Happy healthy holidays!

Food and gratitude are at the heart of many holiday traditions. As a special thank you to our members, we’ve put together the ultimate Holiday recipe guide full of amazing food in gratitude to you.

Our Holiday Recipe Guide includes 40 pages of members-only holiday recipes, stunning images, tips, and inspiration for your healthiest holiday season yet.

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Happy Holidays from the Diet Doctor Recipe Team!

Classic holiday recipes

We’ve curated a collection of past Diet Doctor low carb and keto holiday classics to make everyone’s holiday merry and bright. So scroll down if you wish to browse some of our most-loved seasonal recipes.

Low carb holiday appetizers

Whether you are looking for an appetizer for a holiday meal or an addition to a holiday buffet, we’ve got you covered with our most elegant starters.

Sauces and dips

Your keto and low carb holiday table will be tastier with our rich and buttery sauces. Use them to top cooked veggies, roasted meats, or one of our savory crackers.

Low carb bread

Our keto and low carb bread and cracker recipes will taste like a holiday miracle, especially when you can enjoy leftovers in a tasty sandwich!

Low carb holiday desserts

Our festive low carb cakes make the perfect centerpieces, and our single-serving desserts look beautiful in crystal glasses. Flavors like gingerbread, chocolate, and vanilla impress even the most discerning sweet tooth.


Sometimes there’s just no better way to celebrate a meal or a special evening than with a festive beverage. If you’re looking for a warming drink or a celebratory cocktail to top off your evening, we recommend these low carb or keto drinks. Check out our low carb drinks and alcohol guide to learn more.