Flavored butter recipes

Flavored butter recipes

Butter has a unique ability to bring out flavors in the food it’s served with. Added spices and herbs make the possibilities for great meals endless.

Just picture a nice lamb chop with a dollop of herb butter melting on top… or freshly cooked artichokes with lusciously whipped lemon butter. Yum!

Flavored butter is a great thing to keep on hand when on a low-carb diet. You can make big batches and store them like singe servings, or make a big roll and keep in the freezer for up to a month (wrapped in plastic or in an airtight container).

Even people who limit dairy often enjoy real butter, since butter even though it’s made from milk contains only trace amounts of milk protein (casein) and sugar (lactose).

Here’s what’s really great. For decades many people believed that saturated fats – like butter – were bad for our health. Now we know that was just a mistake – butter’s fine. There’s every reason to eat it if you like it (and who doesn’t?).

Below you´ll find our tastiest recipes for flavored butter. Enjoy!