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How Gina Really Healed Herself from Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome


Before and after

Gina was recently featured in [a certain] Magazine’s ‘Half their Size 2017’ issue. According to [the magazine]:

“I overhauled my entire diet,” says the Port St. Lucie, Florida, resident, who gave up sugar, processed foods and swapped starches like pasta for veggie-heavy salads. Lassales also started wearing a Fitbit and talking long walks. Now she logs about 15,000 steps per day.”

She started off at 300 pounds and now weighs 120 pounds according to the website. Reading the article, it appears that she ate small meals throughout the day and increased her exercise for walking.

This is the classic ‘Eat Less, Move More’ prescription that we’ve all been taught. It has been spectacularly unsuccessful for the great majority of people, so how did it succeed for her?

Well, the truth is that you can’t always believe what you read. Continue Reading →


“Here I Am Seven Months Later and I Rarely Suffer from Migraines”

Before and after

Before and after

Natalie suffered greatly from migraines. She realized that keeping her blood sugar levels low was vital for avoiding migraines, and decided to try a low-carb diet in order to keep it in check.

This is what has happened after seven months: Continue Reading →


“I Ditched the Bread, Pasta, Rice and Potatoes”

Before and after

Before and after

Andy gained weight and had a hard time losing it on low-fat diets. He always felt hungry and eventually gave up.

Then, three years ago he stumbled across ketogenic diets on the internet. Here’s what happened when he tried one. Continue Reading →


Why an Orthopedic Surgeon Recommends an LCHF Diet

Why are some people obese and some people thin, despite eating the same things? That’s what orthopedic surgeon Christopher Gorczynski asked himself when a couple walked in to his clinic one day, and the wife was heavy while the husband was thin. Despite the fact that they ate the same foods!

After some research, including reading The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz, Dr. Gorczynski realized that the weight loss advice that he was giving his patients – eat less, exercise more – simply didn’t work. Instead, he tried an LCHF diet on himself, and 25 pounds (11 kg) melted off. He also lost his hypertension and his migraine headaches!

YourorthoMD: Dr. Gorczynski’s Recommended Diet

It’s great to read that more and more medical professionals are starting to realize that the advice that has been given to patients for decades not only is outdated, but also completely wrong.

Is your doctor recommending an LCHF diet yet?

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“She Finally Feels Good and It Warms My Heart”


The little girl Alicia suffered from severe migraines – until her mother Isabelle decided to take out sugar from her diet. This is what happened:

The E-mail


The story I’m going to tell is about my daughter Alicia, age 7, who suffers from terrible migraines that have gotten worse over time. She throws up and has to lay down in a dark, silent room for many hours, completely unable to do anything. Last fall she had several migraines per week. I went to the doctor, like so many times before. They increased the dosage of her blood pressure medicine.

I called for X-rays and a thorough screening. It showed “nothing of significance”. After Christmas, doctors prescribed pills that she were to take six times per day. This made me feel that we’ve had enough. I thought that we should try eliminating sugar from her diet and see what would happen. We allow her to have stevia, erythritol and fruit (or should I say us, because we didn’t want her to feel alone with her new diet).

She didn’t have a single migraine episode in January until she had sugar on the 30th when she had a party. We were able to lower her dosage. As of today (26th of April), she hasn’t had another migraine episode since the 1st of January, other than three times when she consumed sugar. She went completely off her medications two months ago.

She finally feels good and it warms my heart. I hope that this story can serve as an inspiration. Especially to other children that suffer from migraines. And then again, we weren’t people who consumed a lot of sugar before either.

Best, Isabelle

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Losing 143 Pounds in a Year with LCHF

Before and after

Before and after 365 days

Janne’s friend had sausages, cheese and béarnaise sauce during their movie night – he ate LCHF. This made Janne want to try it himself. At 353 lbs (160 kg) he felt that he didn’t have anything to lose, even though the dietitian had discouraged him.

Here’s what happened in a year: Continue Reading →


“Even If the Scale Isn’t Changing, My Body Is”

Before and after

Before and after

Women approaching middle age may have a difficult time losing weight – sometimes even on LCHF.

Bitte Björkman shares her story here: Continue Reading →


School Refuses to Serve Food that Keeps Student Healthy

Before and after

Before and after

Emil Elmqvist, 17 years old, didn’t just lose 66 lbs (30 kg) when he began eating an LCHF diet. He also lost his troublesome migraines, which is a common positive side effect of LCHF.

But when Emil – with a doctor’s note – asked for such school lunches in order to avoid migraines and maintain his weight, the answer was: no. The school physician apparently suggested that he take drugs for his migraines instead.

Dagbladet: School refuses Emil special diet (Google translated from Swedish)

The school nurse said she didn’t dare to take responsibility for what could happen if Emil were allowed to eat himself lean and healthy, without needing any medications. Because that sounds… dangerous.

What do you think?

Have you tried LCHF for migraines? What happened? Continue Reading →


Spectacular Study on Heart Failure and the Supplement CoQ10


Can a safe dietary supplement dramatically prolong life for people with heart failure? Yes, if we can believe the results from a new study.

The study enrolled people with severe heart failure. This is a condition where the heart can barely pump blood around the body any more. This, for example, after previous heart attacks have damaged the heart (a broken heart, literally). People with severe heart failure run a large risk of dying within a few years.

The study tested the dietary supplement coenzyme Q10 in heart failure. CoQ10 is an endogenous cholesterol-like substance involved in energy production in the cells. Particularly the heart contains a lot of Q10, probably because it takes so much energy  to constantly pump blood. Q10 is also found in the food that we eat, particularly in meat and fish.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs, known as statins, are used by almost all people with heart disease. Interestingly enough, statins also reduce the production of the cholesterol-like substance Q10, and deficiency in Q10 has been shown to worsen the prognosis in heart failure. So what happens if you supplement with the substance?

Half of the study’s 420 participants with severe heart failure received supplementation with 300 mg CoQ10 daily for two years. The other half received a placebo. What do you think happened? Continue Reading →