Are you a parent using low carb to help manage your child’s ADHD or autism?

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While it’s not yet been explored by any high-quality study, some theories and anecdotal evidence suggests that low-carb diets could be beneficial for people with ADHD, and perhaps also with autism.

Do you have a child with ADHD or autism that you feel are positively affected by a lower carbohydrate diet? Do you have an inspiring success story or some helpful tips that you could share with the Diet Doctor community?

If so, our columnist Anne Mullens would love to hear from you for an article she is writing for Diet Doctor. If you are a parent with experience using low carb to help manage ADHD and/or autism in children and want to help other parents by telling your story, please email


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  1. Vince
    I have feeling the rise in ADHD may have something to do with the low Fat High carbohydrate diet introduced in the 1970s. If the condition has anything to do with lack of important fats in the brain (remembering the brain is at least 60% fat) and the neurotransmitters require saturated or omega 3 fats as raw materials to produce, a diet lacking certain fats especially for the mother when she is pregnant could be very important. Another thing to look at is diet in other countries versas ADHD rates.
    When I was at school (1960s to Early 1970s) ADHD did not seem that common.

    Just a thought.

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