“She finally feels good and it warms my heart”


The little girl Alicia suffered from severe migraines – until her mother Isabelle decided to take out sugar from her diet. This is what happened:

The E-mail


The story I’m going to tell is about my daughter Alicia, age 7, who suffers from terrible migraines that have gotten worse over time. She throws up and has to lay down in a dark, silent room for many hours, completely unable to do anything. Last fall she had several migraines per week. I went to the doctor, like so many times before. They increased the dosage of her blood pressure medicine.

I called for X-rays and a thorough screening. It showed “nothing of significance”. After Christmas, doctors prescribed pills that she were to take six times per day. This made me feel that we’ve had enough. I thought that we should try eliminating sugar from her diet and see what would happen. We allow her to have stevia, erythritol and fruit (or should I say us, because we didn’t want her to feel alone with her new diet).

She didn’t have a single migraine episode in January until she had sugar on the 30th when she had a party. We were able to lower her dosage. As of today (26th of April), she hasn’t had another migraine episode since the 1st of January, other than three times when she consumed sugar. She went completely off her medications two months ago.

She finally feels good and it warms my heart. I hope that this story can serve as an inspiration. Especially to other children that suffer from migraines. And then again, we weren’t people who consumed a lot of sugar before either.

Best, Isabelle


We’re so glad to hear that you were able to combat Alicia’s migraines! And congratulations to her improved health!

A distinct improvement in migraine symptoms is very common when starting low carb, in adults as well. Here are more similar stories.

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