Adele Hite, PhD, MPH, RDN


The late Adele Hite, PhD, MPH, RD was a registered dietitian with a masters’ degree in public health nutrition and a PhD in rhetoric, communication, and digital media. She also had extensive graduate training in nutritional epidemiology.

Hite’s doctoral work in rhetoric, communication, and digital media centered on the historical, political, and sociocultural contexts surrounding the creation and evolution of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans. As many people are now learning, the first 1980 Dietary Guidelines were not based on a substantial body of scientific evidence. Hite’s dissertation explored the forces that helped to shape how and why the Dietary Guidelines define what a “healthy diet” is.

She began her work with low-carb diets in 2006 at the Duke Lifestyle Medicine Clinic, assisting Dr. Eric Westman in educating patients with obesity, and type 2 diabetes about how to make successful, sustainable changes in lifestyle, diet, and health.

Hite’s experience with patients at Duke inspired her to return to graduate school to learn more about why communication and beliefs about nutrition are the way they are.

Hite’s expertise and interest in nutrition, food, and public health covered a wide range of topics. She wrote articles in the areas of health science, food studies, and public health policy. She presented papers at national and international conferences for scholars and professionals from a variety of fields, including nutrition, rhetoric, dietetics, agriculture, and evolutionary health.

In conjunction with LowCarbUSA, Hite led a global effort to create a general protocol to guide health care professionals in using therapeutic carbohydrate reduction to treat metabolic disease. These are the first clinical guidelines for the prescription of therapeutic carbohydrate reduction written by and for the community of healthcare practitioners and researchers using this intervention. These guidelines have been translated into Spanish, German, and Portuguese, with French, Dutch, and Indonesian versions in progress.

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Select scholarly publications

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Authored Book

Calihan, Jennifer & Adele H. Hite. (2018). Dinner Plans: Easy Vintage Meals. Pittsburgh, PA: Eat the Butter.

Public scholarship, invited talks, and media coverage

Hite, Adele. (2020, March 6) Panelist (with Garrett Broad, David Cassuto, Smita Narula. E. Melanie DuPuis, moderator), Consumers: Health, Rights, and Animal Welfare. The Future of Meat? Pace University, New York City Campus, New York.

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More with Adele

Hite was co-author, with Jennifer Calihan, of a self-published meal-planning book, Dinner Plans: Easy Vintage Meals.

Hite was a widely respected senior editor and writer for Diet Doctor for over three years. Sadly, she died of metastatic breast cancer on April 22, 2022. She was 58.


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