry. Syrups and sugaring toppings will leave your blood glucose out of whack.

We are giving you back those lazy mornings with tasty keto and low-carb pancake recipes combined with healthy topping suggestions. Now, you’ll be able to create new memories of warm pancakes shared with people you love, minus the carbs.

Savory keto and low-carb pancakes

Savory pancakes can be enjoyed as part of any meal, but especially for breakfast. Imagine topping pancakes with crispy bacon and fried onion or a blend of cream cheese and pesto — a combo to please even your most discerning friends.

For an easy-to-make, elegant breakfast sandwich, try our version of a pancake-based keto Croque monsieur or keto Croque madame, which features a fried egg.

Savory pancakes don’t have to be the star of the show. They also make great sides. Try our cauliflower hash browns.

Pair them with a side of bacon or ham for an easy breakfast, or serve them alongside a steak or any grilled meat for a tasty dinner.

Savory pancake recipes

Sweet keto and low-carb pancakes

Sweet pancakes, including pancakes that use sugar substitutes, are best enjoyed in moderation as a dessert rather than breakfast.

It’s about breaking old bad habits and starting the day off with something that doesn’t taste sweet. Also, savory pancakes will keep you satisfied for longer because of their higher protein content.

Some of our favorite sweet-tasting keto pancakes use fruit or berries as a natural sweetener instead of sugar or sugar substitutes. We have even used bananas in some recipes.

Bananas are quite high in carbs but the greener the banana, the lower the carbs. Unripe or green bananas have resistant starch, which withstands digestion and has less impact on blood sugar and insulin release.

If your goal is to lose weight, however, you might choose to skip the higher carb pancakes, such as those with banana, for now, and go with the savory ones instead.

But these pancakes are perfect if you have already reached your goal and are enjoying a well balanced low-carb lifestyle, are physically active, or as a healthy treat for your kids.

Sweeter pancake recipes

Savory or sweet keto pancakes for every palate

Finally, we have several unsweetened pancake recipes that can be topped any way you like.

Savory toppings

Use your imagination for savory toppings such as:

  • smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • ham, cheese and tomato
  • poached egg and hollandaise sauce
  • shredded chicken and mayo
  • pulled pork and cheese
  • mozzarella and basil


Sweet toppings

Or try some of our sweet suggestions like:


Our latest pancake recipes

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