Dr. Bret Scher, MD

bret-scherDr. Bret Scher is a board certified cardiologist and lipidologist practicing in San Diego and licensed to practice in seven states. He’s our full-time Medical Director, writes medical blogs, reviews guides and news stories for medical accuracy and hosts The Diet Doctor Podcast.

Dr. Scher’s main focus is on preventing and reversing heart disease naturally rather than putting patients on medication and performing surgery. When he started his own preventative wellness center he was introduced to the whole low-carb world. Being a bit skeptical at first, he was soon convinced by the benefits of a low-carb diet.

In Dr. Scher’s many patients suffering from heart disease, he found that there was a big overlap with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. It was all very interrelated. When he started treating his patients who suffered from heart disease with a low-carb diet, he could quickly see signs of improvements or even full reversal in all of these diseases.

Dr. Scher has also obtained specialized certifications in functional medicine, nutrition, personal training, and behavior modification.

He is also the author of the book Your best health ever!1, and he has a blog and website at lowcarbcardiologist.com.

The Diet Doctor Podcast


Dr. Scher's personal story, by Anne Mullens, Feb 2019


Dr. Scher is on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you want to contact Dr. Scher you can also send an email to bret@dietdoctor.com. Please note that Dr. Scher can’t give personal medical advice about diet or health via email.


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Potential conflicts of interest

Updated August 8, 2019.

Dr. Scher has a full-time contract agreement with DietDoctor.com to serve as Medical Director, run the Diet Doctor Podcast, write medical blogs, and review guides and news stories for medical accuracy. Like every coworker, he also gets the option to become a co-owner in the Diet Doctor company.

He receives book royalties from Your Best Health Ever: A Cardiologist’s Surprisingly Simple Guide to What Really Works.

Dr. Scher is the owner of Boundless Health, Inc, a virtual online health coach consulting service aimed at improving people’s lives through lifestyle interventions.

Dr. Scher eats a low-carb diet.



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