Low carb and keto on a budget

People often think that eating low carb and keto is expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Check out our money-saving tips and budget-friendly recipes below.


Budget-friendly breakfasts

Eggs are always a great choice for breakfast but especially when on a budget. If you want an egg-free alternative, we suggest cheese roll-ups or if you’re not too hungry, a cup of coffee with full-fat cream.

Here are 12 of our top budget-friendly breakfast recipes.


Budget-friendly meals

Keeping meals simple helps staying on budget. That doesn’t mean eating boring or bland food. How about tuna casserole, chicken wings or hamburger gratin? These dishes also make for great lunch boxes which can save you a lot of money compared to eating out.

Here are 12 of our top budget-friendly meals.


Budget-friendly sides

When in season you can find fresh produce like cabbage, green beans, broccoli and zucchinis for next to nothing. The rest of the year we suggest saving money by opting for frozen alternatives.

Here are 12 of our top budget-friendly side dish recipes.


Budget-friendly dessert

Yes, dessert can be part of a low-carb diet. It’s best to keep them for special occasions as they’re not necessary to achieve weight loss goals, but sometimes a sweet treat hits the spot and helps keep you on track.

Here are 12 of our top budget-friendly dessert recipes.

Our #1 money-saving tip!

Eat enough protein and fat. When following a keto or low-carb diet, your priorities should be restricting carbohydrates, eating enough protein, and adjusting fat as needed for satiety and weight loss goals.

Eating more protein and/or more calories from fat keeps you satiated for longer which means you can go longer between meals. Not having to snack constantly to keep hunger at bay is the best money-saving tip, all on its own!

Want to learn more? Check out our guides on how much protein you should eat and how to eat more fat.

If you want to take it one step further you could potentially combine your healthy low-carb diet with intermittent fasting (skipping meals) which will not only save you money but will also boost fat loss among other health benefits.

More money-saving tips

  1. Keep it simple. The fewer ingredients you need, the less money you’ll spend. Our keto cheese omelet will cost around $3 on average. Compare that to a Big Mac that costs over $5 on average in 2020.
  2. Choose cheaper cuts. Ground meat and chicken thighs are typically cheaper than steak and chicken breast. Or better yet, buy a whole chicken and to cut it into pieces. You can even use the carcass to make chicken broth.
  3. Buy seasonal. Use fresh vegetables when they are in season, buy frozen the rest of the year.
  4. Look for deals. Stock up on items that you can freeze as well as non-perishable items.