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Some Common Benefits of Eating Low Carb


A low-carb diet brings many benefits other than control of type 2 diabetes – such as reduced weight, improved cholesterol profile, lower blood pressure and better markers of liver health (as illustrated by Dr. David Unwin in the picture above).

His patients have clearly benefited greatly from eating real food with few carbohydrates. If you’re curious about how to reap the same benefits and more, then check out our videos and our guides below.

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Triglycerides and Heart Disease – What’s the Connection?

Medical stethoscope with clipboard and heart on blue background

Why should we care about high triglycerides? Doctors always obsess about LDL cholesterol and barely a word is heard about triglycerides, yet high blood triglycerides strongly and independently predict cardiovascular disease, almost as powerfully as LDL. Continue Reading →


How Gina Really Healed Herself from Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome


Before and after

Gina was recently featured in [a certain] Magazine’s ‘Half their Size 2017’ issue. According to [the magazine]:

“I overhauled my entire diet,” says the Port St. Lucie, Florida, resident, who gave up sugar, processed foods and swapped starches like pasta for veggie-heavy salads. Lassales also started wearing a Fitbit and talking long walks. Now she logs about 15,000 steps per day.”

She started off at 300 pounds and now weighs 120 pounds according to the website. Reading the article, it appears that she ate small meals throughout the day and increased her exercise for walking.

This is the classic ‘Eat Less, Move More’ prescription that we’ve all been taught. It has been spectacularly unsuccessful for the great majority of people, so how did it succeed for her?

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Searching for the X Factor

Young Boy Looking Through Binoculars Hiding in Grass

Hyperinsulinemia plays the dominant role in provoking obesity and fatty liver disease, but what causes it?

Insulin is intimately related to our diet, so that was naturally the first place to look. Highly refined and processed carbohydrates, such as sugars, flour, bread, pasta, muffins, donuts, rice and potatoes are well known to raise blood glucose and insulin production. This became known as the carbohydrate-insulin hypothesis, and forms the rational basis for many of the low-carbohydrate diets such as the Atkins diet.

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How Obesity Can Protect From Disease


Obesity is not widely considered a protective mechanism. Quite the opposite. It’s usually considered one of the causal factors of the metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

I think obesity is a marker of disease, but ultimately it serves to protect the body from the effects of hyperinsulinemia. Let me explain.

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The Engineer Who Knows More Than Your Doctor – Full Interview

4.8 out of 5 stars5 stars89%4 stars6%3 stars1%2 stars2%1 star0%144 ratings9,632 viewsCan an engineer know more about how to get healthy than his doctor, in fact more than his three doctors?

When it comes to using nutrition, the answer is yes. Meet Ivor Cummins, who quickly had to become an expert to cure himself.

Ivor Cummins is a well-trained problem solver. When blood tests showed liver problems – the very common issue fatty liver – Cummins set out to find the solution to the problem. He soon found it. Soon he had lost lots of weight and his liver problems were totally gone.

It all begged the question – why did an engineer quickly understand how to cure himself using nutrition, when none of his doctors could help him?

I interviewed Ivor Cummins recently and it’s a truly interesting and insightful story. The full interview has only been available on our member site, but now everyone can watch it above. Enjoy – and feel free to share it.

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LCHF Treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome

LCHF Treatment of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome – Eric Westman4.7 out of 5 stars5 stars80%4 stars13%3 stars1%2 stars0%1 star3%52 ratings521:04:37

Do you want to know more about low-carb, high-fat diets? One of the world’s leading experts, Dr. Eric Westman, gave two presentations at the LCHF convention last year.

In the first one he teaches us the practical aspects of how to do a low-carb diet – just like he teaches his patients. Watch it here

In this second talk – pictured above – he tells the story of how he, as a doctor, got interested when his patients started losing weight on low carb. Then he learned more and published his own studies on it. This is a talk for people who want to understand how low carb works.

Watch the full presentation

You can buy access to the entire LCHF convention for $49 dollars from the organizers. Or you can watch this talk on our member pages:

Watch the presentation on the member pages

Sign up for a free membership trial in a minute and you can see it instantly – as well as many other video courses, movies, interviews, presentations, Q&A with experts, etc.

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“I Was Constantly Fatigued and Eating”

Before and after

Before and after

I received an email with Paul’s story about how he was tired and overweight. Here’s what happened when he found LCHF: Continue Reading →


“I no longer feel like I’m old enough to be a grandmother”

Before and after

Before and after

Do you have to suffer from aches and pains as you’re getting older?  Although this has become the norm, it’s not part of a natural aging process.

Here’s an email from Beth, who wanted to share her experiences with an LCHF diet: Continue Reading →


The Book of the Year


It’s out. The book “Fat Chance” by professor Robert Lustig, the man who made millions of people watch a 90 minutes long lecture on nutrition (“Sugar, The Bitter Truth”). Lustig has the ability to make a subject exciting and his message could not be more important.

I’m reading the book right now and I’ll return with a more thorough review. But I want to tell you right now. While it’s only January 5th and while I haven’t yet finished the first read-through I’m already certain: This is the book of the year.

Do you want to know:

  • Why a calorie is not a calorie?
  • Why obesity is not about gluttony or sloth?
  • What the real problem is with sugar and processed food?
  • The cause of the epidemics of obesity and related diseases?

Here’s the answer (it starts with the letter “i”) in a fascinating read and with a concluding list of scientific references that should make the most inveterate critic give up.

Read the first pages for free on