Try higher fat keto to prevent migraines and cluster headaches

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Which low-carb diet is right for you — a higher protein version or a higher fat version? The answer depends on your health conditions and your health goals.

Recently, Diet Doctor has been promoting higher protein, low-carb options to help maximize weight loss, prevent stalls, and improve body composition by reducing body fat.

But some people might want to stick to a low-carb keto diet that focuses on higher fat and moderate protein.

Is that you?

If you suffer from frequent migraines or cluster headaches, for example, you might want to keep eating a traditional higher fat keto diet to keep your headaches at bay.

As our guide on ketogenic diets for migraines and cluster headaches explains, their causes are not completely known. But it is thought that, like epilepsy, inflammation, chemical imbalance, and brain energy deficits may be at play.

Strong evidence has existed for more than a century that high-fat keto diets can help reduce the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures.

Recently, keto diets are being researched to see whether they can have similar results with migraines and cluster headaches. Anecdotal evidence is also growing that a high-fat keto diet can reduce headache frequency.

So if headache treatment or neurological improvements are at the top of your health goal list, read our migraine and cluster headache guide to determine if a low-carb, higher-fat keto approach is right for you.

Diet Doctor, in its recipes, meal plans, and evidence-based information, will help empower you to experiment to find the level of fat and protein that get the best results for you, while keeping your carbs low.


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