Insights: What if medicine is wrong about obesity?

In our Insights series, Diet Doctor explores some of the hotly debated topics in the field of nutrition and health. Our perspective challenges conventional thinking about diet and chronic disease.

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Obesity is one of the hottest topics in medical science, with links to everything from heart disease to more serious cases of COVID-19. In “What if medicine is wrong about obesity?” we look at mainstream medicine’s stance that obesity is simply a problem of people eating too much and not moving enough. From that perspective, the solution to the obesity is using enough willpower to make sure your “calories in”are less than your “calories out”. But is obesity just a simple math problem? Is the key to weight loss counting calories? Or is the human body a little more complex than that?

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Man (on TV): Obesity is enormously dangerous
Woman (on TV): Three in four adults will be either obese or overweight.
Reporter (on TV): Americans are not winning their battle against obesity.

Narrator: Those clips are from a few decades ago, and if we look at how we’re progressing today, the outlook is getting worse.

Dr. Bret Scher: There’s no question that ever since the late 70’s and early 80’s we’ve been on this meteoric rise of obesity epidemic. In fact, there’s been recent studies that while more and more people are trying to lose weight, fewer are actually succeeding in doing it.

Narrator: So why is the world getting fatter, despite intervention from the government. And substantially, how do we end this global epidemic?

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