Asparagus – low carb recipes for spring

Asparagus – 
low carb recipes for spring

The delicate asparagus comes in green, white and even purple. They’re all really tasty and packed with nutrients. At the same time, they’re low in carbs (about 2-3 %), easy to cook and very versatile. Here you’ll find some inspiration for this lovely spring super veggie.

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How to cook it

Asparagus is perfect as a side dish or why not enjoy it as a delicious appetizer along with flavored butter or Hollandaise Sauce? Simple, but amazingly good!

The asparagus can be prepared in lots of different ways. Rinse and bend the spear until it snaps and throw the woody end away. White asparagus, which actually grows underground, you’ll also need to peel. You can choose to grill, butter-fry, boil in lightly salted water, bake in the oven or why not try to “bread” them in parmesan and deep-fry them?

Asparagus only needs a short cooking time, and you want to keep its texture and beautiful color. In addition, green asparagus can also be enjoyed raw together with a dip or in a salad.


Asparagus is primarily a spring vegetable with a very short season. While not in season, feel free to use frozen asparagus which often contain just as much nutrients as the fresh ones and can be cooked in the same way when thawed. Actually, the frozen asparagus is even to prefer if you intend to mix it into a good and creamy soup.


Asparagus contains few carbohydrates, about 2.4%, and high levels of vitamin C and A, folic acid, potassium, iron and calcium.



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