Canadian doctors rock awareness-raising about low-carb eating

Food recomended on low carb diet or ketogenic diet

A dynamic group of Canadian doctors is spreading the message far and wide that a whole-food, low-carbohydrate nutritional approach is much better for people’s health.

The group, Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition (CCTN) is writing commentaries, giving speeches, going on radio broadcasts, leading petitions to government, and being featured in news articles across Canada in recent weeks.

The group represents a 4,500 doctors — and growing — across the country who recommend low-carbohydrate eating. All have seen dramatic improvements in metabolic health among their patients who switch to a lower-carb, whole-foods diet. Many have experienced the health improvements themselves.

CCTN is warning Canadians not to follow the advice of the current Canadian food guide, which still advises a low-fat, higher-carb diet.

Dr. Barbra Allen Bradshaw, one of the founders of the organization, recently told a leading Canadian newspaper, The Toronto Star:

The Food Guide is making you sick!

Her story, as well as the work of the CCTN, was featured in the paper at the end of December and then republished by a number of other newspapers in the country.

Toronto Star: Are steak and cheese healthy? Doctors group says Canada’s Food guide is wrong on diet.

CBC Radio White Coat Black Art: Doctors Champion Low-Carb, High Fat Diet (podcast)

Another member of the organization, Dr. Supriya Joshi, a gastroenterologist and hepatologist (digestive health and liver specialist) in Toronto wrote a commentary recently in the Ottawa Citizen. She was responding to an article in the paper about the growing epidemic of cirrhosis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, especially among young Canadian women.

“Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a condition that develops with the consumption of too much sugar, especially fructose, which has become incredibly prevalent in our western food environment since the late 1970s,” wrote Dr. Joshi. “It is especially damaging because it is metabolized in the liver, and directly causes fat deposition within the liver cells. This also happens with excess intake of glucose and refined grains.”

She noted:

It is always amazing to see a patient’s NAFLD and Type 2 Diabetes improve with simple dietary counseling.

Ottawa Citizen: To battle chronic disease let’s start by fixing our harmful western diet.

Earlier in December, Diet Doctor’s newsfeed featured another opinion piece penned by doctors in the CCTN group, which first appeared in the Calgary Herald. The news item was a popular post on our newsfeed and shared widely.

Diet Doctor: Meat and cheese belong in a healthy diet, experts say

Congratulations to the CCTN for its amazing work getting the word out about low-carb eating.

We are also pleased that the CCTN recommends the Diet Doctor site to both patients and doctors. It says: is one of the most comprehensive sites available on therapeutic and low carbohydrate nutrition, with instructional videos, science and recipes/meal plans.

Together, with more doctors like this, we can all pull together in our goal to revolutionize world health.

Anne Mullens


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  1. Kenrick
    I expect this great news will be vastly overshadowed by today’s release of the WHO study which shows ( apperently) that low carb diets are bad as they are missing essential grains, and devoid of fibre blah blah -

    And a diet high in grain based fibres plus your 5 a day blah blah promotes health, weight loss and reduces all cause mortality by a 1/3rd’s a wonder behind comprehension - I guess some humans are not physiologically the same as others - aliens perhaps !!’ve got to give them 10/10 for tenaciously following their misguided and unscientific beliefs ...probally the same bunch that did the red meat is cancerous crap...I think the cohort of veganism / vegetarianism is alive and strong in the WHO...

    But seriously, the main problem being in the UK it is news headlines on TV and Radio plus several sensible newspapers and a few of the red tops too...

    I have yet to see the research in the Lancet but I imagine Dr Zoë Harcombe will have great fun pulling it apart again as she normally does with WHO studies !


