30+ keto and low-carb pasta and noodle recipes

Traditional pasta dishes are loaded with carbs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of your old favorites. We’ve lightened up the carbs and loaded up the flavor in these healthier versions of classic pasta recipes.

When it comes to replacing pasta, you have lots of options. Use veggie substitutes, commercial noodle replacement products, or DIY your own low-carb or keto pasta with our recipes.


Vegetable pasta substitutes

Veggie substitutes like zoodles (zucchini noodles), cabbage, cauliflower, or rutabaga can be a healthier alternative to pasta.

When sliced in the shape of noodles, blanched cabbage resembles the texture of noodles with little flavor. Zucchini can be spiralized or sliced horizontally for ribboned noodles.

Cauliflower florets chopped into smaller pieces become tender and add a pasta-like texture to soups or casserole dishes. Rutabaga can also be spiralized or cut into strips for your favorite pasta recipes.

Top 3 veggie pasta prep and cooking tips

  1. Don’t overcook them. Typically, a quick blanche will do when topping veggie noodles with your favorite sauce.
    Briefly, pan-frying on high heat with a bit of oil is another way to get them warm and tender but not mushy.
  2. Remove the moisture leached from vegetables. Vegetables like zucchini have a lot of water. When tossed into a dish, the moisture can lead to a thin, watery sauce.

    Try salting zucchini noodles and laying them out to dry on a clean towel. You can also press them between towels to remove moisture.

  3. Cut them into the best shape for the dish you’re making. A spiralizer will make thin shreds that resemble spaghetti noodles, ideal for cold salads or when quickly preparing a base for sauces.
    Cutting vegetables into strips yields a thicker “pasta” and works well for baked dishes, like casseroles and soups. These thicker strips will hold up to longer cooking times without becoming too soft.

Keto or low-carb pasta recipes

When veggie noodle substitutes won’t do, you can make your own keto or low-carb pasta.

Let’s start with the classics like Keto lasagna, Keto gnocchi with homemade pesto, or a Keto pasta that’s perfect with your favorite Alfredo sauce or even a creamy blue cheese sauce.

We’ll show you how to make your own keto and low-carb pasta favorites with these delicious recipes!

Italian pasta levitating on a white background

What to think about when buying keto pasta?

If a vegetable or home-made low-carb pasta doesn’t scratch the itch for old favorites, there are some reasonably good commercial alternatives.

Be sure to check the ingredients list, as well as the nutrition panel. Keto options will likely include glucomannan, which is made from the konjac root. Some brands might have oat fiber added, which helps to improve the texture. These are good keto options.

Avoid those made with flour or starches that result in higher-carb serving sizes. You can learn more from our foods to avoid. For tips about reading nutrition labels, this guide might also come in handy.