Our top keto mayonnaise recipes

Top 8 quick & easy keto mayonnaise recipes

A good quality mayonnaise is a staple in a lot of low-carb and keto households. For a good reason! It’s a delicious way to add fat to your meal. Are you still worried that natural fat might be bad for you? It’s not. Check out our low-carb controversies guide.

Store-bought mayonnaise often contains both low-quality fats and sugars so be sure to check the ingredients. Or better yet – make your own! It takes some elbow grease or a mixer and the patience to add the oil really slow in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, it’s no big deal. Below you’ll find our top 8 mayonnaise recipes.

What’s your favorite flavoring when it comes to mayonnaise? Please leave a comment below.


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