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Anne Mullens is an award-winning Canadian journalist and author specializing in health and science writing. She has won a dozen Canadian awards for her work and her articles have been included in anthologies of top non-fiction. She writes frequently for international editions of Readers Digest, making cutting-edge health research interesting and understandable to the magazine’s global readership of 10.5 million people, in 49 editions and 21 languages.

Anne’s pre-diabetes diagnosis in 2015 — despite being normal weight, exercising regularly and eating what she thought was a healthy diet — was a bewildering shock. It sent her searching the medical literature and the Internet for solutions to stave off what she feared was inevitable Type 2 diabetes. She discovered Diet Doctor, embraced the LCHF diet, lost 10 pounds, trimmed inches from her waist and returned her blood sugar to normal ranges. Her story about reversing pre-diabetes began appearing in Reader’s Digest editions around the world in February 2017.

Since then, Anne has become a passionate advocate for the health-improving impacts of LCHF. She coaches family and friends in the diet, pitches editors with new LCHF stories, and makes her own variations of LCHF recipes. Her tasty ketopita recipe adds caramelized onions, chia seeds and aged cheddar cheese to our Oopsie bread. She makes big batches and freezes it for easy lunchtime sandwiches.

Anne works with Team Diet Doctor to help spread the word about the health and science around LCHF, making low carb simple for a global audience.

In spring 2018, Anne completed the Professional Training in Low Carbohydrate High Fat/ Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment Online Training program, provided by the Noakes Foundation Nutrition Network.

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