Quick low-carb and keto dinners

Time is precious. Most of us have a limited amount of it to spend on cooking, but we still want to eat and serve healthy and delicious food. Luckily there’s a solution to that problem.

No matter if you had a long day and don’t feel like spending your evening in the kitchen or just want something quick and delish with a few ingredients in no time, the recipes below are a roster of reliably quick and easy dinners. Rewarding with minimal effort, they’re low carb, great tasting and they all take 5, 15 or 30 minutes to prepare — including cooking time. Not only will they revitalize your usual dinner routines, but they will also satisfy those needy taste buds.

If you feel like saving up some time in advance, cook more than you need and put the leftovers in your freezer. That way you’ll always have a satiating low-carb meal waiting for you when you need it.

5-minute wonders

It could hardly get any quicker than these almost instant dinners. Check out our top speedy and tasty meals that won’t take up your time and still satisfy your tastebuds.

15-minute dinner treats

Get these delicious meals on the dinner table with no fuss! Super quick and super easy.

30-minute dinner ideas

If you have some more time but still want to keep it simple, here are some ideas to bring to the dinner table.