Anne Mullens, BSc, BJ

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Anne Mullens is an award-winning Canadian journalist and author, specializing in health and science writing.

Anne has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Carleton University. She was a medical reporter at the Vancouver Sun during the 1980s and has written for numerous Canadian and international newspapers and magazines — and she also authored two critically acclaimed books on health topics.

During her more than 30 years as a leading science and health writer in Canada, Anne has won more than a dozen Canadian awards for her work.

These awards include some of the most prestigious in Canada, including the 1987 Michener Award for Meritorious Reporting, the 1989 South Journalism Fellowship, the 1993 Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy, and the 1996 Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction (for her book Timely Death).

Anne has also won two Canadian Science Writer awards (1985, 1987) and a 1999 National Magazine silver award for Science Writing. Her articles have been included in anthologies of top non-fiction. She also has been a lead author or co-author on a number of articles and studies published in medical journals. In fact, Anne has more than 1,500 unique articles linked to her name on various sites and publications on the internet.

Anne’s pre-diabetes diagnosis in 2015 — despite being of normal weight, exercising regularly, and eating what she thought was a healthy diet — was a bewildering shock. It sent her searching through medical literature and the Internet for solutions to stave off what she feared was inevitable type 2 diabetes because of her family history and her diagnosis, since adolescence, of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

She discovered Diet Doctor, embraced the low-carb, keto diet, lost 10 pounds (or 5 kilos), trimmed inches from her waist and returned her blood sugar to normal ranges. Her story about reversing pre-diabetes began appearing in Reader’s Digest editions around the world in February of 2017.

Her personal experience has made Anne a passionate advocate for the health-improving impacts of low-carb diets. Before joining Diet Doctor, she coached family and friends in the diet, pitched international editors with new LCHF stories, and developed her own low-carb recipes.

Anne joined Diet Doctor in June of 2017 as a freelancer and then joined the company full-time as a senior writer and editor in January of 2019.

She is now delighted to be spending all her time with the Diet Doctor team, helping to spread the word about the health and science around low carb and to make low carb simple for a global audience.

In the spring of 2018, Anne completed the Professional Training in Low Carbohydrate High Fat/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment Online Training program, provided by the Noakes Foundation Nutrition Network. In 2020, she received her certificate of completion of the Diet Doctor/PIM Continuing Medical Education (CME) course: Treating metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and obesity with therapeutic carbohydrate restriction.

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Potential conflicts of interest

Updated August 8, 2019.

Anne Mullens has a full-time contract agreement with to write and edit news stories, guides, features and other Diet Doctor content as needed. Like every coworker, she also gets the option to become a co-owner in the Diet Doctor company.

Anne is the founder and president of Santé Communications Group, a Canadian health communications and media relations firm. While working for Diet Doctor, she has stepped away from her role at Santé to concentrate on helping Diet Doctor empower people everywhere to dramatically improve their health by making low carb simple.

Anne had her own health transformed by switching to a low-carb diet.


You can connect with Anne Mullens via LinkedIn. She also has a personal website, detailing her past work.


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