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  2. Dr.Richard Silverberg
    Frankly these well intended doctors are IGNORANT.I will not waste my time explaining it's far more simple than those doctors make it out to be.Carbs the correct ones are as essential to health as most any of the fats.
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  3. Gina Sigman
    I agree with Dr. Silverberg! As a retired peds/adolescent nurse practitioner in the school system, I saw my fair share of obese kids and kids with mbs. I think it's the concentrated refined sugar that is the problem. Complex carbs are needed for b vitamins and fiber! Eventually when people start dying of heart and kidney failure, the pendulum will swing back the other way.
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  4. R Frost
    Essential vitamins, essential minerals, essential proteins, essential fats.......without the essentials you will get very sick and it is quite possible to die. Can you please advise which are the essential carbohydrates?
  5. Sandy Miatello
    Dr. Silverberg, you may benefit from a glance at the photo at the top of this article. Low carb doesn’t mean no carb. Low carb includes many nutrient rich vegetables and fruits. It means avoiding sugar in its many forms, processed foods, and starchy foods like potatoes, rice, bread and pasta.
  6. Timothy J Rosborough
    The patients were probably eating junk like fast food and processed garbage before, so of course eating a healthy low carb diet will show improvements. Oats, wheat, potatoes, I'll keep eating them thank you.
  7. Jacqueline Morgan-Ogle
    Drs for years were against low carb, diets as unhealthy, too much protein, fat...because it didn't fit the mainstream food pyramids and medical training. I remember the bad press and condemnation Dr. Robert Atkins suffered with his controversial diet. Thank GOD studies by Duke and other prestigious schools have concluded there are so may many health benefits to lower carb diets and many in the medical profession are being turned around to the archaic, old thinking. It is the only way of eating that works for me. When obese people can turn around their health by eating fat and protein, it's shocking but it works. You can eat a lower fat version too. Whole fats are better though in satifying hunger. I am happy that the medical field is seeing and changing their views. It's about time. I got tired of hearing how bad low carb was from seemingly smart Doctors.
  8. Crystal
    Would be nice to know what they considered low carb, that's something that varies.
    Replies: #17, #26
  9. Tauna E Morris
    Keto diet is working for me. No more racing heart and no more low blood sugar attacks .
  10. dorothy
    I have been low carb since Sept.16th after READING on my on-line health records that my Dr. assigned her assistant to call and tell me I had diabetes and needed to go on meds asap! If this is such a terrible disease, why wouldn't my Dr. at least have had me come in for a personal discussion and offer me options other than just meds? I was furious and started researching immediately. Found Diet Dr. and started my new lifestyle. Now 30 lbs. (loss) lighter and having all my blood work repeated on Dec. 15th, I have no sign of diabetes. Blood pressure went from 140/86 to 112/78! I want to lose another 25 lbs. and will continue this lifestyle. However, it is distressing to see reports on the news from WHO blasting this method. Like eggs are bad for you, eat low-fat high carbs, all the information from Doctors and studies that over time are proven to be incorrect. So, bottom line is, you have to make your own decision as to the correct path for yourself. In my case, the PROOF, lab tests etc. are all I needed to make my decision. Have an appointment with that Dr. on Feb. 1st to inform, confront, hopefully educate her. Bought her Dr. Fung's book on diabetes that I will be giving to her. Now I need to find a new Dr......sigh....
  11. Eve
    Keto diet, low carb, moderate protein, high good fats. Goal is for less glucose in your body. You still have carbs just the good ones!
    As Physician, I assure you Medical Schools don't teach Nutrition!!!
    I've been studying BIHRT& PROPER NUTRITION SINCE 2005.
  13. Denise
    Kudos to these Canadian doctors!!! They are well ahead of the American ones. Sadly, the pharmaceutical and sugar industries have far too much to lose if everyone stops eating sugar, reduces their carb intake and as a result, are off of prescription meds because they are healthy! Watch "The Magic Pill" documentary. It is very eye-opening!
    Some American Doctors have been advocating this for a long time!!!
    Please understand that!!!
    We have some excellent Doctors here in the Great USA!
    This movement has been scoffed at by Hospitals and Patients....
    It takes time to get the main point that FOOD IS MEDICINE AND PREVENTION IS IMPORTANT.
    Prevent Cancer, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, obesity and much more!!!!
  15. Rita
    Awesome read! I have been on the Keto since August 2018, just waiting to hit the 40 lb mark!. I believe I am at a plateau, and that should pass soon.
    Over all, this is great for me,
    Energy, great skin and to me its not a diet but a lifestyle. I also walk, 4km a day because I can now!
  16. Terry
    I have been on KETO for over 5 years! 63 year old avid cyclist.
    No medications. Some supplements. Great medical checkups.
    I use Dr. Eric Westman's Page 4 (Duke University) food list and add
    some Mediterranean foods and recipes.
    DR GISELLE WILDMAN, I like your comments.
    I recently found How to do a Keto Diet: The Complete Guide
  17. Terry
    Crystal, Look at the links in my post.
    There are great guides on Youtube.
    Live Well.
  18. Stephany Lupo
    I have been on Keto scince the day before Easter..2018..I have lost 84plds. I did not eat fast food before. Mostly just cooked at home..I was a mess..I hurt all the time. High blood pressure.pre dietetics test results.. A sudden cardiac arrest. I didn't eat I eat my fill. I feel amazing and would never go back to eating the other way. I am working on getting off my last 2 medications..I take vitamin supplements and have just begun a workout routine. This is life changing. My holistic Doctor says I am the poster child for the Keto diet..Yes she is educated..with the same years as a traditional Dr.
  19. Jessica
    I'm surprised by some comments suggesting certain carbs are essential. There is no compelling evidence to suggest humans need to consume carbohydrates for health. In fact, there seems a direct relationship between quantiy of carb consumption and severity of metabolic disease. Major industries stand to suffer loss if many people begin to restrict carbohydrate consumption and that I believe is motivating most opposition and suppression. I'm impressed by these courageous Canadian doctors.
  20. Kenrick
    Jessica. - I concur with your comments - as a keto-carnivore ( 5 yrs Keto - almost 2 yrs carnivore ) almost zero carb, zero fibre I am certainly not devoid of all my essentials or regular bowel movements ( lol) ...I am now a the top of my game health wise and I cannot support the notion that carbs are essential. I am not a medical doctor but have a post-grad masters degree in human nutrition and I can safely say that both fibre and carbs are not essential and in certain aspects can actually be very negative to health - let’s just look at the health of some long-term vegans, or the issues as a result of Hyperinsulinemia with those following SAD / NHS eat well plate ... for example, or more positively those that have limited their carb/fibre intake and see the awesome improvements in their health - sorry about the pun but the proof is really in the pudding ...I wouldn’t force feed my worse enemy grains, refined carbs and certainly not fibre. Dr Zoë Harcombe does a fanstic polelimic breaking down the BS science about fibre...that’s well worth spending time reading.

