Kim Caruk

Kim CarukKim is the powerhouse behind Deliciously Keto and is passionate about recipe development, food photography and women’s health coaching.

As a qualified chef with over 16 years of experience, Kim knows her way around the kitchen and has an appreciation for flavor combinations that can be both bold or delicate, depending on what dish she’s preparing.

Kim discovered keto in early 2018 while researching a way to help her young son combat symptoms of a neurological condition. While changing the way they ate as a family, Kim not only helped her son with his medical condition but also significantly improved her own health.

Keto has enabled Kim to change her life in ways she had never dreamt possible. It has allowed her to share her journey, experiences, and passion for healthy food, delicious recipes, and gorgeous food photography with the world.

Kim not only creates delicious healthy keto recipes, she also works closely with women, supporting and guiding them to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Kim finds so much joy in helping women live their healthiest life yet.

Kim lives in Victoria, Australia with her three children. She loves nothing more than getting out in the sunshine, heading to the beach, and enjoying a day filled with paddle boarding and swimming.

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Recipes from Kim Caruk

Kim’s holiday recipes are available in our 2021 Holiday Recipe Guide for Diet Doctor Plus members only from Nov 2021 until Feb 2022.


Kim’s cookbook

Kim’s popular fat bomb cookbook is available at the Deliciously Keto Hub.

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