The best low-carb and keto casseroles

Low-carb and keto casserole recipes

A warm, creamy and filling casserole is great for weeknights as well as for entertaining. They are easy to vary and can be adjusted to taste exactly the way you like them to. Basically, you can put pretty much anything in a casserole. Something to think about for the upcoming holidays and all the left-overs they usually bring.

Cooking a meal as a casserole dish often makes for easy clean-up and gives you time to spend on other things while the food is in the oven.

Among the recipes below you’ll find casseroles with meat, chicken, fish and even vegetarian alternatives. What’s your favorite casserole? Please share and inspire us in the comments below.

Keto casseroles

Low-carb casseroles


What’s your favorite casserole?

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  1. lynn
    love the recipes---can't wait to try!!
    the low carb idea is great!---but not crazy about the meat inclusion

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