How to eat meat — and care about the environment, too

If you eat meat, does that mean you don’t care about the environment? Does it mean you are selfish or in denial about climate change or its potential impact on your children or grandchildren?

No, not at all. Shaming meat eaters by suggesting that they do not care about the environment is a common but overly-simplistic way to look at a complex, nuanced issue, says Dr. Bret Scher, Medical Director of Diet Doctor. 

“This is obviously such an important topic,” said Dr. Scher. “So it’s important to try to be a voice of reason in this field.”

In his recent DD news video, Dr. Scher delves into the details around the controversial topic of meat and the environment.

He notes that recent polls show that 40% of people in the US wrongly believe that animal agriculture is the top emitter of greenhouse gases. However, the Environmental Protection Agency website shows that agriculture as a sector contributes just 10% of all greenhouse gases. Other sectors such as transportation (29%), electricity generation (25%), industry (23%), and commercial and residential heating (13%) each contribute more.

“When you break up agriculture, animal livestock makes up only 4% of the total emitters in the United States with the rest [coming from] the use of fertilizer, growing rice, growing crops,” Dr. Scher notes. “So 40% of people think animal agriculture is the number one greenhouse gas emitter when it’s really just 4% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US. That shows the strength of a reductionist, incorrect narrative, which is unfortunate.”

If you care about this topic, be sure to watch Dr. Scher’s 20-minute, in-depth video on the issue. As Dr. Scher notes, setting the record straight on emissions doesn’t mean we cannot produce our animal products in a way that is better for the animals, our health, and the planet. We can improve. This evolution can include regenerative agricultural practices that maintain soil health, store carbon in the ground, and reduce methane emissions. 

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Each week, Dr. Scher creates two or three videos that review relevant or interesting scientific studies or controversial topics in the fields of nutrition, exercise, health, or disease. He carefully analyses the evidence, or researchers’ methods and findings. In doing so, he helps you better understand how to judge the quality of research and make informed decisions about your own health and wellness. 

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