Low-carb pies

Our delicious meat pie is one of the most popular low-carb recipes on our site (out of more than 500). Have you tried it yet?

Alternatively, you might like our vegetarian options, like the avocado pie or spinach and goat cheese pie better? Below, you’ll find recipes for those pies and all the other pie recipes we have so far.

Traditionally, a pie crust is made with wheat flour which makes it very high in carbs, and it contains gluten which causes problems for a lot of people. If you want to, you can leave the crust out all together and just enjoy the filling. After all, that’s where the flavors are anyway. But if you still like a crunchy crust for your pie, check out our recipes with crusts made with nut flours.

Our pies are great for buffés, potlucks and works wonders as a lunch or dinner. They are best served slightly warm and if there’s any left, they freeze great.

What’s your favorite pie? Please tell us in the comments below and we’ll keep that in mind for upcoming photo sessions.

Savory and sweet pie recipes

  1. Keto meat pieKeto meat pie
  2. Keto cheese pieKeto cheese pie




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Do you have a great low-carb recipe that you want to share? We can cook it, photograph it and publish it here on the site, with your name on it. Or maybe you have a traditional recipe you want us to make a low-carb version of. Please send us an e-mail at kristin@dietdoctor.com with your suggestions on how to make our recipes better. Alternatively, leave a comment below.


  1. lizguini
    The meat pie is by far my favorite recipe on this site. I make it differently every time according to what I have on hand and what flavors I'm in the mood for. I find it tastes better the next day and when I make it I'll eat it for lunch the next few days. It's good with a dollop of sour cream and hot sauce! Sometimes I'll add lettuce and tomatoes.
  2. Sharon Goodman
    I now use pretty much only recipes from Diet Doctor- they are so good!
    I would love to have some pie recipes that do not use almond flour. I have a nut allergy- so this is a problem. Is there a way to make a pie crust with coconut flour?

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