    Carb/fibre advice is agenda driven ...not health driven- like salt many falsehoods have been accepted as fact when actually it’s far from fact ...based on spurious research at best ...personal agendas at worse!


  21. Lisa
    I recently started reading Dr. Jason Fung's books on fasting, obesity, and diabetes. For the last eight years my fasting blood sugar was increasing, leading me down the path to Type 2 diabetes. I felt helpless to stop the trend. I couldn't lose weight. The more I tried the heavier I became. Then I found first a book by Brad Pilon called "Eat Stop Eat," then Dr. Fung's books. I decided to try intermittent fasting and the results were amazing. In 8 weeks my fasting blood sugar dropped 26 points to 92, the first time in normal range in 8 years! All my lab results corrected themselves. Dr. Fung's writings and lectures are sound and show the causal relationship between sugar and refined carbs and obesity/Type 2 diabetes. Anyone with a lick of sense can understand a low carb diet. Stop eating junk food! Stop eating all the time! Eat whole foods, and stop with the constant snacking!
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  23. RT
    If carbs are as essential to human health as fats, why is it that an absence of either fat or protein in the human diet will eventually cause death, but the absence of carbs in the human diet will never result in death? The minimum requirement for carbs is zero. It’s great that our bodies can process carbs in the absence of enough fat or protein to meet our energy needs, but the idea that carbs themselves are essential for human health is factually false.
  24. RT
    You’re right, Kendrick. It’s that old canard the Argument from Authority. Science is never the problem, but sometimes the scientists are. (Speaking of which, I’m not seeing nearly as many vegan trolls on this site as i used to.)
    Reply: #27
  25. RT
    B vitamins can be gotten from meat. Fiber can be gotten by consuming vegetables. There is simply no tenable evidence that LCHF is a causal factor in heart failure or kidney failure. (Though I agree that sugar is huge part of the obesity problem. For a lot of people, simply cutting out sugar and processed foods will work fine, but not for everybody.)
  26. RT
    The consensus among doctors who advocate low carb / keto as a viable way of eating is that anything below 100 grams of carbohydrate a day can be considered low carb, with the carbs replaced by healthy fats (e.g. no seed oils or anything made with them). Below 50g or below 20g a day may be prescribed if the diet is being done as a medical intervention (or on one’s own as a personal preference). As to how to achieve it, it”s largely a matter of avoiding certain foods in favor of others, and reading nutrition labels. (One thing to keep in mind is the variety of names for sugar one sees on labels: sucrose, fructose, dextrose, etc. etc.)
  27. RT
    (Not speaking of scientists, but speaking of fallacious reasoning.)
  28. Frances
    Dr Wolfgang Lutz, now deceased Austrian doctor, wrote about low carb and many of his patients were cured of their chronic ailments by limiting their carbs to max. 72 grams a day.
  29. Debra
    Yeah!!! CCTN!!! I checked out their site, very informative, thank you! Nice to see some common sense among physicians and dieticians. Thank you!
  30. Mark
    Essential carbohydrates? Perhaps a peek in a number of nutritional studies would help you out, no such thing, disappointed that a Doctor does not know this!

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