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Sometimes the secret is in the sauce. Creamy dressings. Buttery blends. Our easy homemade condiments help make keto fun, flavorful, and filling.

Welcome natural fat1 and flavor-packed spices back into your kitchen with these sauces and added touches. You’ll help keep hunger at bay and be ready to say ‘no’ to empty calories.

Check out our guide to low-carb fats and sauces to learn more about the carb content in popular store-bought items.

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All recipes are gluten-free, low carb and free from artificial sweeteners. Click any recipe image for full recipe and nutrition panel.

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  1. There’s no reason to fear natural fat, saturated or otherwise. It’s an old and failed theory that natural fat is anything but healthy, satiating and great food, full of vital fat-soluble nutrients.
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