Low-carb fats and sauces – the best and the worst

What are the best and the worst fats and sauces on a low-carb diet? It’s an important question as a low-carb diet needs to be high in fat to be sustainable (here’s why). For more information on fat’s role in the body, what happens to the body when you eat it and whether to worry about cholesterol, take a look at our written guide to fat on a low carb or keto diet.

There are tons of great options for adding more fat to your diet, but there are also some not-so-good ones. For more details, please check out this visual guide. The lower-carb options are to the left:

Low-Carb Fats and Sauces

The numbers represent grams of net carbs per 100 gram (3½ ounces).1 The green foods contain less than 5 percent carbs – a good basic rule of thumb for a keto low-carb diet.

Note: these are general numbers so please keep in mind that they may vary between different brands. To be on the safe side, read the nutrition facts label on the back.


LowCarb_mustard_ketchup_2Mustard vs. ketchup

Should a low-carber choose mustard or ketchup?

Well, ketchup generally contains a lot more carbs than mustard does, but some kinds of mustard also have a lot of sugar added, so choose sugar-free mustard, like for example Dijon. Check the nutrition facts to make sure.


Ribs, BBQ sauce and carbs (sugar)BBQ issues

Please note that store-bought BBQ sauce is loaded with sugar. Those glazed ribs may look nice, but there’s quite a load of sugar on them. Remove to stay low carb. Or decide to eat anyway, knowing what you’re doing.

Low-carb BBQ guide

fat-rounded800How to eat more fat

Fat is satiating, and it makes food taste great. But how do you make sure that you eat enough on a keto diet… and not too much? A basic rule is to eat what you need to feel satisfied, but not much more.

Here are the top 10 ways to eat more fat


Detailed list and recipes for low-carb fats & sauces

Below is a detailed list of carbs in fats and low-carb sauces. The number is net carbs per 100 gram (3½ ounces).

Do you want to make your own low-carb sauce, or use fat? Follow the links for awesome recipes.

Flavored butter recipes
Butter 0
Coconut oil 0
Vinaigrette 0
Mayonnaise 1
Béarnaise sauce 2
Top low-carb and keto dips and dressings
Hollandaise sauce 2
Ranch dip 2
Aioli 2
Mustard 2
Guacamole 3
Thousand islands dressing 3
Heavy cream 3
Soy sauce 4
Blue-cheese dressing 4
Salsa 6
Pesto 8
Tomato paste 15





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  1. Net carbs = digestible carbs, i.e. total carbs minus fiber.


  1. anna@hanninger.se
    Jag saknar (eller hittar inte?) mer om fetter. Vilka är nyttiga och vilka är inte, och varför. Många påstår ju att mättat fett är livsfarligt och ger högt kolesterol.
    Jag letar vidare. :-)
  2. Jens

    All carbs, except fiber turns into sugur in your body. So, Carbs = sugar for your body. The less carbs/sugar you eat the less fat/bad cholesterol will end up in your blood. So go low carb and you don't have to worry about saturated fat. Table sugar is the worst. The 50% fructose part can only be processed in the liver... makes bad cholesterol and fat. Besides a biproduct is uric acid which drives your blood pressure up over time. Get rid of table sugar/Sucrose completely and you have made a huge leap away from life style deceases.

  3. Daniela Ortu
    what about mayo?
  4. Joke Vortman
    Can we drink milk???
  5. K Kennedy
    While you have an asterisk by the carb count for mustard, you REALLY need to readdress that number. Classic mustard has NO CARBS...0%. Putting 6* is VERY misleading. After checking ALL the varieties of French's brand mustard (and there are 9 ) Only BBQ Mustard has a significant carb count of 14g which is obvious given is BBQ. All others were 1g or less.
  6. Lee
    How is this diet on the liver?
  7. Generic
    Is it also suitable for toddlers?
  8. Mark
    Milk & yoghurt?
  9. Camille
  10. stephanie vaillancourt
    What is the best level of ketosis for weight loss??
    Reply: #11
  11. J
    The level does not change anything. As long as you are showing signs of ketosis and maintaining a caloric deficit, you should lose weight.
  12. Leonie
    Well I am in a proper quandry....I started on the low carb diet late last year and lost weight....over the last couple of months, the weight has crept back on.....because of my success earlier on, I started to get adventurous and added more fats to my diet...cooking in butter, adding homemade mayonnaise to meals, making the occasional keto dessert.....and I mean like twice only.....I was snacking on cheese and nuts only.....and I was fearful of adding more fat to my diet. I strayed a little yes, but never ate potatoes, grains or bread...so thought that overall I was ok.....I had a blood test last week and my bad cholestrol was up - 4.7!!! I was really so disappointed in that....it can only be the added fats that caused this surely....I have lost my way, it looks like....I only eat the low carb veges, no below ground veges at all! I love the way I feel on the Keto way of eating. I only eat breakfast max 3 times per week and do intermittent fasting the other days.....
  13. Paulette
    What about peanut butters? Can they be eaten at all?
  14. liz
    normally before my work out, I drink protein powder mixed with water, it's very low on sugar can I still drink it?
  15. Sam O
    Is that standard shop bought Mayonaisse?
  16. Lorri
    The one thing to keep in mind about any sauce/condiment in the USA, is the fact that a TBS portion that has 0.9 carbs may be listed as 0 carbs per serving. If you use 5 TBS of that condiment, you will have ingested 4.5 carbs, which is over 20% of my daily KETO carb count. The only way to determine whether the carb count is truly zero is to look at the ingredients--if there is some form of sugar in there, there are carbs in there, too. Virtually every prepared mayonnaise in the USA has cane sugar or fructose in it. Label reading is the best tool to determine what is best. Good Luck!
  17. Abdullah
    Some heavy cream contains some sugar, is this normal to eat ?
  18. Charles Meeks
    What about ranch.
    Reply: #19
  19. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Ranch can be an excellent option. Make sure and watch out for added sugars or starches, that can vary by brand. If you'd like to make a ranch dip, here's a recipe you may enjoy!


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