Vegetarian low-carb inspiration

Vegetarian low-carb inspiration

Low carb doesn’t have to mean eating carnivore. We offer plenty of vegetarian choices, enjoyed by dedicated low-carb vegetarians and meat eaters alike. (These keto quesadillas are amazing. Just sayin’.)

If you choose a so-called lacto-ovo vegetarian way of eating, low carb will provide all the nutrients you need. Lacto-ovo means avoiding meat, poultry, and fish, while also eating vegetables, nuts, eggs, and dairy.

Keto vegetablesWhat vegetables are preferred on a keto diet? A rule of thumb is to avoid those that grow underground — and eat what grows above (read more about carbs in different vegetables).

Picking what’s in season is often the best option for many reasons. It’s easier to find organically and locally grown produce and they’re often more affordable.

Vegetarian meals

Use your imagination and creativity when putting together a vegetarian low-carb or keto meal. Whatever you decide to make, you can always add a bit of fat to your plant-based dish by slicing up some fresh avocado or topping it with a smooth dollop of mayo.

Experiment with different textures and seasonings to create your own favorite recipes.

Vegetarian sides

The ways to prepare vegetables to be great low-carb or keto side dishes are endless. Try different cooking methods and discover the many ways to enhance the wonderful flavors.

Even the most skeptic will have a hard time turning down broccoli fried in butter with a sprinkle of sea salt on top.