Happy low-carb and keto holidays!

Ho-ho-ho! The holidays are here and it’s time to celebrate with family and friends. Food is often front-and-center at holiday gatherings. So let us inspire you with lots of low-carb and keto ideas for delicious dishes to share with the people you cherish the most.
Yes, you can make the holidays delicious AND low carb. We know from experience that a keto offering — like our fabulous charcuterie platter — can be so broadly appealing, it is often the first dish that gets polished off at a potluck buffet. So when you attend parties and dinners, don’t be shy about sharing your favorite keto recipe with friends. First and foremost, you will ensure that you have something you love to eat that keeps you feeling great and on-plan. Plus, you never know — you could inspire a friend to give low carb a try. What a gift that would be!

Holiday traditions around the world vary. At Diet Doctor, we try to offer inspiration in as many places as possible. We would love to know about your favorite holiday fare. Are the dishes low carb by default or do you make modifications? Tell us about your holiday meals and treats in the comments below!

Happy Holidays from Team Diet Doctor!


Whether you are looking for an appetizer, something to munch on, or a dish for a holiday buffet, we’ve got you covered with our most elegant starters. With stand-out keto favorites like smoked salmon, stuffed mushrooms, and oven-baked brie, you can’t go wrong!


Do you seek traditional favorites like glazed ham and turkey with stuffing for your holiday feast? Or perhaps you want inspiration for something festive and new, like a lamb roast? Either way, our elegant main courses offer a tasty foundation for your holiday plate. You can feel confident building your special meal around any of these tried-and true recipes.


Sometimes, the accessories make the outfit. And sometimes, the veggie side dishes make the meal. Try our creamy roast cauliflower mash— so delicious, and perfect for enjoying gravy and juices. And check out our crowd-worthy green veggies like Brussels sprouts and green beans, too.

Sauces and dips

Bring on the special touches at this special time of year. Add rich, buttery accents with bacon butter or béarnaise sauce. Or a pop of color with cranberry sauce or pickled red onions. And don’t forget classically delicious ranch dip or blue cheese dressing. Indulge.


Going low carb doesn’t have to mean giving up bread. Do you prefer soft or crunchy? We’ve got both, keto-style! Your homemade loaf or crackers will add to your meal and then help you make sandwiches with the leftovers!


Fire places, blankets and hugs all work, but if you’re looking for something else to keep you warm or cap off your evening, we recommend these tasty drinks. Check out our low-carb drinks and alcohol guide to learn more.