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“Why I Supported High Carb”

4.2 out of 5 stars5 stars56%4 stars12%3 stars23%2 stars5%1 star2%39 ratings1,741 views Audio onlyProfessor Tim Noakes has made a huge impact in South Africa, helping tens if not hundreds of thousands of people to transform their lives – losing weight effortlessly and reversing diabetes – on LCHF diets (or Banting, as it’s often called in South Africa).

But Professor Noakes was not always a low-carb supporter. For decades he used to be a major international proponent of high-carb diets, especially for athletes. Then he changed his mind, famously ripping a segment out of his own textbook on the subject.

So why did he support high carb earlier? And why did he change his mind completely? He told it all in his presentation at the LCHF Convention in Cape Town.

Watch a segment above (transcript). The full, longer video is available on our member site:

Why I Supported High carb – Full presentation

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Advanced Low-Carb Tips

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Are you having trouble on your low-carb diet, despite being experienced in all the basics?

Here’s a treat: Dr. Eric Westman, one of the world’s leading experts on low carb, tells us his best advanced low-carb tips.

Watch a part of the presentation above (transcript) where Dr. Westman shares another tip. The full 31-minute interview is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Advanced Low-Carb Tips! – Dr. Eric Westman

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Does the Low-Carb Effect Last?


People arguing against a low-carb diet sometimes use the argument that it is too extreme and thus unsustainable in the long run.

But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence proving that that is often not the case. Such as one of Dr. David Unwin’s patients above who has reversed her diabetes and lost weight on low carb – and sustained her amazing progress for six years.

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Acid Reflux? Try Diet and Exercise Before Heading for the Pharmacy


Before you start taking pills to treat your acid reflux (and risking bothersome side effects), consider changing your diet and exercise routine. It can be much more effective while bringing fewer complications:

The New York Times: Pop a Pill for Heartburn? Try Diet and Exercise Instead

There are studies showing that reducing the amount of carbs one eats and going low carb has a positive effect on acid reflux. So much in fact that many patients were able to quit their medications all together. Learn more here:

Low Carb Can Cure Reflux Disease

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Physician Handing Out Diet Doctor-Inspired Low-Carb Pamphlets


We’re very happy to hear that more and more doctors recognize the power of low carb as a treatment for common disorders like obesity, type 2 diabetes and other health issues.

We also get happy when we hear that doctors hand out Diet Doctor-inspired pamphlets to their patients to teach them about low carb. Such as this beautiful thing below, that is apparently handed out by a doctor in New Jersey:


We’ve been considering making our own similar pamphlets and sending them to physicians and other health-care professionals who need them for their patients. Would you want that? If so, please leave a comment below.

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Another Study: Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, according to yet another study. It’s not a chronic or progressive disease, that’s just what happens when it’s treated wrong.

Medpage Today: Intensive Therapy Put T2D in Remission

Note that the lifestyle program wasn’t even very effective, as it focused on cutting all calories. Just removing the food that turns into sugar in the body (carbohydrates) is far more targeted and thus likely a more effective approach.

Also, the smart medications used in the trial (metformin and acarbose) were combined with night-time insulin. The additional insulin may lower blood glucose short therm, but it’s likely counterproductive long term. Type 2 diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance, which is likely caused by frequently high insulin levels.

This study is just a sign of what is very possible – type 2 diabetes reversal. There’s likely a much more effective way to do it though, using a ketogenic low-carb diet (ideally with addition of intermittent fasting):

To be frank, it’s not very helpful to treat a dietary disease with medications. The solution can be much simpler – remove excess sugars from your diet, and you remove the excess sugar from your body.

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Look at This Patient’s Lipids and Glucose on Low Carb vs. High Carb


This is what could happen to your blood glucose and lipids on low carb (left) vs. high carb (right).

At least it’s what happened to this patient of Dr. Ted Naiman’s. Pretty dramatic!

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Are You Bodybuilding Your Muscles or Your Fat Cells?


It’s not just bodybuilders that “build their bodies”. You do too, and everything you eat can affect the look of your body.

If you want a strong and healthy body, you may want to feed it real low-carb food. Creds to Dr. Ted Naiman for the graph above.

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Australian Government Research Agency Releases Low-Carb Diet Book


Anyone still believe that low carb is a fad? Check this out.

The CSIRO government research agency in Australia has just released a book about low-carb eating, to help combat the rising problems of obesity and type 2 diabetes:

This is great news for Australians – some proper government-backed diet advice backed by science to improve their health!

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What Doctor Holds the World Record in Improving Type 2 Diabetes Using Low Carb?


What doctor has achieved the most success with improving their patients’ HbA1c using a low-carb diet? Dr. David Unwin just published the interesting results on Twitter (see above).

It seems like we have a winner – Dr. Dave Didden and Dr. Mark Cucuzella – with a remarkable reduction of 18.4 percentage points, completely reversing their patient’s type 2 diabetes.

Are you curious about how to reverse type 2 diabetes? Check out the links below!

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