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How to Lose 130 Pounds on a Low-Carb Vegetarian Diet

4.6 out of 5 stars5 stars70%4 stars19%3 stars6%2 stars3%1 star0%31 ratings999 viewsIs it possible to lose a lot of weight on a ketogenic diet, while being a vegetarian? Absolutely. In this interview, Jaydeep Bhuta gives his best tips and tricks for success on a vegetarian low-carb diet.

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Minus 130 Pounds on a Low-Carb Vegetarian Diet – Jaydeep Bhuta

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Vegetarian meal plans

Do you have a hard time finding great vegetarian low-carb recipes? It should not have to be. We have lots of vegetarian low-carb recipes and Indian low-carb recipes.

Furthermore, using our meal planner tool you can get weekly vegetarian meal plans, that even include shopping lists and easily printable recipe packs!

With the following meal plans you get to eat fabulous lacto-ovo vegetarian food. Continue Reading →


Feeding the World’s Population Without Carbs?


Is it possible to feed the world’s population without carbs?

The answer to this and other questions – for example, is it common with hair loss on low carb? And can people eat low carb if they are vegetarians? – in this week’s Q&A with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt: Continue Reading →


Low-Carb Vegetables – the Best and the Worst

What low-carb vegetables are good? There’s a very simple rule:

  • Vegetables growing above ground are low carb and can be eaten freely.
  • Vegetables growing below ground contain more carbs, so you’ll have to be more careful with them (especially potatoes).

Like any rule it is not perfect, but these veggies are all fairly good, especially the ones to the left:

Above ground

Carbs per 100 grams (3.5 ounces)

Low-carb vegetables

Do you want to learn more about how to know what vegetables to eat, and which to avoid? We’ve made an entire page about it, check it out:

Low-Carb Vegetables – the Best and the Worst