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Children Who Drink Full-Fat Milk End Up Lighter


According to yet another study, kids who drink full-fat milk end up slimmer than kids who drink skim milk.

The Telegraph: Children Who Drink Full-Fat Milk End Up Slimmer Than Those on Skimmed

Skim milk is all milk sugar and insulinogenic protein, no satiating fat. It’s like white soda. Don’t drink it unless you’re weight training like a bodybuilder, or you’ll just build fat.

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New Study: Kids with Epilepsy Get Smarter on Keto

Can a ketogenic diet make a child with epilepsy smarter? According to this new study this year, the answer is likely yes:

  • Science Direct: Cognitive and Behavioral Impact of the Ketogenic Diet in Children and Adolescents with Refractory Epilepsy
  • Epilepsy Foundation: Food for Thought: Does the Ketogenic Diet Improve Thinking and Behavior?

    The children with epilepsy who were put on a ketogenic diet showed improved mood, thinking and behavior, compared to a control group.

    Of course, these improvements are not necessarily caused by the keto diet per se, they could also be caused by a reduced need for epilepsy medication. Those drugs often have cognitive side effects, like drowsiness or reduced ability to concentrate.

    Kids on a keto diet often need less medication for epilepsy (or even none at all), and thus they are likely to get fewer side effects. The same thing is likely to be true for adults.

    Have you noticed any cognitive benefits on a ketogenic diet?

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    ZERO Added Sugar to Children Below the Age of 2, Recommends the American Heart Association

    Maybe giving sugar to your child isn't such a great idea

    Not recommended

    The new recommendations about sugar and kids from the American Heart Association is out. After reviewing the science they recommend ZERO added sugar to children below the age of two, for health reasons.

    The AHA also recommends limiting intake to less than 25 grams a day (6 teaspoons) for older children. And a maximum of one sugar-sweetened beverage per week.

    Of course, this is far less sugar than most kids today consume.

    While the AHA still adhere to an outdated fear of natural fats, at least it’s good that they are getting very aware of the health dangers of added sugar.

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    Cutting Sugar Rapidly Improves Heart Health Markers

    Sugar – not just empty calories

    Can a simple dietary change – just eating less sugar – make children’s risk of heart disease take a quick nose dive? Possibly.

    In a new study (by Prof. Robert Lustig among others) researchers made obese children have less sugar, without changing calorie intake or macronutrients. They only substituted starch for sugar.

    What happened? A fat associated with heart disease, triglycerides, decreased by 33% and there were dramatic reductions of small, dense LDL cholesterol (another risk factor for heart disease). All in ten days:

    This supports the idea that sugar is uniquely problematic when it comes to heart disease risk. But the study did not have a control group, so the findings have be taken with a grain of salt (this is not an RCT).

    Still, getting these big reductions in heart disease risk factors just by eating less sugar and more of something else, without changing body weight, and in just 10 days… it’s hard to ignore.

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    Prevent Obesity by Starting Before Birth


    To prevent childhood obesity, it may help to start before birth:

    The New York Times: To Stem Obesity, Start Before Birth

    Things that may help include both the mother and father staying at a good weight, breastfeeding the infant and avoiding antibiotic use for children unless absolutely necessary.

    Perhaps most importantly, try to get rid of bad foods from the house, and model good eating habits. Because…

    “If you do it, they’ll do it,” David S. Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Children’s Hospital Boston, said. “Young children are like ducklings, they want to do what their mothers [and fathers?] do.”

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    Prevent Kids’ Cavities with a Low-Carb Diet


    What can you do to keep your kids cavity-free? Feed them fewer carbs.

    Dr. Roger W. Lucas, pediatric dentist, explains the link between carbs and cavities in his book More Chocolate, No Cavities: How Diet Can Keep Your Kid Cavity-Free. Simple carbohydrates such as flour and juice feed mouth bacteria that cause cavities. On the other hand, high fat and protein foods don’t.

    How to Use Diet to Prevent Kid’s Cavities

    The dentist even claims that it is better to give children really dark chocolate (70%+) than snacks such as juice and crackers in preventing cavities. The chocolate contains a lot of fat, that protects the teeth from the sugar.

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    “She Finally Feels Good and It Warms My Heart”


    The little girl Alicia suffered from severe migraines – until her mother Isabelle decided to take out sugar from her diet. This is what happened:

    The E-mail


    The story I’m going to tell is about my daughter Alicia, age 7, who suffers from terrible migraines that have gotten worse over time. She throws up and has to lay down in a dark, silent room for many hours, completely unable to do anything. Last fall she had several migraines per week. I went to the doctor, like so many times before. They increased the dosage of her blood pressure medicine.

    I called for X-rays and a thorough screening. It showed “nothing of significance”. After Christmas, doctors prescribed pills that she were to take six times per day. This made me feel that we’ve had enough. I thought that we should try eliminating sugar from her diet and see what would happen. We allow her to have stevia, erythritol and fruit (or should I say us, because we didn’t want her to feel alone with her new diet).

    She didn’t have a single migraine episode in January until she had sugar on the 30th when she had a party. We were able to lower her dosage. As of today (26th of April), she hasn’t had another migraine episode since the 1st of January, other than three times when she consumed sugar. She went completely off her medications two months ago.

    She finally feels good and it warms my heart. I hope that this story can serve as an inspiration. Especially to other children that suffer from migraines. And then again, we weren’t people who consumed a lot of sugar before either.

    Best, Isabelle

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    “To See Your Child Shine with Happiness Is Just an Amazing Feeling”


    Here’s another sweet story about getting rid of sugar:

    Last year January my husband and I were talking about how much weight our son had put on in just the past year. Evaluating what he eats and drinks and how much exercise he gets in.

    Extremely occasionally junk food, sweets cookies and so on. No soft drinks or coffee. We always ate veggies, meat, fish, the usual. He loves veggies.

    I came across a video called lard makes you lean. After a good giggle I watched it and found more related videos.

    Well smack me silly if we don’t realize right there how wrong we have been.

    All the fruit, fruit juices, iced tea, provitas, low fat yogurt, pronutro, we’re all WRONG!!!!! ?

    We took on the LCHF NO SUGAR way of life and it changed us all forever. Continue Reading →


    Are You Overdosing Your Kids on Sugar?

    Here’s a visual reminder of the enormous amounts of added sugar contained in everyday foods. Well worth watching.

    Can’t watch it above? Follow this link.

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    NZ School Goes LCHF


    How should we help school children avoid the obesity epidemic? Avoiding too much added sugar is a good first step, but is it enough?

    A large school in New Zealand is now serving LCHF foods to their students, inspired by among others Professor Grant Schofield.

    Worth reading:

    Stuff Well & Good: Dilworth’s New Diet a Recipe for Success

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